The Selection of 5 Trailblazing Streams of 2017

Inspired by the recent Twitch Con 2017, we decided to write a post-nomination for different streamers’ activities. The selection is random and based on our humble preferences.

#1. The Puppet Show

Twitch name: Bennyfits Subscribers: 20,484 Known as a very friendly Twitch blue monster Playing: Diablo3, Hearthstone When talking about Twitch puppet streams, Bennyfits is the first name that comes to mind. He is “literally a puppet literally playing games” in the character of a blue, fuzzy and friendly monster. Funny jokes during streams, unflagging sense of humour and very positive and friendly Benny character is what makes Bennyfits’s streams so attractive. “Capitan Benny” (that is his Twitter name) has come to Twitch accidentaly. Once he was searching for Pokemon hints and people who played that game and was surprised by a friendly community he met on Twitch. Since that time he started first Hearthstone streams. Benny chose that game because it reminded him of her mother’s favorite actor Michael Douglas.   Bennyfits’s vision of his stream has changed several times. He had the Benny puppet about 6 months before started streaming for different purpose. During the week prior his first stream, Bennyfits was building a character: he brainstormed with a friend, watch other people’s puppet streams and invented a new distinct character of a “lovable loser.” Though there are a plenty of puppet shows on Twitch, Bennyfits managed to achieve success with his gimmick. Bennyfits gets into the role so authentically, that even during his interviews he replied on behalf of Benny. What we like most about Bennyfits is his attitude to the community: he respects viewers and is very sincere in his interviews. Just check Bennyfits’ s responses to his fans in this Reddit thread. What is more inspiring is that Benny’s streams are one-man shows: it is not an easy task having to sync the character’s role with playing the game. Watch best Benny's moments:

#2. The Celebrity

Twitch name: DanGheesling Subscribers: 30,253 Known as an American Big Brother Winner Playing: Space Sims, Sci Fi games, The Binding of Isaac – PC, NCAA Football 2013 – PS3, Far Cry 3, The Cave The life of Daniel Cheesling is a journey from an ordinary man to a well-known person. Today, he is a famous American reality TV personality, a successful streamer. His net worth is estimated by approximately $600 thousand. Before his celebrity life, Daniel worked as a high school teacher and an assistant coach of the football team. Daniel career started when he first appeared in Big Brother 10 which he won. Later, in Big Brother 14,  Daniel ended up as the runner-up. In 2013, his started his YouTube gaming channel  and is still streaming games on different platforms, including Twitch. Daniel has a personal blog where he shares his experience and helps other people in some way “whether it is through motivation, entertainment (or lack there of), random Reality TV bites, epic contest giveaways, podcasts, video posts or a combination of everything.” Daniel is one of the most popular volunteers who often provides charity streams (for instance, charity stream for Children’s Hospital of Michigan). Get to know more about charity streams in our previous post. Daniel Cheesling decided to try himself in game streaming after connecting with the Julie Chen of eSports. In the beginning, it seemed strange to Daniel to broadcast the gameplay, until he watched other people streaming. One of his favorite live-streams are by CobalStreak, but he also adores watching nameless players, such as his friend playing Pokemon against his son, etc. The  first game Daniel  streamed was Minecraft, and, according to Daniel, he did it as he was playing it for the first time. Watch Dan’s Gaming Channel Trailer to get the idea of his streams:

#3. The Artist

Twitch name: AustenMarie Subscribers: 45,160 Known as a portrait illustrator Playing: Skyrim, New Vegas, Hearthstone, Minecraft, Dawngate, Dota 2, GW2, 7 Days to Die Not so many streamers on Twitch manage to successfully combine gaming and creative experience. Austen Marie is one of those. She is a freelance illustrator who has a friendly stream and adores playing different games. Austen Marie is living in Los Angeles and has a job of her dream. She is a polymath girl. Besides her main interests, Austin also sang for a band called “Skies to Conquer”. You can find her tracks on her SoundCloud account. She runs her own photography company. In her spare time she adores sewing. So, on AustinMarie channel you will find a perfect mix of gameplays and art creative process. Austen Marie streams frequently - five days a week from Monday to Friday. Her art portfolio is rather eccentric and diverse: she has drawn World of Warcraft portraits, Rick and Morty fan art, realistic portraits of random personalities (if you subscribe for her stream, she can even draw a portrait of you). Austen loves entertaining people with game commentary and self-deprecating humor. She likes engaging with a chat, has a vivid Twitter account and actively participated in TwitchCon 2017 as a moderator and speaker. Watch the creation of  Audra Auclair art work by Austen:

#4. The Cooker

Twitch name: TheStaceyRoy Subscribers: 8,517 Known as a showmaker Playing: Table of Terror streams (board games Dungeons & Dragons), Hearthstone, Outlast, The Sims 4, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier With her model appearance and cooking talents, Stacey has got a lot of dedicated followers on Twitch. Her shows are full of fun and interaction. On Twitch, Stacey has launched 3 shows: Cooking with Stacey (everything about cooking from Sunday brunches to Midnight Monday munchies), The Nerdy Bartender (always with invited guests and thematic crafted cocktails), Winesday Winedown (chill hangout stream with a glass of wine or whiskey cocktail to reconnect with the audience). Besides being a good Chef, Stacey is an actor, host and producer. Together with her partner Mike Parkerson, she created a company Whabam Media: they transformed their garage into a studio. Today, it is a creative hub that unites all passionate about acting, directing, producing and editing. There, Stacey shares her knowledge of filmmaking and content creation. No wonder why Stacey’s shows look so professional. Her studio has a multicam setup with wireless lavalier mics, color changing bulbs, diffused box lighting and teleprompters. Moreover, each wall is magnetic and easy to be modified according to the show’s needs. Most of the costs for studio were gathered by Stacey’s fans. Stacey does a lot of charity streams in favor of Leo Club, Students Against Drunk Driving, Operation Supply Drop. Watch a DARTH VADER PUNCH Preparation on Stacey’s WhaBam channel:

#5. The Vlogger

Twitch name: DingleDerper Subscribers: 379,070 Known IRL as Tory Playing:  Counter-Strike, PUBG Although gaming is often seen as a man’s world, women make up a significant portion of the gaming industry, and DingleDerper is one of those. A lot of Twitch streamers are known for the content variety, but very few of them succeed with diverse content the way DingleDerper has done. She plays Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and PUBG content, but she is also known for the vlog content depicting her everyday life. Check DingleDerper’s personal website to know more about her interests and career. Tory includes  frequent vlogs on her Twitch and YouTube channels devoted to different topics from traveling stories to “guess the body part challenges” with Phantoml0rd (who is still banned on Twitch). DingleDerper and PhantomL0rd managed to give their fans the run around creating a mystery about their relationships. Tory loves creating intrigues and stirring up interest to her personal life. She also enjoys trying different cosplay roles. Watch this funny Dinglederper Teemo Cosplay: