The Predicted Death of Twitter. Is It Still Worth Using Twitter as a Streamer?

Being one of the oldest social media platforms, Twitter has noticed a significant decline in numbers. Since creation, Twitter has had a solid concept: it’s a platform where users should focus on what they want to say. The existence of content restrictions and limited number of characters make the user formulate thoughts laconically, with minimum speculations. With the appearance of alternative, more democratic platforms, such as Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, the question arising is whether Twitter will survive in this fierce competition. Along with Twitter’s conservatism, there are multiple reasons that cause Twitter’s decreasing popularity. Below are some of them:

Why Twitter Is Dying?

  • Twitter Is Out-Of-Date

Facebook, Instagram and other networks have been undergone multiple changes to meet the requirements of marketers and retain their popularity. They added a marketplace, pay per click ads, suggesting content for users. At the same time, Twitter remains almost unchanged. While old-timers love Twitter’s traditionalism, the younger generation expects more from social networks.

  • An Explosion of Fake Accounts and Spambots

Fake accounts are the biggest problem on Twitter. There is a lot of inactive Twitter accounts with no ability to identify their owners. Spambots are another menace for Twitter: many accounts are operated by bots that aim to share links and products. To struggle with both problems, in 2018, Twitter initiated the so-called Twitter Purge campaign and deleted more than 70 million suspicious accounts.

  • The Decreased Viewer Base

Today, Twitter has many competitors in the market: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Vero,, etc. which negatively influence its market share and the amount of viewers. According to Bloomberg, in June 2018, Twitter’s active viewer base fell to 335 million. These statistics demonstrate that Twitter is losing its current users.

  • Political Tinge

Twitter has been actively involved in many political debates. Moreover, its current CEO Jack Dorsey openly declared that Twitter is left-wing platform. If you embrace unwanted beliefs and openly share your ideas, there are chances to be banned on Twitter. Such political preferences along with multiple account bans for political reasons won’t add popularity to the platform

Is Twitter Worth Your Time As a Streamer?

Above, we’ve mentioned only some reasons that hurt the growth of Twitter. If the problems are not tackled effectively in the nearest feature, Twitter is likely to fade away in coming years. However, despite the decreasing popularity, many streamers continue to use Twitter as the main social media channel to connect with the viewers. And until Twitter helps promote your Twitch channel, it’s worth using it. We have already shared the post about how to use Twitter as a streamer for your benefit. Today, we’ll add some missing points and tell you how to make Twitter as effective as possible hoping that the rumors about the Twitter death are greatly exaggerated.

How Often Should You Tweet?

There are plenty researches that aim to scientifically distinguish the right number of tweets you should do to achieve popularity. On the average, the optimal number of tweets per day is 3-5. The SocialBakers study has shown that the engagement starts to drop, if you use less than 3 posts on Twitter per day.

TIP: If you’re tired of all these schedules, think about using social media automation tools to help you get the maximum number of views and facilitate the process of post writing.

At What Time Should You Tweet?

There is no single answer to this question: the majority of studies say that there is no direct correlation between the time of day and tweet engagement. Things that matter are regularity and the content quality.

TIP: If you still want to find out your perfect time to tweet, try to use special tools, such as Tweriod, Followerwonk, Audiense.

Should You Use Duplicate Tweets?

It’s good when you post often providing that these are not copy-and-paste tweets. Duplicate content on Twitter may even decrease the engagement because repeating tweets are considered to be a violation of Twitter TOS.

TIP: To make your content look less spammy, try to vary it: you can create post with GIFs, videos, ask people questions, share some inspirational quotes and curated content of other people from your field.

Should You Reply to Tweets?

The answer is “yes”. Replying to other people’s tweets are even more important in terms of engagement, clicks and sales than your own posts. When you spend time replying to somebody in your community, people feel more commitment to you.

TIP: Replying shouldn’t be a detailed answer. This can be a simple “thank you” or other polite words, a GIF or a retweet.

Is Twitter Effective for Small Streamers?

In spite of all difficulties Twitter experiences at the moment, it’s still effective for streamers of all ranges. To make Twitter an effective engagement tool, you should put some effort in this communication. Make sure that your Twitter is not just a feed of “I’m going live” posts. No one wants to follow a person that sounds like automated spam program. Don’t forget to tag other Twitter accounts in your posts (tag the game publisher, community manages, other players, etc.). It’s allowed to tag up to 10 accounts with no impact on the characters limit. Advertise your Twitter at your stream with the help of Nightbot or in a channel description.

TIP: Provide your followers with a little extra window in your life: tweet about your day, post pictures, use it like any other social network.


Though Twitter is undergone through the tough period (it may be the edge of its revolution or fading away, life will show), it is still a powerful network for streamers to build up the channel and online presence, and create valuable connections. Use it wisely regardless of your channel’s size: post interesting content, show interest in other people’s tweets, be regular and human-oriented.