The Most Watched Games on Twitch

Playing computer games is one of the most popular pastime in the world. If take the US statistics data, two-thirds of American households regularly play video games while approximately one in three active players prefer stream their gameplay. Can you guess what are the most popular video games streamed on Twitch? Here, we’ll provide you with the list of the most watched games on Twitch in 2018, according to Twitchmetrics data.

#1. Fortnite

This game is dominated the gaming industry in almost all ways round. Fortnite started to rise so meteoric that easily left behind the famous PUBG game in 2017. The game has already created superstar players, for example, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins who managed to earn thousands of dollars with his more than 4 million followers.

Why Is Fortnite a Number One Watched Game on Twitch?

  • Unlike PUBG, it is free
  • It is a multi-platform game: you can play Fortnite on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and iOS devices
  • Although Fortnite is not an easy game, everyone can achieve some level of success without winning matches.
  • The game is interesting to watch that makes it a perfect choice for streaming. It is very competitive and unpredictable. You never know which player you’ll meet in the game first and where. The game doesn’t have a solid plot and allows using a voice acting option that enable streamers to tell their own stories.
  • Fortinte’s graphics is cartoonish which makes violence look not so violent. That is why, the game often gets a nod from the parents and is very popular among teenagers.
  • The introduction of a special feature allowing streamers to connect their Twitch channels to the game makes the game even more popular among streamers. Due to this feature, the gamers are able to complete quests that their viewers can take on to receive rewards and even have their name showing up on the streamer’s video if they are playing Fortnite after the viewer completes it. The feature offers super level of engagement.

Twitch Influencers

The game has many influencers on Twitch. There are also people who may not play Fortnite professionally, but they want to be associated with the game, for instance, comedians Roseanne Barr and Norm Macdonald. Among the most popular Fortnite streamers are:
  • Ninja - is currently the top Fortnite player, who managed to gain more than 50,000 subscribers between February 22 and March 3 which is an unprecedented growth. He attracts people because of his energetic lucent personality and shticks. He is yong, passionate and eccentric which, in conjunction with Fortnite, creates a perfect mix.
  • Dakotaz - one of Twitch veteran streamers, it possible to learn a ton of info about tactics just from watching his gameplay. Generally, his game is educative and calm.
  • DrDisRespect - is an award winning international champion in the online gaming community. His character is a hyper-caricature of how the stereotypical male gamer views himself. If describe his streams in 3 words, they are “Violence. Speed. Momentum.”
  • Lirik - one of the biggest streamers on Twitch based on a viewer count. Though Lirik has recently announced a temporary break, you can watch the best moments of his gameplays in highlights.
  • DrLupo - “broadcasting father, husband and gamer from the Midwest”. He has regular everyday streams, except Wednesday. His streams are very educative and the chat community is quite friendly.
Tip for Beginners: If you are new to streaming, playing Fortnite on Twitch is not a great idea because this Game is too flooded with people. Without experience, you will probably get lost in them. Fortnite Battle Royale - Gameplay Trailer

#2. League of Legends

When it comes to eSports, there is no doubt that League of Legends is the king. Millions of people all over the world  play it starting from 2009, when it was first released. Recent design decisions, high level of engagement within community, wise marketing, tournaments - all these factors help foster the gigantic present of the game among streamers.

So, What Makes LoL So Special?

  • The game appeared in the right moment: in 2009 it was the first stand-alone MOBA ever seen. For many gamers, it became an absolutely new genre. At that times, DOTA was a bit outdated and Dota 2 wasn’t out yet. A referring friends’ system attracted thousands of people: gamers understood that a well-knit team could win more games.
  • Competitive nature of the game as well as championship prizes developed a cult following around the game. The game gathers full stadiums packed with thousands of fans, which in turn drives up sponsorship. The developers always invent new championships which change the dynamics of the game and develop different skill sets.
  • Keeping the game adaptive, interesting and up-to-date is the main task of the game developer Riot. Even for experienced players there is always unknown what is waiting for them in the game. Every major patch changes the gameplay and makes players adapt new strategies, thus keeping the game exciting and fresh.
  • Before Twitch creation there wasn’t a real place for gamers to watch eSports competitions. Twitch contribution to LoL’s growth is invaluable. Twitch helped increase the exposure of the game in millions (to give you the understanding of the LoL’s growth, here are some peak viewership figures: Season 1 (2011) - 210K, Season 2 (2012)- 1,1M, Season 6 (2016) - 14,7M. Comparing the numbers you can see the huge increase in numbers between two first seasons, all thanks to Twitch.

