Stream Raiding/Hosting as a Part of Social Media Promotion

There are a lot of ways to promote your channel on Twitch, and one of the legitimate one is raiding and hosting. Stream raiding/hosting is about the same thing: it allows the viewers to be moved to another channel. The question then arises: why would you want your viewers to watch another person? BECAUSE your network is your net worth. When you are offline, you can choose to end the broadcast and go doing something else OR you can altruistically let another streamer host your channel and benefit from it.

What Does Stream Raiding Mean? What Is the Difference Between Raiding and Hosting?

Basically, stream raiding means sending viewers of your channel to another live channel at the end of the stream. Raiding is similar to hosting in the sense that both present other streamers to your viewers. But, in case of raiding you bring viewers FROM your channel while hosting supposes showing someone’s stream ON your channel. When you’re stream raiding, you help other streamers to grow their community. The principal difference is the CHAT. When you host somebody, you get additional viewers, but they are on the hosting streamer’s chat. When you raid, the viewers are moved into the other stream community entirely where they can participate in the actual chat. As a part of the raid, you’ll automatically host the channel you’re raiding. To some extent, stream raiding/hosting is similar to watching a TV show when the next one pops up. The viewers may continue to watch it or decide to change the channel. Sometimes, the audience may find something interesting that they wouldn’t explore other way.   

What Is the Benefit of Stream Raiding/Hosting?

Stream raiding can be a part of promotional grow of your channel, especially if you are a small streamer. The most common reason why beginning streamers host/raid in the end of their stream is the opportunity to network with another streamers. When you send your audience to somebody’s channel, other streamers often return the favor. So, you have a mutual benefit this way. Stream raiding/hosting is a great tool to support other streamers you enjoy watching or streamers that have supported you with hosts. It helps increase the number of viewers and gain notice. But, not everything in the garden is rosy. Usually people agree to raid because of the loyal attitude to the raider. Fans follow their leader, but only some will stick for another channel for a long. However, even this immediate growth in numbers is beneficial and motivate a smaller streamer. And what is more important raiding gives a streamer an organic growth making his/her channel more visible in the game listings of Twitch search. Hosting is also beneficial for both parts. Another broadcaster benefits because you display his/her content on your channel. You benefit because you have an additional activity on your channel and may fill the content gaps while you’re offline. In some sense stream raiding/hosting is the same as a viewbot, but with these tools you are not breaking the ToS and your viewers are real.

When Stream Raiding/Hosting Is A Good Idea?

  • It’s a good way for big streamers to support smaller ones
  • A nice gesture between streaming buddies
  • If you are outside of stream for several hours to retain your audience
  • Raiding is good if you have at least 50 viewers to raid with
  • When you choose channels that suits your audience
Watch how one of the biggest Twitch streamers Ninja raids random Twitch streamer with over 100,000 viewers!

How to Correctly Use Raids?

Obtain Agreement

It’s important to raid somebody who knows about your intention so that your raid won’t be looking as the spambots’ invasion. Almost all streamers like to be raided, but there are exceptions (for example, if you have a toxic chat or have nothing common with a channel you raid). So, before any raid, get a permission of the channel owner first.

Provide  a Short Introduction

As soon as you end the stream, say something like “hey, my stream is over, but let’s go to this channel, it’s fun”. The raider should encourage his/her viewers to raid with some call-to-action, joke or emote, because people who want to join the raid should agree and click “Join”. Otherwise, they won’t be moved to another channel. Once the raid to another stream is done, a “raider” introduces his/her viewers to the new ones.

Raid Somebody of Similar Numbers

You can raid anybody you want. However, to maximize the positive effect we recommend raiding streamers that have a similar viewer count as you or a little fewer. There is more of a mutual benefit this way.

Raid Familiar People

Stream raiding your friends can be a nice gesture of sharing the audiences, while raiding smaller streamers just will make them happier this day. Raiding people that you know makes your connection more solid, raiding somebody you don’t know expands your network. Ideally, you should balance the mentioned types.

Choose Someone Who Plays the Same Game

For more successful raiding, choose the streamer who plays the same game as you. Thus, your viewers have more chances to be interested in the new stream. If your game is rare and nobody is playing it, choose someone you think people would like due to his/her style or unprecedented personality.

Chat Actively and Be Polite

After you have made a raid, start chatting with the viewers there. You should be engaging in order to keep these people on the channel and potentially make them follow you. There are also chances that some viewers will recognize you. Let the channel owner know about what you were streaming and thank him/her for letting you raid. Say “goodbye” to your viewers before you leave.

If You Get Raided

If you are active in your community with a consistent viewership, you have all chances to be raided some day. In order to attract attention to your channel, try to look out for large streamer in your category and set networking with them. One day, they may end their stream and support you by raiding. There are some unspoken etiquette rules to follow when you get raided:
  • Give thanks to the “raider” and his viewers
  • Try to create a friendly atmosphere to make newly-come viewers stay with you
  • If you are familiar with the person that raid you, ask about his/her stream, content, community
  • Make the “raider” feel warm and appreciated by giving a shoutout in the chat (with the help of a mod or a custom Nightbot command)
  • Tell viewers about yourself, game you play, your community
  • Promote yourself by telling viewers about your social media, Discord or any other channels where they can find you
  • Be concise: you have only several seconds to make these people stay with you
  • Engage with the new viewers, ask questions, bring them to your chat


Stream raiding/hosting is one of the strongest ways to promote a channel, if used right. By getting hosted by a streamer of the same size or bigger, you can easily double the amount of followers you usually have. The effect of stream raiding is not only in the viewers the host bring in, but in the added traffic that gets your channel higher in the directory. Use raiding/hosting tools wisely to provide value and strengthen your network.