Twitch Cosplay Tips: How To Become a Prominent Cosplayer?

Probably, anyone in the streaming world knows a British cosplay streamer Artyfakes. She makes costumes and performs unprecedented cosplay shows on Twitch. She is, maybe, not the best player, but very popular for his cosplay personalities and prop making with her father. Artyfakes was the first representative of cosplay streaming which is now one of the fastest growing sections on Twitch. For those who aren’t aware, “cosplay” is not simply dressing up and pretending someone else from comics, video games or movie. The inner sense of cosplay is preparation, design and creation of the character. Dedication to details and crafting is what makes a cosplayer good. Watch Artyfakes Genji Body Paint to See How a Professional Cosplay Looks Like: If you are bored with just playing a game and want to try yourself in a new character, cosplay offers another way to feel more involved. Before you jump into a deep end, we're going to tell you some important things about cosplay:

Everyone Can Cosplay, but Not Everyone Should

Cosplay show can add more value to your gameplay or become the main peculiarity  of your stream, but it is a complex thing to run. A quality cosplay should combine a fanatic enthusiasm and excellent artistic skills. Go for it, only if you have enough faith in what you’re doing. Inventing and maintaining a character is a tough everyday work. Being always “on” during your stream is very exhausting. Many cosplay opponents say that cosplay is boring and lacking a lot of dimensions of a real person. At some point, it is true. Most cosplayers become stuck in the chosen character and feel no grow happening. Below is one of the examples showing that sometimes it is really difficult to extend the boundaries of a chosen character. It is not a classic cosplay: Theonemanny uses the “dog” animation, providing funny comments on behalf of the pet. It is entertaining, but after watching this streamer a few times, it feels like you are watching the same thing. However, it is all in the eye of the beholder, many people love Theonemanny as it is evidenced by his current following in 299,842.

Before Starting Your Twitch Cosplay Stream:

  • Create a character, write down all facets of his/her personality, distinguish the main peculiarities, way of behavior, etc.
  • Invent a background, history around your character.
  • Think over his/her costume details.
  • Have a script for your streams.
  • Have improvisational and artistic skills to bring your character to life.
  • Be ready for multitasking, as besides of commenting as a character, you will still play the game and interact to your chat.
  • Your cosplay character should become your second skin. Prepare several scenario plots and possible answers to questions about your character.
  • Don’t forget about your character’s line, when somebody in the chat asking you how your day is or other personal questions. In such situations, it is very difficult to ignore viewers and keep up the personality.

Tips to Help You Master Cosplay

  • Cosplay Classes
There are a lot of dramatic and improvisational courses that can help you get more comfortable with off the cuff humor, especially if your character’s sense of humor is different from yours. You can also attend cosplay classes or, at least, subscribe to Twitch Creative cosplay channels, in order to learn how to sew and create your own cosplay and props.
  • Give Yourself Time
Be ready that when starting out your cosplay streams, you are going to stream for a small audience for a long time. Weeks, months, a year, before any stable following develops. But, don’t get upset with it. Use this time for development of your new identity, ideas and brand. With every single stream, you'll learn a lot of new skills and become better in the art of entertaining and improvisation.
  • Choose a Character That Is More Close To Your Body Type
If you love some character and want to be him/her, then go for it. But, if you are still in a brown study, try to evaluate your body type and find a character who can match it. Thus, you will be able to create the most accurate appearing and realistic rendition of a character. For example, if you are a short person, it can be ridiculous pretending Superman. Wolverine can be better option, instead.
  • Choose a Character You Like and Know a Lot About
This rule seems to be obvious, but not everyone follows it. Many cosplayers choose characters that are popular and well-known, but not necessarily the ones that they actually love. Your personal attitude to the character will be shown in your cosplay. Knowing details about the life story of your character will help you connect with the cosplay, adding another level to your outfit.
  • Pay Attention to Details
A professional cosplay is all about details. These don’t have to be big things. Hand-made costumes, fake nails, engravings on a sword or textile painting - these tiny details help make your cosplay more convincing. Before your transformation into a character, study every little thing about him/her.
  • Use Our Masks
With Vicaption masks, you can try on different personalities, depending on the contest of the game. It is not the same experience as cosplay, however, it is a good possibility to project yourself into a character and see, if you like to be someone else or not.
  • Watch Others
Looking up improvisational shows, games and other streamers’ groups is not only the perfect way how to spend Friday evening, but also a good possibility for developing of your own character and casting style. In our next post, we are going to tell you about top Twitch cosplayers. Don’t miss it!