Tips on How to Keep Up With Viewer Growth and Twitch Chat

When the moment of glory comes and you have more than 50, 100 and more viewers per stream, you will need to enhance your multitasking skills. Indeed, playing games, such as Rocket League or similar, and maintain active talk in chat is a difficult mission, but, not impossible. Here are some useful tips to help you keep up with your Twitch chat:

#1. Be Sincere With Your Viewers

When your chat is blowing up and you have trouble keeping up with it, just say so in your stream. Trying to catch the moment and be attentive is good, but you are only human. You cannot always be involved, and most viewers will understand that. So, start to learn where you can remove yourself from the chat conversation and let the chat do it own thing. It is a hard transition, since as a beginning streamer you are probably used to be very interactive with the viewers. Sometimes, it can be real fun when viewers interact with each other, create relations while you act as an intermediary. Watching popular streamers with active chats will help you determine the best way to interact. Almost all of them can only read a few lines in the span of a few seconds and have some spare time (5-8 seconds) for chat during replays. To keep up with chat, we recommend having a large window open so that you can scan the chat far without scrolling and interrupting the game. Using two monitors or a computer and phone/tablet is also an option. On the main monitor you can have a gameplay, on the secondary – all necessary services and tools like Chatty or other IRC clients, OBS, Twitch Alerts, bots, etc., and on the tablet you can monitor the actual stream itself. The ability to keep up with Twitch chat also depends on the game you play: there can be different loading screens, down time (when you’re dead, etc.) when you are able to scroll up in the chat. If you still feel uncomfortable about missing something important in your stream chat, try using sound alerts.

#2. Use Notifications and Commands

  • You can set alert sounds to hear, when a new follower comes in the chat, so that you can spend a minute to talk with him/her a bit. When you spot a new viewer in the chat try to say his/her name to catch attention and initiate conversation.
  • Making a list of certain commands helps maintain the chat flow, so you don’t have to pause the gameplay in order to answer basic questions from people. Set commands for such types of common questions, as: “How to join your Teamspeak?”, “What is your Steam account?”
  • Set up custom chat application, such as “Chatty” or “HexChat”, take several highlighted phrases (“hello”, “hi”, your user name, etc), so that they come up in a new window. Thus, when a viewer types your user name, his/her message will appear in a new window that initially has less traffic. This helps to not miss things directly targeted to you.
  • Use Twitch Alerts to monitor pop-up notifications during your stream (followers, tips, subs, hosts, etc.). The app has a browser plugin which you can set up on your second monitor to catch what happen instead of constantly looking over at the live feed.

#3. Find Assistants

It is absolutely normal to get help, as no one is able to hold 10 conversations at the same time while focusing on the task. Being attentive and responding to your audience is key, and the bots can help you with it. Moobot is the most popular bot supplied by Twitch to help you moderate the chat for inappropriate content, removing spam or low-quality posts. Bots are also useful, when you decide to organize polls or giveaways. There are also types of bots, such as Ankhbot, that help gain more followers. Ankhbot gives points to the viewers depending on certain criteria: for the coolest comment or staying active in the chat for definite period. The points then can be used to participate in giveaways or get access to some features. Along with these automatic tools, you can also hire chat moderators who usually have an ability to greet, interact new viewers, time out, ban, enable low or Subscriber-only mode in the chat and other actions entitled to them. Pick a person who you trust or a regular viewer who is familiar with your stream and chat rules and is willing to moderate your chat. Search for fans who are always around and follow your ideals and beliefs. Have a conversation with them, letting know that you have problems keeping up with chat and have tasks assigned to them. For example, you can allow your mods to restate the questions, in case you haven’t seen an important question or comment from the viewer. In such situations, mods can type something like this “Hey, <user name> was asking about “this”, so what do you think?”.

#4. Don’t Push the Panic Button

Remember, that it is impossible to please everyone. You will slowly get used to reading the chat along with playing the game. Start picking up on the moment in game when you have time to look over the chat, pick out viewers by name color (a new color = a new viewer) and read some comments. Apologize when you have trouble keeping up with chat, but don’t take personally all complaints. Try to read the chat as much as you can without stressing yourself out. Sometimes, it is better to ignore large chunks of questions. When you have a “comment debt” and are missing a few topics, just pick up where you are now. Say “sorry” that you are behind on the comments and ask to re-ask everything important.

Here Is the List of Most Commonly-Used Tools to Help You Control the Chat:

  • Chatty
  • Logviewer
  • Moobot
  • Ohbot
  • CBenni’s MultiTwitch
  • FrankerFaceZ
  • AutoMod


With some games you will never be able to track all chat messages. When you have a full active chat, people often start talking to each other. Instead of reading every comment, try to “read” the mood and the topic of the chat. If something in the chat catches your attention, you can always go back and read specific things you missed. Remember, that being able to interact with Twitch chat naturally is something that comes with practice and exposure.