Top Talk Shows on Twitch

In our previous post we've given some useful tips to help you launch your own talk show on Twitch. Today, we’re going to tell you what a good talk show looks like, so you’ll have an idea of what to strive for.

#1. H3h3productions

On Twitch from 2014 Live every Friday at 3pm PST Sketch comedy and satire on Internet culture H3h3Productions is represented by an Israeli-American married couple Ethan and Hila Klein. They became famous with their YouTube channel first. Their Twitch channel is full of funny and informative podcasts where they satirize Internet culture. Mostly, these are “reaction” videos: Ethan and Hila compile clips of some interesting and usually controversial videos and provide commentary and sketches on the topic. H3h3Productions has gained their popularity due to criticizing Internet trends. For example, their video “Vape Nation” where Ethan was making fun of electronic cigarettes by smoking them in public, has received more than 10 million viewers and become the most viewed video on the channel. With the unstinting H3h3 fans’ support, no wonder how they easily gathered $100,000 in donations to support people suffered from Hurricane Harvey. Indeed, all H3h3 podcasts are technical masterpieces with hard work behind. The duration of Twitch broadcast may vary from one to many hours depending on the event. The podcasts usually starts on Friday 3:00 pm, but the schedule is tentative and depends on the availability of the guests and other working factors. If you don’t want to miss their next broadcast, subscribe on H3h3’s Twitter where they always make announcements of the starting streams. Otherwise, you will be able to watch recorded video of the broadcast only in the status of "subscriber". Watch Ethan and Hila Live Stream Q&A:

#2. KindaFunnyGames

On Twitch from 2014 Live on Monday-Friday at 11am PT Nerdy news about Internet culture, comics, movies KindaFunnyGames channel is owned by the team of like-minded people who produce videos and podcasts on video game culture, film, television, and comics. Primarily the talk show has gained its popularity because of brilliant duo of Greg and Colin, however, since 2017 Greg Miller hosts the show along. But, if you think that KindaFunnyGames is a project of one person, you are mistaken. There are several people on the backstage: Nick Scarpio (he is in chief of comedy stand-ups and professional podcasts), Tim Gettys, Kevin Coello, Andy Cortez, Joey Noelle, and Cool Creg. Not a short list, isn’t it? The talk show of such level needs a good cooperation and shared responsibilities. Today, the KindaFunny Morning talk show covers not only gaming and movie topics, but also politics and social issues. And the fans really appreciate these off-topic commentaries and insane conversations. For those who love games, Tim Gettys and Greg Miller also offer The Kinda Funny Gamecast. They discuss the games they are playing and the biggest topics in the video industry. Sometimes there are guests, sometimes - a wiener dog, and always there is place for fun and ridiculous comments. This video clearly describes what the guys from KindaFunnyGames offer to their viewers:

#3. TheAttack

On Twitch from 2013 Live on Monday-Friday several times per day News, commentary and podcasts about gaming and webculture The talk show of Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea is a perfect completion of a busy day. This couple can really give KindaFunnyGames a run for their money. Watch it, if you want to sink into a chilly atmosphere, have fun and get to know a lot of interesting info on daily topics, including tech news, the best videos as well as the darkest corners of interwebs to bring the stuff you could leave unseen. If you don’t have time to watch a full broadcast, you can enjoy the Pointless Podcast, where Kevin and his guests are going deep about culture, tech news, media, sex, drugs, history, etc. Watch one of the Pointless Podcasts to get an idea: Andrey “Reynad” Reynad stops to talk competitive Hearthstone, crazy Amsterdam stories, and of course, Legendary Leia. The Attack’s team consists not only of Kevin and Alex, there is a community of dedicated people behind who make this show happen. Along with the main talk show, the channel provides STEEBZ PLAYS with Erin Steeby - “the Attack Queen” and co-host of the Attack. Erin is a resident Let’s Play streamer who professionally plays multiple games. Come watch and play with her! Moreover, once a week a group of the best gamers come together to play games without their laptops during the “Let’s Do It On The Table” broadcasts. They play classic table games and the latest indie ones.

#4. Geekandsundry

On Twitch from 2012 Live from Tuesday to Friday several times a day Fascinating talks about pop culture and Internet trends The Geekandsundy talk show on Twitch presents you a daily dose of geek culture. This is the project of a well-known American actress Felicia Day, famous for her roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Supernatural”. She started  "Geek & Sundry" show in early 2012 on YouTube. She is still a producer and creative moving spirit of the project, the mission of which is clearly stated on Twitch: “to inspire people and create positive change through play around the world together.” Geekandsundry is the epicenter of gaming and lifestyle for pop culture fans presented in different entertaining and informative blocks streamed almost every day. Here are only some of them:
    • Critical Role - this is the main GeekandSundry’s show where a group of talented voice actors embarks on a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) adventure. They jump into the virtual world created by the fellow actor Matt Mercer. This a mix of traditional weekly show and a modern gaming talk show on Twitch. Each episode lasts during 3-5 hours and is broadcast on Thursdays at 19:00 PT on Twitch, YouTube and Project Alpha simultaneously.
    • Game Engine where the hosts Erika Ishii and Trisha Hershberger cover gaming and tech news, invite special guests and review the newest tabletop and video games.
    • Asinene Wisdom - this is a new highly experimenting talk show with Jake Bennett, Daryl Crittenden and a chosen guest. They discuss the weird and provocative issues no one is talking about.
    • Bizzare States will deep you into the unknown world of weird happenings, unexplained cases often of supernatural or occult origin.
    • With the Wednesday Club talk show, you will get to know about the best comic books, comics history, current trends and mythology.
Check out the first episode of Critical Role talk show “Arrival at Kraghammer - Critical Role RPG Show: Episode 1”:

#5. The Greatest League Talk Show by Scarra

On Twitch from 2011 Live on occasion Games’ analysis John Scarra is one of the most experienced League of Legends’ player on Twitch. He’s got famous on Rock Solid 1 season that eventually became Dignitas. Along with gaming Scarra also provides a gaming talk show in a company of two streaming buddies Mark Zimmerman (MarkZ) and Josh “Xell” KIm. In the talk show they analyze games of the past days. With the live-in analyst MarkZ, the talk show is always full of interesting comments and educative tips. Overall, it is an exceptionally fun talk show for all LoL fans. Today, The Greatest League Talk Show is a periodic show instead of the weekly one it was before, as their hosts have too much other projects and ideas and are not able to commit to every week. Watch one of the latest VODs of Great League Talk Show to get an idea:


While it becomes really tough to gain success as a full-time game streamer because of over-saturated market and competition, the situation in a “talk show” segment on Twitch is absolutely opposite. There is only a few quality gaming talk shows that have caught our eye. Indeed, organizing a quality talk show requires many resources: a place that can serve as a studio, a team of like-minded people to help with scenario and filming, and quality equipment. However, the main component of talk show is the host. If you are open, charismatic person with passion and knowledge about some topic, the best thing you can do is stop putting it off and do it on Twitch. Just sit back, relax and have fun!