The Сreative Side of Twitch: The Most Interesting Creative Streams

Although Twitch is associated by many as being a gaming platform, creative community is growing every day. This is a more quiet and gentle side of Twitch that is far from the competitive play, tournaments and everlasting rush. Creative streams open another world of creativeness and tranquility. It’s a place for introverts that offer a relaxed and amusing experience. For those viewers that enjoy the creative process and any manifestations of art, below is our selection of the most interesting creative streams on Twitch. 

#1. StorytellerMars

For everybody who loves reading and audiobooks

Category: Music & Performing Arts 

StorytellerMars is a man of art. He is a broadcaster, dreamer, good origami maker and the fan of Joshua Messick’s music. During most of his streams, Mars reads different books aloud. He does this in so charismatic and talented manner, that some listeners watch his stream as a daily nightly ritual. He has a pleasant voice and pronunciation. The main event of StorytellerMars stream is the Storytime Corner - this is a live audiobook experience. In his stream description, Mars states that if you grew up with Reading Rainbow and bedtime stories, you will probably love his stream. Mars reads books in the Public Domain, so you can easily find full texts on the Project Gutenberg site. Most books he has chosen for broadcasts are classic ones, such as Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island, Frankenstein. The first and last 20 minutes of the stream Mars devotes to the discussions in a chat. It’s always a very positive and engaging chatting about different book-related topics and the experience of the storyteller. The reading time is usually about 90 minutes. Mars loves reading poetry at the beginning and the end of streams to give thank you to all his listeners and subscribers. For now, he has 685 followers, which is a big number for the stream of such kind. On some days, Mars organizes gaming streams as well: he adores playing Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (an official D&D video game). Visit MarsStoryteller stream if you love to listen to audiobooks, enjoy meaningful interaction and just want to relax and have a good time. 

#2. Jenny Knits 

Come Knit With Her 

Category: Makers & Crafting

Jenny is a professional knitter. Knitting and teaching how to knit have been her lifelong hobby and work. With the appearance of Twitch Creative, she decided to try something new and expand her audience. She didn’t have big expectations. She didn’t think that at least 10 people would be interested. Jenny has been streaming her craft on Twitch since 2016, and for now, has a steady community of more than 4000 followers. On the second day after she got a partnership with Twitch, she had her chemotherapy (she was diagnosed with breast cancer). She has got over the disease. Jenny’s difficult experience, braveness, and openness about her treatment band her fans together even more. Jenny’s channel is not only about the teaching how to knit, but it’s also a real knitting club where everyone is welcome to share his/her thoughts and worries, ask for advice and feel needed. Besides her knitting career, Jenny is also a fan of World of Warcraft: sometimes she organizes gaming streams. She enjoys signing and you can watch her Solo Performance karaoke streams. 

The phenomenon of Jenny’s popularity is not in her knitting professionalism. Indeed, knitting is a boring activity. It’s something similar to fishing: when you’re fishing, it’s fun, but watching at you fishing is not so exciting. The interactivity is the key. While each stream Jennifer gathers a community of like-minded people that knit together and talk to each other. 

#3. Cosmoquestx

The community of people that are fond of science

Category: Science & Technology 

The Cosmoquest project was created in 2012.  It’s a stream of several people that work in the Planetary Science Institute on NASA science projects. The main podcast host is  Pamela Gay - an astronomer and writer. She has two educational projects: her own blog Starstryder where you can find all the information about Pamela, her works and ideas, and - the project devoted to universe exploration and collaboration of scientists. On Twitch, Doctor Pamela Gay reads books and paints planets in an unusual manner. In her artworks, she manages to depict the peculiarities of different atmospheres. She mixes colors spreading them into each other, thus creating bright and realistic textures of the planets. Sometimes, she even uses fire to achieve the desired effect. Pamela is very pro-active: she has managed to gather funds through the stream 40-hours marathon to sustain her project. Along with the idea to engage more people to learn science, Pamela’s main aim is to make University resource more accessible for people who are eager to learn. So, in collaboration with her team, Pamela is working on the creation of virtual research facilities. She wants to give people opportunities to participate in NASA-related science programs and access various online seminars, star parties, classes and more.

4. Eggsisters

For everyone who loves cosplay and horrendous creature costumes

Category: Creative

This channel is owned by two sisters Courtney and Dana from Chicago who grew up loving conventions, cosplay, and art. They specialize in creature type costumes. They are especially good at SFX-makeup, prop work, armor building, and costume design. On Twitch, you can watch the whole creative process and communication between girls. For more informative and compiled tutorials, it’s better to visit their YouTube page. The proficiency, attention to details, usage of diverse and sometimes unexpected materials impress. Each of the girls' projects is different, with new approaches and techniques. Eggsisters are the winners of multiple cosplay festivals: they became one of the top 5 SFX finalists at Twitchcon (2017) and the 1st in the Individual/Duo category at Blizzcon (2018).

5. Rctatman

The community interested in live coding, data analysis, NLP

Category: Science & Technology

Rachael Tatman is a young Google scholar that works at Kaggle. She also has a Ph.D. in Linguistics, and her focus is computational sociolinguistics. In other words, Rachel investigates the way we use language in the computational context. She’s especially interested in emoji and dialects. Rachel streams twice a week: on Wednesdays, she reads ML (Machine Learning) papers and on Fridays, she livecodes in Python and R. She is very positive and open to questions and discussions. She manages to present even the most boring information in interesting ways. Moreover, Rachel is one of the organizers of R-Ladies Seattle - a community that strives for a safe space for anyone identified as a minority gender who is interested in and/or working with R. If you are searching for one more place for friendly discussions on linguistic and statistical topics, you can join Rachel/s LingStatsChat Slack channel.


All above-mentioned Twitch Creative streams are good for introverts and people of specific interests beyond gaming. These channels are different from traditional gaming streams: they are more calm, positive and less stimulating. It’s a gentle, comforting part of Twitch that is more about aesthetics and knowledge. Streamers mentioned in the post are only a few examples of people that strive for a safe environment on Twitch. If you watch other Creative streams that worth to be mentioned here, just let us know!