Twitch Post-stream Checklist: Things You Should Do After Finishing Your Stream

As the logical continuation of our previous post “Twitch Pre-stream Checklist: The Fullest Guide on How to Start the First Stream”, today we’re going to share some post-stream things you should do every time you’re finishing the stream. Saying “goodbye” and “thanks” after the stream is good, but not enough. Look through our tips that will benefit your channel and help increase your fans’ loyalty. 

Give Thanks to Your Viewers

If a streamer doesn’t react to how the viewer expects, the viewer will be confused and unsatisfied. Try to give generous praise to your fans. Thank everyone for watching your stream to demonstrate your gratitude. If somebody has donated money during the stream, don’t forget to mention this person and give special thanks. People love watching excitement and sincere reactions. So, any type of appreciation, whether it’s a simple “thank you” or you falling off a chair and yelling, it’s a good way to demonstrate your loyalty.

Make People Know How to Find You

Give your fans information about the next broadcast and when they can expect to see you online. Remind how they can find you on Twitter, Discord or other networks. Encourage your viewers to continue discussion in social media by leaving comments and sharing their opinions about the current stream.

Make Sure Your Stream Is Off

After finishing with the “thanksgiving” part, make sure that your stream is off and your webcam is not working. There are a lot of funny (sometimes not so funny) videos on YouTube showing streamers in ridiculous situations when they forgot to turn off the camera.

Save Your Broadcast

Saving your broadcast makes it available for people that haven’t watched your stream, but would love to. It’s also a chance for you to rewatch the stream afterwards to learn from it. Make sure to give your archived broadcast a clear title and description.

Make Highlights of the Best Moments

Cut highlights of your broadcast that accumulate the most funny or exciting moments. To expand the audience, publish your videos on YouTube. If you are making some screenshots of your broadcast (in order to use on social networks or a website), look through them, delete duplicates, uninteresting ones and save them.

Test Some Changes You Want to Bring In

If you are not satisfied with something during the broadcast, work on it. Rehearse a speech, change your posture or make technical changes, such as bitrate, resolutions, game settings anything you can improve for the next broadcast. Сheck chat logs to find out where you’re lacking something and see when the stream was the most active and upbeat.

Host Other Streamers 

Hosting other people is a good chance to expand your audience, make connections or simply fill up the air time while you’re offline. Look for the person who speaks the same language and plays the same game or genre as you, so that you viewers feel comfortable with this streamer. Remember to switch off your stream after you raid somebody.

Update Your Stream Title

Another important post-stream thing is updating your stream title. You should make people know when you’re streaming next time, for instance, by typing “See you Thursday evening at 10 PM”.

Check Your Stream Statistics

To understand how things with your channel are going, check your Twitch stats. The data give you an insight on the amount of average viewers, new followers and much more. If you use other analytics tools, like Streamlabs, TwitchTracker, SullyGnome , check them for the overall stats, growth, and comparison.

Make Post-Stream Promotion

It’s a good idea to follow up with your dedicated viewers after your live stream has finished. Were there any funny, interesting or educative moments during your stream? You can share them via social networks in the form of highlights or clips. Browse your social accounts, Reddit and push the content in multiple places. Continue discussion with your fans leveraging it by useful links, related content, asking them to promote your next stream or event.


As with anything in the world of streaming, you should always analyze your experience and learn from what you accomplish. Implementing all post-stream tips after every broadcast will help you generate more leads and keep your stream getting better every time.