Top Twitch Streamers to Join in 2018

The availability of the medium has meant that most Twitch streamers broadcast their gameplay every day. This makes it difficult to find those who are genuinely worth following among the sea of average broadcasters. The following list will give you a rundown of the top Twitch streamers, so let’s take a look (our ranking is nominal and based on the recent Twitch data about most watched Twitch channels):

#1. Shroud

Joined Twitch in 2012 Followers: 2,031,301 Recently streamed: Counter Strike, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Escape From Tarkov Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has become popular on Twitch as a high-class professional Counter Strike player. He is 23-year-old full-time streamer and backup player in CS:GO for Cloud9. He’s been playing solely Counter Strike for more than 10 years, but don’t get bored: today, Shroud is playing other than CS:GO games as well. Shroud’s  accuracy and attention to details makes him one of the most known and watched Twitch streamers. Besides amazing gameplay, Shroud is very attentive to his viewers. Dedication to the game and video creation is one of the main factors of Shroud’s popularity.


Joined Twitch in 2011 Followers: 1,970,634 Recently streamed: Worms Revolution, They Are Billions, Fortnite Saqib “Lirik” Zahid first launched his stream in 2011 playing the World of Warcraft. Then, he played multiple games, such as DayZ, Grand Theft Auto V, H1Z1: King of the Kill, and Arma 3. Currently, he is playing anything new, exciting and enjoyable. Lirik is a full-time streamer: he provides broadcasts 6 days a week up to 7 hours per day. Besides gameplay streams, Lirik does talk shows and other thematic streams. On Sunday, it is time for “Sewb Sewnday”, when Twitch subscribers get a chance to vote for the game Lirik will be playing that day. The streamer is also known for taking part in different charity marathon streams: he can easily entertain audience during 24 hours. Watch the best of LIRIK 2017:

#3. Sodapoppin

Joined Twitch in 2011 Followers: 1,690,158 Recently streamed: World of Warcraft, Dark Souls III, Overwatch If you want to laugh while playing games, Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris’s channel is right for you. Having fun, enjoying the moment is what Sodapoppin is all about. Started as a World of Warcraft player, today, Sodapoppin plays different games as well as provides very popular Sh*t Show Sunday video game series in which his subscribers choose the game he’ll play next. Beyond his Twitch career, Sodapoppin is a dedicated YouTuber: he has more than 500 thousand subscribers and quality feature videos and highlights. Moreover, he is a founder and a sponsor of the eSport team Northern Gaming which organizers tournaments between players of Rocket League, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch.

#4. Ninja

Joined Twitch in 2011 Followers: 894,631 Recently streamed: Halo, League of Legends Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a player of an American e-sport organization Renegades and one of the yongest top Twitch streamers of today. Before fame, Tyler was working at the restaurant Noodles and Company for about three years while in high school. After high school, his gaming career took off. Today, he streams for Twitch and as a part of such teams as: Cloud9, Team Liquid and Warriors. He is one of the most popular Halo players who interacts with Twitch audience 5 days a week. Tyler loves public recognition and has made an appearance on the popular game show “Family Feud”. Come to watch Ninja’s stream, if you want to see professional gameplay, enjoy funny shenanigans, tips and tricks which Tyler shares during his streams. Watch Ninja’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) for Reddit:

#5. TimTheTatman

Joined Twitch in 2012 Followers: 1,383,289 Recently streamed: World of Warcraft, Overwatch, IRL TimTheTatman has created a “TatNanArmy” - one of the most bizarre and friendly fan communities on Twitch. TimTheTatman joined Twitch in 2012 and initially had to work 40 hours per weeks+ streaming. It was very exhausting, and, today, Tim makes his living as a full-time streamer. Tim streams twice a day, during 3-5 hours per session. Usually, these are the morning and night streams, the latter ends around midnight. Tim’s favorite games are: H1Z1: King of the Kill, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. TimTheTatman is very excited and active streamer. His communication skills along with unprecedented gameplay help him continue growing the channel and viewer count. Due to his Twitch success, he has become a partner of such companies as: Audio-Technica, Monster Energy, and Razer.

