Top Twitch Female Cosplay Streams

In our previous post we have shared some secrets of successful Twitch cosplay. Today, we want to show you some of the best Twitch female cosplay examples to watch for inspiration:

Artyfakes - a Professional Prop Maker and Cosplayer

Tabitha Lyons, mostly-known under the name Artyfakes, is one of the first Twitch cosplayers. Artyfakes is famous not only in the native UK. She enjoys being a part of different international conventions and events, such as the Live Action Roleplay. She also was a cosplay judge for the first UK season of King of The Nerds - the popular show based on the American series of the same name and featuring nerds and geeks competing in challenges. Tabitha’s main interests are interrelated: she is making props and cosplay streaming. For Tabitha, props making is not a hobby, it is her full-time job and passion which she shares with her Dad Nic Samiots. Together they are the owners of Artyfakes Action Props Ltd. Artyfakes props and costumes are crafted fully by hand, so everything is unique, quality and safe to use in theater, cinema and cosplay shows. Due to the commission service, everyone can make individual orders. All the creative process can be seen  from the inside weekly on Twitch or, for those who want to make cosplay costumes by themselves, there are open Artyfakes training courses. Cosplay is not something new for Tabitha: she has been LARped (live-action role playing) since she was 8 years old and making props with her dad since 12 years old. In 2014, Tabitha convinced her father to start streaming their prop making process. Today, Tabitha do no commissioned work and pay full attention to creating costumes she has always wanted to do. She provides both gaming and creative streams on Twitch and wants streaming to become her full-time job in the future. Among her popular characters are: Nidalee from the League of Legends, Kitiara from Dragonlace, Red Sonja from Marvel Comics. Along with cosplay, Tabitha Lyons works as a presenter and interviewer. Сheck out her latest interviews with the actors of  “The Game of Thrones” -  Sam Tarley  and Euron Greyjoy. Check out an interview with Tabitha, where she tells about her priorities, passions and plans for future:

Kara Corvus - Model, Microbiologist, Streamer and Cosplayer, All in One

Kara has been playing video games since her childhood, starting with the NES. Her streaming career began in February 2016 and since then she attracted more than 24,000 of followers. She combines video game streams with cosplay costumes crafting and streams very often - almost every day in the evenings. Her favorite game is the Legend of Zelda series and her best streaming friend is a funny dog Peggy (not coincidently, the stream’s currency has a name "Peggles"). Kara is a girl of many talents. She has a degree in microbiology and, as it is stated on Twitch, she is currently doing a research devoted to creation of drugs that prevent cavities. Her second interest is a model business and movies. She has a website with a pretty nice portfolio of her works. As an actress, Kara Corvus is known for "Aion: The Tower of Eternity" (2008), "Blade & Soul" (2012) and "From the Veil" (2016). Kara Corvus is one of the newest cosplayers on Twitch. She is just developing in this area, but has already become  2016 Twitch Creative Cosplay Finalist for Armor Category. Look at her fantastic look here on Twitch. Among Kara’s best cosplay roles are: Titanium Farah from the Overwatch, Fran from the Final Fantasy XII, Lara Croft from the Rise of the Tomb Raider, Headhunter Caitlyn from League of Legends. Watch Kara’s creative stream showing the progress of her Fran character: 

DaraDef - a Variety Streamer and Cosplayer

DaradDef is “a Canadian dweeb” that enjoys making props, cosplay costumes and playing video games. She plays a variety of games from PUBG to indie and story-driven games, combining this with creative streaming. DaraDef has been creating costumes for 11 years, have won multiple cosplay contests. Her first cosplay debut was in early 2006, when she dressed up at Calagry Comic Expo. Since then, DaraDef has regularly attended cosplay conventions and started to make new costumes. The recent event DaraDef has attended was Edmonton Comic Expo 2017, the perfect place for celebrities, writers, comic book artists, musicians, podcasters  and other talented people from all corners of the artistic community. One of Dara's favorite cosplay characters is Slytherin Warlock, inspired by D&D. She is currently working on a Wonder Woman costume. You can watch the progress on her stream and enjoy spending time with a fun and really passionate community of her fans. Besides the famous cosplay characters, Dara also invented her own characters, such as My Little Pwny and Sith Lord Minlke. Watch a quick showcase video for those who want to see the up-close details of her Slytherin Warlock cosplay:


For some, streaming the game can seem an awkward thing (indeed, a lot of people don’t realize why it is interesting to watch other people playing). However, when video gaming merges with creative art, the outcome can be amazing. The above-mentioned works are one of those. All these streamers have one thing in common: they are passionate about what they do. Cosplay for them is not just slapping on a costume and parading around, but it is an inner transformation and attention to the tiniest details of the chosen character. If you are seriously thinking about going deeper into a cosplay world, whether as a costume maker or a cosplayer, start with watching these inspiring Twitch cosplay streams.