Twitch Influencers

There are several popular LoL streamers that have contributed to LoL popularity on Twitch:
  • Michael “Imaqtpie” - with his more than 2 million followers on Twitch and an average of 30,000 concurrent viewers, the streamer earns $2 million per year by broadcasting the gameplay. The secrets of success are simple: Santana is funny, laid-back person with a particular taste in music (he adores top-shelf rap like Pusha T and  Migos) and he is really good at League of Legends.
  • Nightblue3 - this is a Lebanese young streamer who reached rank 3 on the NA Challenger Ladder and became famous for his Rammus in Season 3. His streams are very informative. Though the streamer officially quit LoL on March 20, 2018 to focus on Fortnite, there are a plenty of highlights to enjoy his gameplay.
  • Valkrin  - is one of the most loyal LoL players who has been playing the game since Closed Beta and managed to achieve Challenger every season. Valkrin can play all five roles on a Challenger level, but, to be true, he dislikes playing top lane and AD Carry.
  • Sp4zie - is a  curly-haired Swedish full-time streamer who creates enjoyable and educational videos and broadcasts games on Twitch with his pet plant Plantie. As a LoL player, Sp4zie is best known for his Vel'Koz, Xerath, Syndra, Karma and Rammus. He enjoys using his voice to create awkward and humorous effects during his streams.
  • Sneaky  - is probably one of the youngest professional LoL players on Twitch. He is best known for his Ezreal and Graves. Sneaky is colorblind and left-handed, however he holds the mouse with his right hand. The streamer started playing LoL with the beta and didn’t like the game at first sight. The real interest in the game appeared only in 2013 when Sneaky joined the team Cloud9. He is very emotional, but restrained player with excellent game sense.
Tip for Beginners: For many beginning streamers, it seems that getting viewers by playing LoL is a 0% chance. Indeed, it will be difficult if you don’t already have a following. Try to play smaller E-sports games for growth and sporadically play LoL as well. Moreover, if you never played LOL you should have to set up an account first and spend, in average, 2 months to achieve level 30 when ranked play is unlocked. That is why, many players prefer buying LoL accounts to skip the most boring part of the game.

#3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds belongs to a “battle royale” games - the genre inspired by the Japanese film Battle Royale narrating about a group of children trapped on the island and forced to fight to the death until the only one remains. Though the game was released unfinished in December 2017, it immediately dominated the Internet without any major marketing efforts. Today, nearly a third of PC gamers are playing PUBG. Let’s reveal the secrets to success!

Why Has Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Swept Over Twitch?

  • Most of PUBG’s success is centered in Asia with more than 52% of players from China, contrary to Fortnite game which is not officially presented on Chinese market.
  • Though as a game, Battlegrounds is very simple, well-designed combination of shooter and survival simulator, as the phenomenon it is unique. The game has become well-known for a record-breaking time due to the word-of-mouth distribution method. The main contribution to the game popularity was made by big streamers, like Lirik. The game reached a near-the-top position on Twitch almost immediately since release. This is because the fanbase was already in  place.
  • Battlegrounds seems to be made for streaming. The main idea of the game is looting and fighting with other players. The game caters the rhythm of streaming and gives a streamer a chance to play a bit slower when he/she needs to interact with a chat and simply switch to an action. Moreover, PUBG requires constant communication among members in Duo or Squad modes which helps bring people together and increase engagement.

Twitch Influencers

There is a wide range of players who stream PUBG: some streams are more about stealth and tactics, others - is just a pure game action with drive-by shootings. Here are some of the most interesting:
  • Grimmmz - he loves playing solo games, and they are always entertaining. If you are searching for intense actions and dedicated gameplay, visit his channel.
  • TSM_Viss has been playing battle royale games of a while, so he definitely knows what he is doing. In 2017, TSM_Viss made his own record of 365 days of streaming. Fans call him a “humble monster of PUBG”. If you are looking for a high tactic gameplay and attentive and friendly chat, pick up for that stream.
  • BreaK - is another highly competitive full-time streamer who is studying computer design and is good at “shooting people”. If you want to see a gameplay with stealth, tactics and good luck, this stream is what you need.
  • Summit1g - is one of the most famous competitive players on Twitch. His gameplay is usually quiet with softly explanations about the next moves. If you are new to the game, starting with Summit’s stream is a good idea.
  • Giantwaffle is not the top PUBG player, but he often plays alongside with popular streamers like Lirik and Shorty, and his tactics holds the team together. Such team streams are filled with laughter and brilliant action.
Tip for Beginners: Now when PUBG is officially released, available on Xbox One and is ready for upcoming improvements in 2018, it’s a good time to dive into the game. Gaming experts consider Battlegrounds to be one of the main games in the foreseeable future as long as the developers keep doing updates for bugs and great communication with fans. Watch PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - Best & Funny Lirik Moments #1:


Regardless of the game genre choice, streaming is about playing the games you love and entertaining people. The most important advice for beginning streamers is to NOT play a game because it is popular or seems to be cool. Play something you are passionate or knowledgeable about. The only way to find out “your game” is trying to stream it for a couple of hours and check if you get any viewers or not. This will help you work out what games you want to play going forward.