#6.  Imaqtpie

Joined Twitch in 2011 Followers: 2,088,977 Recently streamed: League of Legends Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana has become famous for his pro-level LoL gaming. His natural League of Legends skills drew the interest of Team Dignitas that invited Sanata to play as a team’s Attack Damage Carry position on League of Legends. Today, Imaqtpie has  turned  his LoL skills to a full-time streaming. Santana is known for his outstanding appearance with the long, shiny mane and outfit of gym shorts and a white tee. He streams regularly for 10 hours per day and gains the appreciation of his fans by knowing of all current memes. He has even created his own community-based memes such as “Raise Your Dongers”, “Dongsquad”, and “Dongsquad 420”. Along with another streamer Scarra, Imaqtpie hosts an entertaining talk show Beyond the Rift where they discuss top news, issues, game predictions related to League of Legends. Watch the absolute best of IMAQTPIE in 2017:

#7. CohhCarnage

Joined Twitch in 2011 Followers: 893,979 Recently streamed: Xenoblade Chronicles 2, They Are Billions, Path of Exile Ben AKA CohhCarnage is a 30-year-old Twitch streamer form North California. Before his streaming career, Ben studied Game Design at Full Sail University. He also worked as a DJ and music producer. The unusual username “CohhCarnage” comes from a traditional Hawaiian name of the streamer’s friend whose name was “Ko”. Cohh is a full-time streamer, but in his spare time he is making design for computer games (here is one of them) CohhCarnage  streams every day during 6-10 hours, usually starting at 8am EST with the interruption for lunch (there is even a special !lunch command which gets updated about the time when Cohh comes back to a stream). Due to his music experience and personal charisma, CohhCarnage has managed to create a channel with high interactivity and good vibes. Cohh focuses on playing mostly Let’s Play video games, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Metro: Last Light, The Legend of Zelda, but not limited to them. He is open to experiments and is always eager to try newly-released games. CohhCarnage is also a founder of The Cohhilition, a forum and website that shares the “Happy, Helpful, Respectful” mantra. Indeed, if you visit CohhCarnage’s stream, you will be surprised by the friendly and positive atmosphere of his chat. Moreover, Cohh adores pets that are an internal part of his streams: he has 2 dogs, 6 cats  chicken, 2 parakeets and a bearded dragon.

#8. AdmiralBahroo

Joined Twitch in 2013 Followers: 453,214 Recently streamed: They Are Billions, Dead by Daylight, 7 Days to Die Admiral Bahroo is one of the top Twitch streamers who focuses on the community and direct interaction with his chat. His favorite games include: Speedrunning, Looter Shooters, RPGs, Hardcore Runs as well as plenty of casual games. In spite of very poor channel description and the absence of regular schedule, Admiral Bahroo’s channel is one of the most watched on Twitch. Apart from streaming and gameplay, Admiral Bahroo loves making guides to look at the game mechanics and possibly be able to break them.

#9. Maximilian_DOOD

Joined Twitch in 2012 Followers: 449,074 Recently streamed: Wave Race: Blue Storm, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, Ultra Street Fighter IV Maximilian Christiansen, AKA Maximilian_Dood, is a popular Twitch streamer focusing on the street fighting gameplay. His streaming career started with Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Street Fighter 4. Today, he prefers playing fans’ favorite fight games like For Honor and Injustice 2. Along with magnificent fighting gameplay, Maximilian is a partner of the Yo! Videogames and Super Best Friends Play teams and stream/host their non-fighting content, including Mario Party 6, Mario Kart 8, classic video games on home consoles, such as Nintendo 64. Maximilian is also very active YouTuber: on his channel you will find many interesting highlights as well as a lot of entertaining and educative content in “Online Warrior”, “Assist Me!”, and “Boss Rage” YouTube video series. Watch 2018 animated stream intro: Maximilian_Dood on Twitch:

#10. Summit1g

Joined Twitch in 2011 Followers: 2,567,252 Recently streamed: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, Fortnite Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar is an ex-competitive Counter-Strike player who recently turned to a full-time streaming. He mainly finds fun in shooter games, but also enjoys playing just about anything. For a long time before, Lazar was balancing between a Twitch and competitive pro Counter-Strike player. Today, he is known for marathon streams (up to 12 hours). In order to share his CS passion and knowledge, Summit1g has created a separate account Team Mythic that features the team’s practice, scrims and matches. Summit1g’s personal account is not limited to Counter-Strike gameplay: there you will find vlog commentaries, Grand Theft Auto playthroughs or DayZ gameplay. Lazar is always working on creation of high-quality YouTube highlights. Like many streamers in this list, Summit1g is sponsored by audio giant  company “Audio-Technica” as well as “Monster Energy”.