Twitch Reveals Its Own Streaming Software: Everything You Want to Know About Twitch Studio

Being the most popular streaming platform, Twitch unites streamers of different sizes – from the prominent creators to small beginning streamers. And all of them had to use third-party apps to provide a quality broadcast. Until Twitch Studio has been released this summer. It has become one of the most expected apps among the beginning streamers giving them an easier experience of getting started on Twitch. Twitch notes that for the existing streamers that used to stream via OBS, Streamlabs or other apps, the appearance of Twitch Studio won’t be so beneficial, however, they are also welcome to test the app. For now, the service is in closed beta, so everyone can apply to join and try.

Making A Set-Up Process As Easy As Possible

The main aim of Twitch Studio is enabling Twitch users to spend minutes to set up an account and launch the first broadcast. Twitch Studio features easy set-up with no need to configure limitless options. Once you turn on your microphone, webcam and choose one of the visual templates for your stream, you will be able to run a stream. The creation of Twitch Studio is a kind of feedback to multiple users complaints. It appears that for many people on Twitch “getting started” bar was the most unpleasant part of their site experience. A lot of them quit only because it was too complicated. Twitch Studio has simplified this process so that even muggles can start streaming easily. 

New Features Will Come Soon

Twitch Studio is going to move beyond and develop more interactive features for its users. In the near future, it will provide support for capture cards as well as elaborate new customizable overlays. Further integration with other Twitch features is also coming soon. For now, Twitch Studio includes an activity feed, alerts and chat – the basic tools necessary for viewers engagement. 

The Most Popular Questions/Answers Related to Twitch Studio:

Question: After applying for beta, how long should I wait to be able to try Twitch Studio? 

Answer: Twitch sends invites periodically, usually once a week. It is going to add more people to participate in beta testing soon.

Question: Is Twitch Studio available on mobile?

Answer: For now, Twitch is not going to launch a mobile version. Use Twitch app on your smartphone to stream directly from your phone’s camera. 

Question: Is Twitch Studio available for Mac?

Answer: Not yet. For all Mac users, here are good software options to choose from. 

Question: Is Twitch Studio better than OBS or SLOBS?

Answer: There are almost no reviews available (either because streamers are not allowed to disclose or, maybe, because a few people had already a chance to try it). But, taking to account that Twitch Studio is currently in closed beta, it is aimed mainly at new streamers providing basic options only. 

Question: Is it worth trying Twitch Studio if you are a professional streamer?

Answer: Twitch encourages professionals to sign up and try a new service because developers would like to have feedback from experienced streamers as well. But, it also sincerely notes that for now, Twitch Studio cannot compete with OBS, XSplit and other third-party broadcasting apps. 


The necessity to simplify streaming applications is a real one. Streamlabs app has made a big step towards simplification by including multiple built-in, free templates and features. Twitch has decided to go further. The release of Twitch Studio has become good news for all streamers. However, for now, it’s unclear if the app will be able to substitute other professional third-party apps in the future. Now, Twitch Studio features a barren software that cannot satisfy experienced streamers. So, Twitch has a lot to do to improve its newly-edited software, but it has one big advantage – the name, the brand, and reputation that people recognize. Moreover, Twitch has better access to its own technology than anybody else, therefore, it has all chances to outperform OBS or SLOBS, at least in terms of compatibility and latency.