Creating an Eye-Catching Stream Title

Although it can be dull to create an appealing and descriptive title, the well-written stream’s name say a lot about you and your channel. When we are searching for a new stream to watch, titles like ”Reaching 10K followers” will say to you that the streamer is probably more concerned about increasing the viewer count and not the quality of a gameplay. The last thing any viewer wants to see that he/she is treated as a number (even if you haven’t actually meant it). Another common problem is “untitled streams” or streams named like this “I Am Lazy” or “Who Cares”. Imagine that you come to a magazines’ stand in the shop. First thing you’ll do is reading headlines, and some of them will stand out more than others, making you curious to check it out. The same happens with the stream titles. They help garner interest in your broadcast and can be used as the way to express yourself to potential viewers.

An Awesome Stream Title: What Should It Look Like?

Every streamer is trying to do anything he/she can to get more viewers to their channel. Choosing the right stream title for your Twitch broadcast can help you get the right viewers. Any well-written stream title should possess at least one of the following qualities:
  • Being Descriptive
Titles like this clearly explain what will be going on in the stream. Such titles are standard and usually seen throughout Twitch. They give the viewers main info about the game you are playing, its difficulty, your skills’ level. For example, “League of Legends First Playthrough,” “Dark Souls Full Game Hype.”
  • Standing Out From the Crowd
Often, these titles have nothing to do with a game or stream. Current memes, jokes, events can be included to entertain people.
  • Сalling to Action
The goal of any stream title is bringing in more viewers. You can make people click on your stream title by including some intrigue, playing specific games, announcing giveaways, etc. Remember that the choice of your stream title totally depends on what audience you are trying to reach. Misleading titles may help get more viewers, but they might not genuinely be interested in your stream and bounce right away. If you want to attract the right viewers, find out what works for them and keep doing that. You can test this by monitoring the amount of viewers attracted by each stream title.

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Create Your Own Eye-Catching Stream Title:

  • People love jokes. Maybe, you are not a top player, perhaps, you’re really funny. In this case, let that be shown in your title. Include an ironic quote or a joke about the game you are playing or just a random thought. Example: if you are playing a rare game, you can write “Thanks for scrolling this far”, meaning that you have a sense of humor about how far down you are on the game category page.
  • You can use numbers. For instance,  “Number 2 Ranked in the USA” tells us that a person is a high level player. “24hr stream” tells us that a person has committed to streaming today.
  • Choose simple descriptions for your title. Describe to the viewer what to expect. For example, ”Heading towards a record high” tells the viewers that the streamer is challenging himself with the higher level in the game.
  • Announce the reward. For example, “Presenting Birthday T-shirts”, “Let’s Launch Giveaway at 1000 Followers.” People love free stuff. In fact, expectation of reward causes the brain to produce dopamine - the happiness hormone. However, if you are a beginning streamer, be aware that giveaways can draw attention of the wrong crowd. For small streamers, organizing giveaways may look as an act of desperation.
  • Mention well-known references and trends.  However, be ready that not everyone is on the same page with you. Here is a funny example of @jaddaprog streamer. Once she wrote the following title for her broadcast: "why does everything think Ross was the worst friend?" The reaction of “Friends” series' fans was very active, but there were people who actually didn’t understand the reference.
  • Add a new concept to the title. Viewers are curious. Scroll the titles of the game you stream and include something that all of them are missing. Example: "come with me and travel the multiverse with imaqtpie, let me take you on a metaphysical journey through the spirit and mind @imaqtpielol".
  • Convey emotions. Anger, fear and excitement - express any feeling to give your viewers better idea of what is going on in your stream. Example: "#1 player in my won't believe what happens next". You can also add emoji symbols in your title to show even more emotions.


Whatever make your stream unique is worth noting in the stream title. You should be aiming for a stream title that incorporates who you are, what your stream is about and the type of viewers that are expected to watch your stream. If you manage to take all those points and condense them into 30-40 characters, then you are on the way to a perfect stream title. When it comes to naming your stream, transparency is the key. Honest titles are going to attract the right kind of audience that will keep coming back to your stream.