Why Does It Hurt to Be Unfollowed?

Every time you switch to someone’s Twitch or YouTube channel, the first thing you instinctively do is looking at the number of subscribers or viewers. According to this info, we usually decide if we are going to stay and watch the video or just skip it. And the same way we’re used to evaluating our own efforts. If you see someone from your niche having more subscribers, you immediately get depressed. You start guessing whether these people cheat, stimulate “likes” manually, etc. Conversaly, when you “meet” someone who has fewer amount of subscribers, this fact raises your self-esteem and often gives you an excuse to not excel. Both strategies are wrong. Judging by amount of subscribers is false: it is like looking at a fascinating countryside house which can be beautiful outside, but have no furniture inside. Do you want to have 20 000 subscribers, but only 50 of them permanently participating in chat? Or having 1000 subscribers and 250 of them in chat? Which of these options is better for your growth? Promoting your channel on YouTube, Facebook or Twitch is a completely different thing, so the amount of subscribers is a relative quantity. The most important ingredient of success on Twitch is interaction which makes this platform so attractive and particular. No matter how many people are subscribed to you on Twitch, your channel will grow only with a genuine and dedicated audience.

Look at Unfollowing From a Different Angle

Today, the amount of followers often becomes an equivalent of how “liked” we are. When someone unsubscribes, it feels like a slap in the face which stings. And it can sting even more, if that person is your friend or a dedicated fan in the past. But, if reject our egocentric mindset, unsubscribing is not such a bad thing. In fact, it is a great and beneficial part of any marketing strategy. Below are main reasons why we think so:
  • Unsubscribing Helps Narrow Your Audience
When you start your own online project the worst thing you can do is creating it for everyone. Perhaps, you decide to post on your Instagram photos of everything from pictures of your family to beautiful shots of garden flowers. But, then you decide to post only quality food-related photos. You want to share recipes and nutritious tips. It is great that you’ve finally chosen a topic, but be ready that some people will unfollow you immediately. It doesn’t mean that you post bad photos or recipes. In fact, you have just weeded out the followers who are not interested in this narrowed topic, and it is absolutely normal. It is better to have a fewer community of people that actually love what you do and support your ideas.
  • By Having People Unfollow You Increase Engagement
Instead of having thousands of followers that ignore you, it is better to have a small audience. By having people unsubscribe, you are stimulating engagement with other followers and build community that really care about your product.
  • This Doesn’t Mean That Someone Dislike You
When someone unfollows you, it’s easy to think that this person dislike you. In reality, our decision to unfollow somebody is more complicated than that. In our information age, we are all overloaded with data, and when we unsubscribe from something that is not important at the moment we are just filtering out the information. Most of us are subscribed for multiple channels, newsletters, etc., and it’s absolutely normal to do a strict purge from time to time. Of course, sometimes the reason for unsubscribe can be personal, but it is a more rare case. The point is that when someone unfollows you try to not take it personally and feel bad about this. It is just a natural part of growing as a channel, blog or brand.
  • It Is a Sign to Think about Some Changes
Sometimes, having people massively unsubscribe from you can be a sign that not everything is good with your channel or content. Consider unsubscribing as a chance to improve your stream. There can be multiple reasons why people may choose to unsubscribe from you, here are the main ones: a) too much promotion: you’ve become too noisy with sponsored posts or posting too constantly; b) your content is not interesting anymore: think about how to change it, play with formats.

Instead of Takeaway

When someone publicly writes in your chat that he/she “unsubscribes” or leaves or stream silently, the only right way is to thank and let them go. Even if these people wait for your reaction (though the chance is low), it is not your audience anymore, so don’t be concerned. Advice: If a person that unsubscribed was a dedicated viewer, you can write him/her a message honestly asking about the reason. But, be ready to seriously consider the answer and be easy-going about it. Sincere feedback is a good motivator for changes. Using rewards and giveaways in your streams is a good idea to attract new subscribers. But, don’t pin all your hopes on them. Use these methods to increase views, not subscriptions. A dedicated audience will enjoy watching you without any lure. Advice: Think of your stream as about a tourist city. When you organize a giveaway, your stream becomes a city of attraction. And you don’t need to have as many grocery shops as in the ordinary city where people used to live all the time. There is no point in selling the people on vacation the products people need in their daily lives. As long as your audience grows without taking strange shifts, the number of unsubscribes is unimportant. A clever strategy is trying to keep your best viewers happy while slowly adding new people to the community. There is always a moment when numbers will reach a critical point and the audience starts to expand, but this takes time and efforts. Advice: On your way to success, try to not compare yourself with other channels and maniacally count the number of viewers. Concentrate on what you can learn from successful people and drive away all negative thoughts.