5 Useful Tips to Successful Live Streaming

Tips to Live Streaming: How to Build an Audience and Find Your Personality

With the growing popularity of live streaming, you can easily turn your hobby into performance and even a full-time job. There is a ton of streaming services to choose from. Some of the best-known are Twitch.tv, Hitbox.tv, Ustream, Gaming Live, Azubu.tv – all of them are tidbits for gamers, creative people, viewers and advertisers. Getting set up for streaming is not a rocket science; however, streaming has its rules and secrets. It is not only about broadcasting the game and making comments on it. It is about creating a unique community and inspiring an active interaction. With dozen ways to gain revenue from streaming, we will tell you about some that we find helpful.

Interact with Your Viewers

The main thing important for successful live streaming is interaction with the audience. Regardless the amount of subscribers you have – 5 or 5, 000, they come to your channel to chat, have a show and some feedback. If you want to be a favourite streamer or even make living from streaming, you can’t ignore your viewers and keep one-sided interaction. Knowing your audience is important to understand their needs and interests. For instance, the Twitch demographics shows male domination; most viewers are 18-24 years old Americans (then goes Canadians and Russians), have household income $0-50k, no college education and children, etc. Try to learn more about your viewers, pay attention to all of them, except trolls, of course. The combination of great game moments, fun comments and ongoing interaction will help expand your audience and create your community. Start with watching live broadcasts of popular streamers, learning on their experience and ideas. See the list of top 10 richest Twitch TV streamers:

Learn More about Streaming Etiquette

Live streaming has its etiquette which includes the set of behavioural patterns and slang. If you want to feel yourself like a duck to water while visiting another stream, make sure that you know the rules of this particular streamer. It is not allowed to post links, make self-promotion and repeat messages. It is also important to understand the rhythm and cadence of the chat. Online chat is often chaotic, and it is good to know when to speak or avoid talking. For much live streaming has become more than a hobby. People make their living by playing games and streaming them through different services. Streaming community is young and collaborative, but to become a part of it you should actively participate in the communication. If you are a beginner, start with visiting other streamers’ channels; try to be up to date on the latest events, popular games, vocabulary. You don’t have to copy other streamers, just stay informed and continue working out your style, idea and manner of commenting. If you enjoy watching game streaming, there won’t be a problem to start streaming by yourself. But if you are not someone who regularly watches streams, maybe, it is not even worth trying.

Be Consistent: Provide Viewers with Regular Streams

The main idea of game streaming is entertainment. It is like a television: if you want to be successful, you can’t broadcast your programs rarely or without letting people know. Try to be consistent regarding the broadcasting time you are going to stream. It is hard to follow your streams if they are chaotic and rare. Building a schedule for your viewers is essential, and it is not so easy to do. When you announce the exact time and days for streaming, you’ll take a lot of responsibility to fulfil.

There are some tips to keep in mind when organising your schedule:

Start with a few streams
Focus on the quality of your streams, not quantity. Creating a jam-packed sessions schedule is not a good idea. It is easier to add the unplanned stream to your schedule then break your promise. In case you can’t stream as planned, let people know that using social media or announcement tool present on your streaming platform.
Arrange streams at the same time
Having your streams regularly at the same time will help build a consistent audience. Choose the broadcasting time most suitable for you. Some people are more motivated in the morning, others – work best at night. So that you know, all famous series like “Friends” or “The Game of Thrones” had the same airtime each week. Whatever time you choose, remember that consistency is a key.
Broadcast a specific game on a specific day
If you play different games, choose a specific day for each game, regular charity events or collaborations. Thus, you will make your content more diverse, but still consistent.
Make your schedule visible
Making a schedule is a good idea, but worthless if no one can reach it. Take care of your viewers; do not force them to look for the information. Place your schedule where possible: on your Twitch page, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere.

Expand Your Audience

Streaming for the first time may feel like a party you forgot to send invitations for. It seems that everything goes according to plan: you are playing favourite games, putting on music, making funny comments, but nobody comes to watch you. Indeed, live streaming can be tough and nerve-wracking activity. We are here to help you find out how to draw attention of a loyal audience and boost your traffic.

Before choosing a game to stream, consider the following questions:

Is this game popular? Does it have an active community?
Even if the game you choose is not a bestseller, it should have an active audience. If nobody is talking about the game you’re playing, there is little chance that somebody will be searching for it. Check first if the chosen game has an active forum, streamers, an active streaming page. In case you have doubts, announce your stream inappropriate topics on gamers’ forums and see the reaction of the target audience.
Are you good enough in the chosen game?
If so, it won’t be any problem impressing your viewers with your prowess. If you’re not a strong contender in the chosen competitive game, you can try launching eSports streams. It doesn’t have sense struggling for the audience of the top gamers. Probably, the most dedicated and loyal viewers will show up for you, but you’re unlikely to leverage this competition.
Is the game on sale now?
You can keep an eye on the online storefronts of famous game producers, such as Sony, Microsoft, GOG, to catch a game that almost nobody has played yet. If the game is new in the market, you can help your viewers understand if it is worth buying or not.
Is the game creative or different for every player?
There are many flexible games in which each player has a different adventure. For example, Grand Theft Auto V has optional content. Most players have completed the level through the game only once, but they still might be curious of other possible paths. Creative games, such as Minecraft, allow you to build different experience every time you play the game. If most of your answers were “yes”, you are on the right track. But, the games you choose for your stream are only a part of success. Your personal approach is a second crucial factor that helps expand audience and achieve popularity. So, make sure that you are entertaining and friendly host and new viewers will come in no time.

Develop a Successful Streaming Personality

There is no one thing you can do to become a successful streamer. The quintessence of success depends on a number of factors. If live streaming is something new to you or you don’t belong to easygoing kind of personality, you have to work on developing your communicative skills.

Here are some easy tips to help you grow a successful streaming personality:

“What, How, Why” Approach
The answers to these three simple questions will help comment the game process. Start with explanation of what you are doing at the moment. Then, tell your viewers how you are supposed to achieve the goal and why you are acting this way. Continue commenting your actions sharing with the audience your thoughts about the situation, your past gaming experience; share your emotions and expectations. These simple tactics will help avoid awkward silence and overcome your stage fright.
Learn from the Experience of Others
Examine streams of your fellow-thinkers and Lets plays on YouTube. If you’re streaming for the first time, start practising without recording yourself, just narrate everything you do while playing the game. You can also record your lets play video on YouTube – this will help get used to your voice as well as develop your style.
Sincerity Is the Key
One of the main things that distinguish a good streamer is sincerity. The ability to behave naturally may help receive recognition of the audience. Try to talk to your viewers as if they were your friends sitting in the same room. Tell them about the course of a game, a song that sounds, something that is happening in your life and may be interesting to them. But, don’t overact trying to be someone you are not.
Be Attentive to Your Viewers
If you are feeling unsure of yourself, try to note down the topics to discuss during the game. Initiate an active interaction even if you have a few viewers. Remember their names, ask them something, and thank them for being in your stream.
Choose Background Music
One more thing you can do to animate your viewers is turning on background music. Try to choose appropriate compositions, make sure that sound is good, and don’t unexpectedly skip to the next song. Learning how to be a good DJ can help you create more funny and personable stream.
Turn On the Webcam
If you are a shy person, turning on the webcam won’t be an effective tool for you. However, if you feel yourself able to animate people, express your emotions, having a webcam will be a benefit to you.
Turn On the WebcamIf you are a shy person, turning on the webcam won’t be an effective tool for you. However, if you feel yourself able to animate people, express your emotions, having a webcam will be a benefit to you.