The Strangest Streamers on Twitch

People are strange, but even more on Twitch. Who would have imagined 8 years ago that there would be a billion-dollar streaming industry in live video games? Or that a teenager could earn millions by simply allowing people to watch how good he or she is in gaming? While most beginning streamers tend to follow a clear-cut path, the most successful ones prefer being a little weird. When we call “weird”, there are no negative connotation, because many of our favorite streamers are strange in some way. Come with us to see the oddest and downright strange streams on Twitch:

#1. Sodapoppin

Followers: 1,655,648 Twitter: @Sodapoppintv On the one hand, Chance Morris (that is Sodapoppin’s real name) is a typical streamer: he is a young man of upper middle class who plays popular games on Twitch. However, he managed to contribute a bit of oddity to his streaming activity. Dancing on stream, eating ghost peppers - these are a few things he did on stream. Sodapoppin is one of the biggest individual streamers regarding the revenue and amount of followers. In 2013, Soda got a subscription button on Twitch, and since then, his growth has been really amazing. He’s become so popular partially because he is good at PvP in World of Craft, but also cause he is not afraid to entertain the viewers with dumb jokes and stunts. Soda always reads all donations on stream and usually overreacts what makes the viewers love him even more and click the “donate button” frequently. Sodapoppin loves dramas and has a pretty nice sense of humour. He was banned from Twitch multiple times as well as hacked. Watch the video where Sodapoppin reacts to his own older streams:

#2.  TurtleOnCrack

Followers: 6,065 Twitter: @og_toc Though TurtleOnCrack (or his second online name is FatBoi) streams only Runescape gameplay, he has managed to gain more than 6000 followers, maybe, because his undisguised appearance and fun comments. TurtleOnCrack is a huge, hairy guy who refuses to stream with shirt on. Check one of his streams with “a famous big guy dancing ”, to get the idea of how weird and fun his streams are:

#3. NoHandsKen

Followers: 39,046 Ken is quadriplegic and plays games via voice input and some kind of tech device. What he does is incredible and definitely deserves more viewers than he currently has. Ken has been paralyzed from the neck down for 20 years. NoHandsKen mostly streams Diablo 3, World Of Warcraft, League of Legends, Path Of Exile, Starcraft and Rift - all games that can be mouse controlled. Moreover, he is a fan of hockey and loves poker. Visit his channel for inspiration and support. Here is his story:

#4. 畢格薩姆

Followers: 5,513 This Taiwanese guy is really odd. He plays Dark Souls with his feet on an arcade stick. He also has a text-to-speech reading his entire chat triggers. He can speak a little bit of English. Visit his stream if you are searching for some weird and funny streams.

#5. FishPlaysStreetfighter

Followers: 13,222 Technologies’ development is amazing: just watch how two fish in the aquarium (AG Aquarius and Robert The Bruce) have a battle through a Street Fighter emulator. So how does it work? There is a virtually segmented fish tank into 9 parts. Depending on which part of the tank a fish is in, it will send a definite key press to the game. Aquarius sends key presses for Player 1, and Robert the Bruce sends key presses for Player 2. This gameplay reminds of FishPlaysPokemon, but it is more hardcore. If you want to see how one fish makes a “throw” move to another, don’t miss the next battle - the channel provides streams from 7:30 AM (when fish have breakfast) till 10:00 PM (after that fish is mostly sleeping). To watch the stream, there is no any complex lore acting or a barrier to entry, like in Twitch Plays Pokemon.

#6. MingTheMerciless93

Followers: 12,987 Ming is one of the most popular poker players on Twitch. He is a good-ol-boy of a comical wisdom. He coaches on streams (it is not free: $75 per 1.5 hour session off stream or 2 hours+ on stream) and can be a kind of aggressive in communication. So, visit Ming’s stream only if you are in a mood to watch a strange host with affinity for heavy metal and slurred lexicon. Moreover, Ming provides guest poker life interviews, here is one of them:

#7. AriaBlarg

Followers: 15.500 Twitter: @AriaBlarg Aria is a multilateral personality: she is a mum, student, artist and “a very, very part-time broadcaster”. If you are interested in weird and unusual, AriaBlarg’s channel will open you the world of lesser-known games. Some of her latest streams included Conception II, Harvest Moon, Chulip. Aria’s channel has a very friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Sometimes, her husband joins in to play a multiplayer game or just to have a chat. Aria’s YouTube is more about highlights and painting. Watch one of Aria’s stream with her husband Nick, where they play “Harvest Moon:”

#8. Kinda Funny Games

Followers: 117,050 Twitter: @KindaFunnyVids KindaFunnyGames’  Twitch channel began as a result of 4 popular IGN (Imagine Games Network) guys who quit their jobs to create their own company focused on gaming, TV, comics and all things related to nerd culture. The channel’s flagship show was called “Colin and Greg Live” hosted by Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller. For better or worse, more than a year ago, Colin drifted away from the group after his sadly remembered joke on Twitter on March 8th. This split attracted attention of fans and didn’t influence the popularity of the channel. Today,  the guys provide the Kinda Funny Morning Shows at 11AM Pacific and Kinda Funny Games Daily. Their talk shows include plenty of smart analysis on what is happening in geek culture, as well as tons of hilarious comments and impromptu. KindaFunnyGames also stream games sporadically and often have a cute wiener dog next to them. Watch Kinda Funny Live 3 happened on June 3rd, 2017 in San Francisco California:

#9. ManvsGame

Followers: 487,840 Twitter: @MANvsGAME As it comes from the name, Jayson ManvsGame is a streamer on a quest trying to play as many games as he humanly can. Paradoxically,  Jayson became popular after he shared his amphetamine dependence story in 2015. Today, he streams clean and not so often, because it is physically impossible to stay awake 24 hours in a raw. ManvsGame can be watched playing everything from the traditional Doom to Dark Souls. He plays professionally and often on the highest possible level of difficulty. Moreover, the stream is worth seen because of Jason’s insightful and fun comments. MAN vs NO MAN'S SKY:

#10. KittyPlays

Followers: 766, 606 Twitter: @KittyPlays Few streamers on Twitch manage to successfully combine Counter-Strike gameplay, cosplay and cooking and make it look so easy and fun. KittyPlays is very open and ambitious personality. She never shies away from dressing up as a comic video character while taking out her online opponents. One of her biggest achievements on Twitch is the creation of Team Kitty which consists of almost 100 female streamers and content creators. The Team’s goal is expanding networks for all team members and providing support and collaboration. No matter what Kitty does, she does it with care and excitement which makes viewers come back. When visiting KittyPlays’ page, expect to see “lots of  moonwalks, giggles, and rage moments! Lara Croft Cosplay by KittyPlays:


We shared only some of the strangest and most interesting streams, in our humble opinion. You are free to share any of your favorite strange streams we haven’t mentioned.