Solo, Genre or Variety Streaming: Which Path to Choose?

Earlier on Vicaption, we discussed a similar topic concerning the optimal amount of games to stream. Today, we’ll go deeper and focus on different streaming types. In general, we divide all streamers to three categories: solo, genre, and variety streaming. Most players start their streaming career playing one single game. But, with the growth, they get bored, start trying new games and finally become variety streamers. Sometimes, the process is reverse, and by changing different games, people eventually find their favorite one. There is no right answer which path to choose: the only indicator is enjoying what you play whether it’s one single game or multiple games.

Solo Streaming

Solo streamers are conservative people that pay attention to details. Usually, they work out all possible game scenarios, learn every tiny thing about the game. Solo streaming is not as boring as it may seem: when you grow out of one scenario, you can choose other hero, lane or position. There are multiple ways to succeed in the game. Solo streamers tend to grow their audience more quickly, as they initially attract people that adore the same game. In the best possible scenario, solo streaming may convert to professional game commenting and coaching.

Choosing Solo Streaming Is a Good Idea When:

  • You are a desperate fan of one game
  • You are high-skilled in the game you play and are ready to share your knowledge with people
  • You are entertaining and can add some spice to a monotonous gameplay

Possible Downsides:

When you stick to a single game for a long time, it’s difficult to change it. Moreover, the audience may radically react if you decide to switch to a completely different game or genre. In case you play popular game like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, it may take time to grow in this niche. And the final disadvantage of playing one game is that you can become bored with it.

Variety Streaming

Variety streamers are not tied to one single game. They play many games of different genres. Some streamers pick games randomly, another ones have some strategy in the mind. Successful variety streaming is possible if you are an unprecedented personality able to engage the audience regardless of the game. Viewers stay with variety streamers solely because of WHO THEY ARE and not WHAT THEY PLAY.

Choosing Variety Streaming Is a Good Idea When:

  • You like games of opposite genres and can’t make a choice preference
  • You have a talent to entertain and drive the audience
  • You have a dedicated loyal community with no definite game passions

Possible Downsides:

Usually, it’s more difficult and slower to grow the audience without focusing on a single game. You have more competitors among not only other variety streamers, but also the solo ones.

Genre Streaming

Genre streamers play games of one chosen genre: action-adventure, strategy, role-playing, MOBA, sports, etc. They switch between different games of a similar genre. Genre streaming is a good idea if you feel that you have grown out of the game: you’ve achieved all levels, played out all possible scenarios or simply get bored. So did the famous Twitch streamer Ninja: he became a gaming star by playing only Fortnite, but, with popularity, he switched to playing almost every battle-royale game to be released.

Choosing Genre Streaming Is a Good Idea When:

  • You are a high-level player and can easily switch between different games of the similar genre
  • You are bored with the current game and want to add some diversity in your streaming life
  • Your audience stops to grow, and playing different games can help attract attention of new viewers
  • You are a charismatic and interesting personality adored by the audience that is ready to follow you whatever game you choose

Possible Downsides:

If you are a beginning streamer, it may be difficult to achieve big following playing several games. But, if you already have a stable audience, the majority will probably follow you.

How To Make a Soft Transition Between Solo,Genre or Variety Streaming

If, for any reason, you don’t feel enthusiasm to play the game you used to, it’s time to change something. Shifting to genre or variety streaming is not easy. You should admit the fact that you will lose some (or even the biggest part) of your dedicated fans. But, there are also good news. People that stick with you comprise your real audience. Having them as your main viewerbase, you can grow even stronger fanbase in a while.

To Begin With

one variety day in your schedule. Adding one stream per week when you play other game is a good way to see the reaction of your audience and let it know about your intentions. You can also devote a half of a stream to your usual game and another half to a new game or genre. Some people will leave the channel for the second part, but your audience won’t miss the usual content. After several weeks-months of experimenting with variety content, analyze your feelings. Regardless of viewer growth and revenue, answer yourself the following questions: a) Are you satisfied with playing new games? b) Do you enjoy the variety days/hours or not? c) Do you like the way your audience is changing? If you are satisfied with the changes, continue switching other streams to new games or genres at your own pace.


The type of gaming you choose should bring you satisfaction. If you feel that it’s time to change something new, try to make a soft transition. This will help to retain your loyal audience and make people ready for the changes. Playing multiple games won’t be easy in terms of channel growth and brand recognition, but if succeeded, you will gain real freedom to stream what you enjoy.