Twitter for Streamers: Must-Know Techniques for Every Twitcher

Every second, approximately 6.000 tweets are sent via Twitter. It is more than 500 million per day, which makes Twitter one of the best viral places for any Twitch streamer. In this post, we’ll share some tricks and ideas on how to become visible on Twitter and use it to gain more exposure for your channel. Like any tool and equipment, it takes you some time and effort to learn how to use Twitter in the promotion of your broadcasts.

Where to Start?

When you ask other streamers on Reddit  for advice, many of them will point you towards using social networks, Twitter in particular. And they will be absolutely right. But, nobody in discussion will point you out towards “how” to use Twitter for streamers properly. What we can advise from the start is creating and maintaining a Twitter account entirely associated with your Twitch channel. Your profile should accumulate all relevant info the viewers need to find your broadcast, while most of your posts should be devoted to your game and channel. Interjecting your personality into your Twitter feed is ok, but many streamers tend to misuse their Twitter predominantly for the personal purposes. Some personal info and discussion about how you are feeling and what you are doing won’t hurt, but never forget to keep the focus on your channel and brand.

How To Promote a Stream via Twitter?

The majority of newly arrived Twitter users start following a ton of people hoping that they will follow them back. This a wrong “follow for a follow strategy.” Why do you think that people would care about your channel, if you are not creating something valuable for them? First of all, you should bring a useful piece of content to the table to make people care about you and your channel. On Twitter, you should advertise high quality content - your own or other users' that you like. Follow only those people you sincerely appreciate. Add some useful comments to their discussion. Make retweets of nice and relevant things they post. Try to be useful overall. If you are working with Twitter only in attempt to achieve more followers, there won’t be any long-lasting results. But, if you want users to care about your channel, then make it worth through your content and actions. This tactic requires more effort, but will reward you with devoted loyal audience over time.

How to Automate My Twitter?

Using the automatization tools for Twitter may not always lead to the best results. However, all depends on how smart you will use them. There are a lot of programs enabling you to like, follow, retweet and gather Twitter statistics automatically (Follow Liker, Followerwonk are some of them). Let’s suppose that you are playing Warcraft and want to capture attention of all users who tweet about Warcraft as well as let them know that you have a live stream on Twitch dedicated to this game. You can use the program to like every tweet that use the word “warcraft”. Such programs are not bad, they can really help grow your Twitter at short notice. But, if you are going to use such kind of software, you have also spend time to make real connections. It won’t be successful, if you simply expect growth from automated tools. Below we’ll give you some practical tips to strengthen your successful interaction on Twitter:

#1. Tell Viewers about Your Twitter Account

If you already have some audience on Twitch, make people know about your Twitter account. You can create pop-up during streams with your Twitter info. You can encourage your viewers to join your Twitter before going on breaks. Create a Twitter widget where all your retweets be shown during broadcasts or breaks. Don’t forget to thank people who tweet about your stream.

#2. Use Twitter for Updates of Your Broadcasts

Even if you have a stable, available for all schedule, not everyone will remember the exact time of your broadcasts. Make tweets before you go live. If you provide long streams or switch from one game to another, tweet about these changes. It is also possible to set automatic update tweets for your regular broadcasts. You can also make tweets when you have a new highlight, at the end of the stream to thank people or continue discussion or when you expect interesting upcoming events on your channel.

#3. Make Clever Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are effective, only if they bring additional traffic to your page. Otherwise, they just fill the place for nothing and steal precious characters you can utilize with more use. If you are playing a specific game, figure out the associated hashtags and find its developers on Twitter. Add related hashtags in your tweet when you start a game or send updates with your ideas and thoughts about the game. If you are a fan of some popular game, your tweets will be addressed to potentially huge audience. Though, for smaller games, you will have more chances to get attention of the developers directly. Developers love people who express excitement about their game and  can even become worthy partners.

