Twitch Creative Start-up Ideas

Twitch is now home to more than 2 millions broadcasters. Its streaming content is derived to more than 100 million viewers a month in all shapes and sizes. Some streamers have managed to boast millions of followers and generate impressing incomes via donations, subscriptions and sponsorships. Others - continue streaming to a handful of viewers and consider streaming as a way to network and have fun. And while Twitch was originally known for its game-oriented content, today, the platform offers wide opportunities for a thriving community of creative streamers. For someone who is gifted, but doubting whether it is worth sharing the skills with other people online, we’ll suggest some Twitch Creative start-up ideas for inspiration:

Streaming the Art: Graphic Design and Illustration

If you like painting in any of its form, you can showcase your passion to other people. If you are focusing on album art, logos, mockups, try to do some streaming essentials, such as panels for the info sections, basic overlays, info bars, icons, profile banners and offline screens. Think about giving your viewers some value, learn them things that they can use in their streaming practice. It is a great idea to start with. There are several categories on Twitch Creative to choose for you stream: Painting, Drawing, 3D Modeling, Illustration, Watercolor, Digital Illustration. You can choose 3 of them for your broadcast, thus increasing the chances to be found by viewers. Streaming your creative process will help you grow art skills, get more work done, broaden your social network and, maybe, earn some money. There are a lot of talented illustrators on Twitch Creative, here are some of them:
  •  Susanne Helmigh streams sketches and character concepts. Besides her regular educational streams, she also teaches digital art upon request and does paint-overs for people in chat.
  • Another popular creative streamer MissCoookiez has already more than 160,000 followers, which is an amazing number for Creative channel. She streams traditional oil and charcoal works. MissCoookiez also provides Twitch art school lessons that are free to enter and participate for everyone.
  • If you want to meet a bubbly personality and watch how to create comic panels and amazing characters’ illustrations, go to StevieRaeDrawn’s stream.
  • Jonah Lobe is another talented creative person who managed to find the way to translate her passion to daydreaming and monster-making into a career. Her streams are very educative: Jonah has a lot of experience and  7 years of work in Bethesda Softworks  under her belt.  She mostly creates monsters, characters and weaponry for popular games, such as Fallout 3, The Shivering Isles.
  • If you are one of Star Wars fans, the channel of VoodooVal is made for you. She is a very positive and encouraging artist. Her channel looks very nice and purple.
  • GeersArt is one of the veterans of Twitch Creative, as he streamed the drawing process since the early days of Twitch Creative. He adores painting cats, girls and mechs. Watch the video where he creates a time lapse painting of community box art for Lirik “Cats Only”:

Adding New Spice to Traditional Cooking Shows

Since the launch of Twitch Creative, the art of cooking has become popular among community. Food streams are taking cooking to a new level by adding a highly productive cook-with-me layer to the process. By mixing this approach with an interactive audience, it adds a new spice to traditional cooking shows. If you are a cooking God or just want to have some chat with people while cooking, try to launch cooking stream in Twitch Creative category “Food”. To provide a good-looking cooking stream, you should install minimum 2 cameras to capture a kitchen view and a cutting board. Here are some of the most inspiring Twitch chefs who provide entertaining cooking sessions:
  • Matthew McKnight (his Twitch pseudonym is Lethalfrag), an ex chef and single father from Washington, became famous on Twitch thanks to his daily streaming sessions during 2 years. He started streaming in 2012 and never missed a single day of streaming until the start of 2014. Matthew’s goal was “to build my channel to the point where livestream broadcasting would become my primary source of income.” In the beginning, Lethalfrag tried himself in game playing, but his real fame came when he launched “Cooking with Frag.” The streamer had to receive a special permission from Twitch to start his cooking project, since it wasn’t much creative content that time. What LethalFrag is doing in his cooking shows is nothing special, but his manner of speaking and explaining the cooking process is so entertaining that it attracts thousands of people to watch him. Moreover, cooking with Frag is always a surprise, as viewers have a chance to pick a secret ingredient for his basket. Matthew won’t see the ingredient before the show starts and has a limited amount of time to cook, which makes the show even more fun. Besides cooking, Frag is known for his love to pinball machines. He regularly makes streams depicting how he cleans and restores machines that he owns. Moreover, he managed to make his hobby a successful Kickstarter project.
  • Cooking for Noobs is another popular (20, 845 followers) cooking channel on Twitch. It belongs to attractive curly blonde girl Christine that adores cooking and baking. Although she is not a professional chef and her recipes have never been tried before, Christine’s dishes come out very delicious.
  • Lulaboo is residing in Southern California and is really into cooking. She has attended a culinary school and now is practicing as a home cook. Lulaboo aims to help other people to start making their own food.
  • There are a lot of amateur chefs on Twitch that bring us to their kitchens, yet only some of them do so with the charm and style of DomesticDan. He has a great camera setup with proper angles capturing all slices and stirs. Be ready to see a cute canine and nice dancing moves along with food making.

Lifting the Veil: Handmade Things’ Creation

Even for the shiest craftsmen there is a place under the sun on Twitch Creative. You don’t have to obtain any artistic talents (although they wouldn’t go amiss), to become popular while crafting lovely things. Below are some successful examples:
  • If you like chibi creatures, this duo stream blingsquaredcuteglass is for you. It combines a chibi art with glass working. This married couple make beautiful glasswork necklaces, earrings, charms which then can be bought on Etsy. The most attractive part of this stream is that Neacol and Stanley work side-by-side in very friendly atmosphere. They have one camera capturing their faces, and two cameras from both sides of creative process to give you a perfect perspective of what they are doing in details. The couple can make of glass anything from unicorns, sheep to dragons and owls, their works never look similar.
  • Suchikuchi is another talented streamer who makes amazing leather accessories. We’ve already devoted a post to her works and streaming channel, just take a look.
Watch “a little taste of our world and process” from Bling Squared:

Performing Your Best with Twitch Music Community

Musicians can use Twitch Creative to share the process of music production, practicing an instrument and performing. Twitch Music channels feature musicians that compose their own tracks or remixes, provide educational classes on how to play on different instruments. When a Music Community section was primarily launched in 2014, Twitch celebrated this event with a livestream of DJ Steve Aoki from Pacha Ibiza. There are a lot of musicians on Twitch, but only few are successful:
  • If you want to see some amazing drumming you should look up The8bitdrummer (drum covers of Gaming, Rock, Dubstep, Anime and other genres of music, no song requests) and Flewptv channels (mostly play Rock, Pop, Electronic and Alternative, plays almost anything viewers request).
  • One of the most adorable music channel on Twitch is a_couple_streams owned by a married couple - Travis and Allie. They play music on guitar and violoncello for fun. Sometimes, their cats join them on streams, “mostly they are silently judge”. Allie has a nice voice, she is the one who sings cover versions. The overall atmosphere of the streams is relaxing and friendly. Just take a look at this video:


The above mentioned streamers provide only a glimpse of the wide variety of creative content that is being streamed on Twitch Creative. There are thousands of broadcasters on the platform and it will take time for the best of them to rise to the top. But, Twitch owners make its clear that above anything else they appreciate creativity on the site. So, no matter what things you want to make online - from video editing to cooking, you can start doing them on Twitch Creative. Twitch provides a useful FAQ on how to get started for those who are interested. And don't forget to share your favorite creative streamers with us in the comments!