Twitch Creative: How to Stream Your Art for Pleasure and Profit

Most of the Twitch Creative personalities join the platform with intention to share their masterpieces, creative process moments and find devoted audience. Indeed, Twitch Creative community is very supportive and encouraging. Along with these values, artists can make money from streaming art and gain new skills and knowledge.

What Is the Use of Twitch Streaming For Artists?

Twitch streaming helps increase your art expertise. The possibility to share your art online expands your social circles, opening up new possibilities and people to learn from. When you stream the creative process, you are not alone behind the curtains: you have an audience that always encourages to try your out best. Viewers could help you with feedback and suggestions. Often, they ask your advice and while teaching other people, you will refresh and improve your own skills as well. Another useful thing that you gain from streaming art is the possibility to rewatch your recorded highlights to find mistakes or witness the progress. Moreover, focusing on streaming keeps you from getting distracted by external things like social media, gaming and other types of procrastinating activities. The presence of audience makes you concentrate on the main thing.

How To Attract Public in Your Chat?

If you are new to streaming, it’s likely that you won’t have any viewers except your friends and other fellows during first months. To increase your chances of being noticed in the Twitch search, use appropriate tags in your stream title. Twitch Creative provides multiple sections of interest: Painting, Drawing, Food, Programming, Design, Watercolor, Comics, Cosplay, Theater, Editing, Robotics, etc. Use those tags that you think best reflects the idea of your stream. In order to engage public and make them stay with you, you should comment what you are doing. For this purpose, it is good to have microphone, so that your hands remain free to perform your art. A good webcam will help make your stream more personal. Try to stay interactive, attentive to your chat, otherwise, long silence will result in people leaving your channel in search for something more fun. For many artists, this part is the hardest one. In their majority, creative personalities tend to be shy and reserved. They are afraid to talk in public, make their art open for anyone to look at. But, what to lose? Perhaps, if you are an artist in some big company, many people will look over your shoulder when you work, will ask you to explain your idea, design, etc. Twitch streaming let you learn how to demonstrate your skills from a safe environment - your home. So, get over your shyness and try!

How to Start Your Very First Creative Stream?

Start with getting a Twitch account. Spend some time to present your personal information (bio) in an exciting manner, choose a user-icon, an offline screen. If you want your broadcasts to be saved, remember to tick the box in your channel’s settings saying “save broadcasts to archive”. Saved streams help newcomers to get an idea of your stream. You can also benefit from rewatching your own streams and learn from your mistakes. If you want your stream be saved for a longer time, make sure to highlight it in the “Highlight” section on your channel. A special video manager will help you create a highlight of your Twitch stream to capture the best interesting moments. After you get all things clear on your Twitch account page, it’s time to download a streaming software (Xsplit or OBS, whatever you want), link your streamer code with a Twitch account, set up your microphone and webcam. Having a nice overlay for your stream, alerts, a donation jar, fun point collecting games are a secondary, but very important part of your interaction with a chat. One of the numerous chatbots will help obtain these features and moderate your chat. Though Twitch Creative section features a friendly public, there are a lot of occasional trolls and unpleasant people. Before starting your first stream, check if anything is working properly and rehearse your speech.

How To Earn Money From Streaming Art?

If you see Twitch streaming as a potential way to earn money, you should treat the whole streaming thing seriously and be ready to work indefinite period with no hope of return. You will have to set up some regular schedule, invest your time and efforts in channel development and audience engagement, maybe, to hire some admins and marketing experts to help you with it. Below are some possible sources of profit available for artists on Twitch:
  • Donations - the biggest part of revenues for creative people. Devoted fans can donate you money via PayPal. The downside is that donations are irregular, you cannot rely on them if we talk about paying your monthly bills.
  • Twitch Partnership->Subscriptions - obtaining Twitch partnership enables you to receive money from your subscribers. But, you will have to make viewers interested in subscription: invent some bonuses, custom emotes, extra tutorials and materials for them.
  • Twitch Cheering - the feature that is similar to Deviantart points. When viewers cheer you, a part of these points transform into money on your account.
  • Advertise Your Art on Twitch - it’s possible to use Twitch as an advertising platform for selling your art. In your streams, you can advertise your prints, soundtracks or other pieces of art you create.


When starting a creative stream for the first time, keep in mind that a successful stream is not based solely on the artwork and not even the streamer’s personality. It’s more about community.  Twitch Creative section features a supportive and loyal community, full of interesting people and talented artists. It’s also a smaller community, comparing to Twitch gaming, that increases your chances to become noticeable within a shorter period. Try Twitch streaming, if you want to build a brand and get your name out there.