Should I start streaming on Twitch or Youtube Gaming?

Monetizing a hobby using the Internet today is easy, especially if it's related to gaming. If you know the scheme of work, then there will be no difficulties and questions with how to make money in streaming and what you need to do for this. There are different options for earning on the stream of games, but most gamers get money from advertising. To say exactly how much an advanced streamer earns is difficult since it depends on personal popularity. Stream games is a video broadcast of the computer game process with parallel comments of the gamer. You can achieve success in this niche and start earning if you attract a decent audience. The more people will watch the broadcast, the more you can make. But what if you have been trying to succeed for a long time already, and you didn’t receive any decent result? Just don’t give up. Let’s see what to do then. A gamer should not only play beautifully, but his or her comments on the gaming process should also be interesting. Here, the style of conducting broadcasts, the manner of speaking, communicating with the audience, adding personal chips matter. You will have to work a lot. Therefore, you will not be able to treat such income solely as a standard job, as it will quickly bother you. You will earn money on streams in YouTube only if games are your passion. The critical indicator of popularity is a number of views. Also, the advertiser considers the number of viewers on the stream at the same time.

So, what should you do to get views?

  • Broadcast the streams regularly: at least four times a week for several hours.
  • Be engaged in the promotion and advertising of your broadcasts, invite friends, make posts on social networks.
  • Develop a channel on Youtube or a page in social networks to attract people.
  • Watch for new trends and learn from other streamers.

How to make money on games streaming

Broadcasted games can be very different: from little-known indie games to the most popular: Minecraft, StarCraft, World of Warcraft, simulators like The Sims or races. In 2018, the following games were popular: League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Go, Dota2, Heartstone, World of Tanks. What does a gamer need to do online streaming? First, you need a proper technique and computer. If the broadcast will be with a poor-quality sound and picture, it is unlikely that you will gather a broad audience. Games for Stream are not designed for weak PCs, so initially evaluate your capabilities. Secondly, install all the accompanying programs and check the ether tones before the start. The technical side is 50% success of the broadcast, so do not neglect it. Third, pre-announce the broadcast to collect more people. A spontaneous stream can bring money only to already popular gamers.

What are the sources of earnings from a stream?

  • Advertising during the broadcast. Gamers can include ad units during the broadcast or display banners on the screen.
  • Setting up a paid subscription to the channel. It is issued for a month, that is, the user can choose a different package each time.
  • Getting sponsorship, for example, manufacturers of computer equipment. Become the author of a thematic blog and advertise it during broadcasts.
  • Receiving donations.
  • Posting the streams on Youtube and then monetizing the channel.
  • Turning a hobby into a professional activity and earning in tournaments.
  • Organizing a tote for viewers, letting them bet on the winner.
  • Pumping characters or passing difficult levels for money.
  • Ask to support the player during the stream.
Many gamers make stream games not only on a special platform but also on YouTube. Integration allows you to reach a large audience, and, therefore, to earn more.

How to earn on Youtube?

To start broadcasting the game on Youtube, you need to set up the channel. This is done in the personal account. Your broadcast can be scheduled or spontaneous. In the deferred stream, you specify the start time, in this case, you can attract a large audience, spread the information about the broadcast in advance. The most popular free program for streaming with open source is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Also, many gamers use XSplit Broadcaster for Windows or Wirecast Play for Windows and Mac. For the broadcasts of games, Elgato Game Capture HD60 and XSplit Gamecaster are also excellent. After installing the program, do not forget to start the stream in parallel with Youtube. This will allow you to watch the statistics of the broadcast and communicate with the audience.
  • Do not talk about your personal life, it's unlikely that it will be attractive to the audience.
  • Try not to add viewers to the ban.
  • Do not use foul language and do not shout - this annoys many people.
  • Do not discuss other streamers.
  • Try to avoid long pauses.
  • Do not leave the workplace during the broadcast.
  • Try not to mention how much streamers earn on Youtube.
  • Stream only in a good mood.
  • Respect your audience.
  • Pay attention to the design of the channel. It should look original and solid.
  • Use only high-quality pictures or contact the designers to create the original ones

How to earn on Twitch?

One of the most popular platforms for broadcasting games is Twitch. This portal is not accidentally attracted a large number of gamers, it has significant advantages over competitors:
  • A large audience of viewers. Streamers are easier to get views here;
  • Convenient ways to withdraw money;
  • There is integration with YouTube-channel;
  • Twitch opens an excellent opportunity for a stable earning.
Twitch offers different options for earnings on broadcasts: paid subscription, direct advertising between games, earnings on donations, sponsorship advertising, a sale of video games. The main advantage of the platform is a profitable partner program. To become a partner, you need to fulfil several conditions stated in the contract: On average, your stream should be watched by 500 people at the same time. Broadcasts must be conducted three times a week. It is essential to comply with all the requirements of the terms of service and promote interesting content. It is difficult to know precisely how much Twitch pays for streaming an average gamer. Earnings in this area are very individual. For a thousand views of one advertisement, you can earn $ 3.5. With a paid subscription gamer earns a smaller portion, since the service takes more than half. Twitch offers 4 types of subscription:
  • $5 (you get $1.8-2.2, less than 50%)
  • $10 (your 40%);
  • $25(30%);
  • Twitch Prime ($2.49).
. Constantly developing the channel and increasing the audience, you can earn good money on streaming on Cyber business is one of the most promising and rapidly developing areas. If you managed to join the gamers environment, then a stable income is provided. For success, you need to follow three simple rules:
  • Loving the business you are doing.
  • Do it qualitatively, and respect your viewers. Consistently develop and improve your channel.
The rest is a matter of technique. Follow our instructions and don’t give up. Learn How to launch Twitch Creative channel.