#4. Avoid Starting Your Message with @

If you make a tweet-invitation to your broadcast and start it with @username, be ready that this tweet will be shown only to the mentioned person and people who are following both of you. Such tweet can also be found in Twitter search and seen on your profile. However, by doing so you are losing the lion’s share of potential viewers. Use @username combination, only if you reply to somebody’s message

#5. Include Images or GIFs in Your Tweets

One image says more than thousand words, it is a fact proven by Twitter stats: tweets with images have 150% engagement than textual tweets. One of the easiest ways to find an appropriate GIF for your tweet is searching for it on Giphy or similar services. Once you post a GIF, you can choose to play it or pause. On Twitter, you upload GIF the same way as photos, however, unlike photo, you can post one GIF at a time. If you can’t find a GIF you wish in the Internet, you can try to make it yourself. For example, here is a good Mashable’s tutorial.

#6. Use Click-to-Tweet Tool

It is a well-known tool to help you boost exposure. The idea is quite simple: you turn a pre-tweet into a single link, and when your readers click on it, they can automatically post your message in one click. A free Click-to-tweet tool provides you with tracking and analytics options, so that you can always monitor the effectiveness of your tweets. The scheme is like this:
  • you write a message in the box
  • click on “generate new link” and create a custom link
  • choose one of multiple options, such as “link tracking”, “link shortening”, etc.
Don’t be shy to clearly ask your audience about clicking on your click-to-tweet link. But,  don’t forget to offer  something valuable instead.

#7. Use Polls to Engage More Audience

Making live tweets with polls is an excellent idea to drive target traffic and start a genuine dialogue with fans. For instance, you can ask people about the possible scenarios of the current gameplay or find out their favorite game characters, whatever you think relevant. You can follow up with these conversations after your stream, get valuable feedbacks and chat with your fans.

#8. Use Twitter as an Active Networking Tool

Think of your Twitter account as being an extension to your broadcasts. Continue a conversation with Twitter audience after your streams. Share your thoughts about the game you’ve played with your followers and ask them for opinions. This way you get more familiar with the existing communities on Twitter and get a chance to strengthen you Twitch audience at the same time. Twitter can also be used to discover other streamers. Search for people you like, make genuine connections, retweet favorite things. People always notice other users who regularly interact with them (unless they are far too famous). Don’t be upset, if nothing comes up from your interaction. At least, you are helping out some other streamer whose content you like. At best, you can start a new friendship or partnership.

#9. Tag People in Your Tweet Picture

You can tag up to 10 people in the photo you post. Why should you do that? To initiate conversation around the photo. Moreover, tagging doesn’t affect character count in your tweet, so you will still have 140 characters to express your thoughts. Everyone who is tagged in a photo receives notification and can manage it in the Settings.

#10. Connect Your Twitch and Twitter Accounts

In your settings on Twitch, you can choose to connect your streaming channel with Twitter account. Thus, when you start a streaming session, Twitter will make an automatic tweet mentioning the title of your current stream. It is a good and easy-to-use option, however, be aware that you cannot customize these automatic tweets as you wish. For instance, it is impossible to add an image to such tweets. Moreover, if you forget to change the title before going live, the tweet will appear with the wrong title. Or if you have some technical issues during the broadcast and have to restart stream several times, so there will be a new tweet each time you restart it.


Twitter is an easy tool for communication, and you can use it in your own way. But, taking into account the millions of tweets created every second, in order to stand out of the crowd, you should think bigger and try some tips above. For many, “following followers” is the only strategy in using Twitter. Indeed, there are multiple tools to let you see who is following you and where to find people relevant to your interests. By following other people you will often get your follows back. However, this tactic is the way to nowhere. You will have a lot more success, if making genuine contributions on Twitter than if you are trying to sell your channel. Building relationships will drive traffic to your channel and reward you with devoted audience. It won’t be an easy task. It takes time, effort and interest in the work you do.