Tips for Gaining Twitch Partnership

If you are a beginning streamer on Twitch, we bet you are actively searching ways to increase your viewership up to “sacred” minimum of 500 viewers to become partnered. Although Twitch partnership is not a goal in itself, it is a necessary step in the evolution of any streamer’s career. Gaining Twitch partnership gives you nothing short of:
  • access to wider transcoding options for your broadcasts
  • ability to launch ads and have subscribers on your channel
  • your own emoticons
  • ability to use Twitch beta features
  • multiple promotion opportunities
  • higher level of credibility among viewers
There is no a “be-all and end-all” guide to becoming a partner on Twitch, but tips are always helpful. So, let’s go from something in mind to something in kind and list the most effective ways to engage audience and obtain Twitch partnership:  

#1. There Is No Second Chance to Rectify First Impression

When searching for interesting streamers’ channels to write about, we always distinguish people who spare neither trouble nor expense on the outstanding Twitch channel layout. Quality graphical layout for your stream is not something necessary, but it is, obviously, a very effective way to attract viewers passing by. The mere fact that you’ve spent time thinking over the idea and design of your channel and caring about your viewers’ comfort shows your dedication and professionalism. A classic Twitch layout includes a webcam in the upper right or left corner, a chat box for people who prefer watching fullscreen and your usernames in other social networks, if any. The design, color theme, addition of other widgets belong to secondary options, but they are also effective in encouraging more viewers’ activity to your channel. If you don’t have any experience in graphic design, there is a plenty of free or inexpensive options (for example. TipeeeStream, StreamElements) that provide you with simple editors to create your own customizable layout, alerts and widgets.

#2. Consistent Content Strategy to Hook More Followers

Many streamers start their first broadcast without any goal or plans in mind. For debut attempts, it is normal. But, if you want streaming to become a part of your daily life, you should be strategic. When you choose the game to play, do a research to understand if it is popular enough. Streaming old unpopular games will more likely result in no viewers. However, choosing the most popular games will make you compete for popularity among thousands of experienced streamers. So, the truth is somewhere in between. We advise searching for games that have between 10 to 30 streamers currently streaming the  game on Twitch. Thus, you will have more chances to be seen in search results and not be lost among other more popular streams. Remember, that streamers using a webcam always have more viewers that those without it. It is especially vital when talking about Twitch Creative streams, where the streamer’s personality is a key. Another thing that matters is the language you speak while streams. To attract your target audience, don’t forget to write language in your stream title, for instance, “ENG” for English.

#3. Listen, Respond, Interact

All “Reddit advisers” will tell you about the importance of social networks in building your brand. Indeed, most streamers use social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, to keep viewers updated about their future broadcasts. However, it is not right to use social media solely as a notification service for your streams. People will more likely respond to those who use their social network accounts authentically. Even if you prefer doing automated Twitter notifications, don’t forget to make some tweets about your life, hobbies, games you play. In case you don’t want to reveal any details from your life and post personal photos, you can still make useful  posts about your game collection, set-up, controllers, etc. Another crucial moment is communication in real life. Interacting with your followers online is good, but meeting people in person is more effective. There are a lot of events devoted to video games, streaming and creative personalities held almost in all major cities. Here are some of them: Twitch Con, PAX, MineCon, Supanova. There you can meet people with similar interests, exchange tips and gain more fans. Before going to such meetings, stock up with business cards that include your real name (in case you want to reveal it), your Twitch channel or social network names and other info you find useful.

#4. Stream! The More The Better

In order to attract more followers and achieve the needed threshold of 500 concurrent viewers, you should stream as frequently as possible. Very few passing-by viewers will discover your channel, if you are only online an hour a day. With more hours online and strict schedule, you will have higher rankings in Twitch search and more chances to be found by the audience. Not coincidentally, the most successful streamers broadcast during 5-10 hours per day. Use a Standing By screen around 30 minutes before your actual stream. This attracts more people to your stream while you prepare and check all equipment. To get more exposure you can simultaneously cast your stream on Twitch and other websites, such as YouTube or Mixer. Just search for services, like Restream. They are very easy to use. Doing so is a good way to attract larger audience whom you can ask to follow you on Twitch. And make sure that your screen layout contains Twitch channel name to make it easier for viewers to find you.

#5. Be Yourself  and Apply!

When applying for Twitch partnership, there will be a field in the application to tell the partnership manager about yourself and your goals. It is similar to motivation letter. After looking at your numbers, content, brand, the partnership manager will check this info. So, this is the last chance to convince him/her that you deserve the status of a partner. Thus, tell about your plans, ideas, tell something to make people believe in you. Be polite and remember that first impression matters, even if it is not your last application for Twitch partnership. Look at Twitch partnership as business relationship first. Accept the fact that Twitch support is also taking some risk giving you a partnership. They need to see the benefits you can provide for them. If you get rejected from Twitch partnership for the first time, don’t be discouraged and continue struggling. At the end of the day, less than 1% of Twitch streamers actually manage to make their living from streams.


According to 2016 Twitch statistics, there are 2,2 million streamers on Twitch, and only 17,000 are partnered.  Twitch receives thousands of Twitch partnership applications every week. It is not easy to become partnered with Twitch, but you shouldn’t be discouraged in case of rejection. You have infinite chances to re-apply. Look at this guy AnthonyKongphan: he has reapplied 50 times to finally achieve Twitch partnership. Rejection gives you a chance to reconsider what you are doing wrong and reflect how you can improve it. A streaming channel that doesn’t receive partnership is not a bad channel. But, the streamer who refuses to improve the content probably is not that type of streamer Twitch wants to see a partner. SO, continue to work, try to stand out of the pack and set yourself up to successful Twitch career.