Should You Swear on Stream?

Twitch is very open and loyal platform which allows broadcasters to swear online. According to Twitch rules, you should use a special “mature content” mark to show viewers that you’re are playing adult games or swearing a lot. However, just because it is allowed, doesn’t mean that you should swear like a trooper. Of course, the choice “to swear or not to swear” is personal, but applying a little of censorship to your broadcasts can broaden your audience and make your stream more appealing. If swearing is present in a video, it may slightly hurt the share ability, however, sometimes well-timed swear can be a sole reason why it is shared. Based on our experience, we have distinguished several types of swearing on stream:
  • Swearing Like a Sailor
Such streamers use swearing as the base of their speech. They are usually not interested in wide audience and are looking for a mature audience. They build an audience of like-minded people and don’t care if they are offending someone. These streamers are authentic in their swearing and can seem funny for those who like such sort of content.
  • Random Swearing
This category of streamers uses swearing as a weapon when they are really angry with something or someone. For instance, they swear when some event like getting killed in Dark Souls happens or when they are making some mistake in a game. Such swearing sounds authentic and as it is rarely used can even add emotions to the moment.
  • Not Swearing at All
These are professional streamers who want to embrace as much audience as possible and create a brand. If you want to attract sponsors to your stream or become a commentator of e-sports streams, you should care about swearing online. There is a little chance that you will be allowed to go in front of a huge crowd with an open mic, if you are swearing like a sailor. The only problem is that you should sound authentic in all above-mentioned situations. If you decide to stop swearing on stream, but it sounds like you are forcing it, viewers will feel your insincerity.


Whitellamapoopoo: “I don't mind streamers who cuss on stream, and I do it occasionally myself. However, I do tend to mind it when every other word out of their mouths is a curse. I think there is a line. An occasional random word here or there out of surprise and frustration isn't a big deal at all and is simply natural. But for me, it's just not entertaining when it's nothing but a profanity-laced stream.”

Why Should You Stop Swearing on Stream?

  • The existence of offensive content while streaming may exclude underage viewers from watching your stream.
  • Swearing online may also frighten the adult audience who are watching streams with their children present in a room.
  • Rude and obscene language with racist, sexist or homophobic expression, can shrink your audience as well.
  • Swearing may frighten away sponsors and partners


ThwompThwomp: ““I enjoy watching streams with my 3 year old. She loves watching Mario Maker streams and thinks stuff Mario does is really funny. I have a few streamers I like because I know they are PG and it’s a gamble to turn on one I don't know. My kid repeats stuff all the time, and I don't want her running around cursing like a sailor. So yes, non-cussing is very important to me. And really, if I'm watching without my kids, I still prefer not to because it just cheapens the stream.”

Actionable Tips on How To Stop Swearing on Stream

  • Watch the records of your previous broadcasts. Try doing this from the perspective of other people, answering the questions: would a father watch your stream with his children, would your stream be interesting to women, is it minority-friendly, etc. Make some notes and decide if you can change something for the better.
  • If you decide to stop swearing on stream, you should limit the usage of curse words in your everyday life as well. Excessive swearing while streaming may drive some viewers away, but if you are forcing yourself, it will be apparent and unnatural. So, if swearing is natural to your personality, then don’t even try changing that for stream. It’s a pure waste of time. Actively trying to stop yourself from swearing on stream can only drive you crazy.
  • Swearing is an effective way to release negative emotions. To break this habit, you have to find a good motivation. The reason can be as big or small as you want, for example, you may want to reduce swearing because you are a father of two children, or you want to be partnered with a sponsor who will carefully check your content. It is easy to change your swearing habit by recognizing the problem and finding effective motivation.
  • Use a swear jar (you can even make this a part of your streaming sessions). Take a big jar or money box to which you will put a dollar every time you say swear words. You can treat your swear jar in 2 ways: as a punishment or as a delayed reward. For example, when your jar is full (or when you’ve successfully stopped swearing online), you can spend your money to buy a new mic,camera or donate this money to charity.
  • Find words to replace swear words with harmless substitutes. Work on your vocabulary, read more. Keep a sense of humor: for instance, you can replace “sh..” with “sugar” or  “f….” with “duck”. Even if you occasionally say a swear word, follow it immediately with an alternative. After a while, your brain will start to associate these words and use the second one.


Is a streamer who doesn’t swear on stream morally better than someone who does? Absolutely not. Sometimes, cursing is an essential part of the show. However, if you find yourself swearing a lot and want to widen the audience of your stream, consider cutting swear words back a little. In the beginning, try to use curse words only when they are relatable instead of just sounding salty. Indeed, there are certain benefits of not swearing on stream, especially, if you search for as many business opportunities as possible, such as brand deals. What do you think? Do you like streamers that are swearing a lot? Do you eliminate swearing or keep it in?