Motivating Your Twitch Fans: Rewards Ideas

Community is one of the things that makes the world of streaming so exciting. Without your Twitch fans you are just a freak who displays your screen to nowhere. There are tons of dedicated viewers that are happy to help your channel grow with expecting nothing in return. However, streaming shouldn’t be a charity. Providing your audience with curated content and exclusive Twitch rewards will retain your fans and eventually give you a chance to earn money streaming. Before you choose the best way to motivate your viewers, make sure that you are giving people what they want. Ask your fans what kinds of Twitch rewards ideas they want to see and are most likely to participate in. Or let them choose from a list you provide. The easiest way to get feedback from your fans is asking them in chat or post a Facebook update. Below we provide you with our selection of best Twitch rewards ideas:

Twitch Rewards Ideas to Make You Stand Out from the Pack

  • Material gifts
People love receiving things that they can hold in their hands. T-shirt or hoodie with your signature, channel emblem, portrait, etc. bottle openers, cup coasters are the most common material rewards. It is also possible to reward viewers with some food that can be used as snacks during game sessions, such as a basket of gummy bears, chips or fruits.
  • Curated content
Vlogs, handbooks, personalized or monthly exclusive videos or any other content generated specially for your subscribers can be a good way to say thank you and motivate your Twitch fans. Provide your subscribers with insights and useful tips about streaming, games and everything related to you or your channel. People enjoy peeking behind the curtains, so posting images or videos about your behind-screen life will strengthen relationships and create some buzz around your brand.
  • Access to additional features
Thanking each subscriber on Twitter, giving access to your personal Instagram page, giving the right to vote on the next game selection, song request, private livestream, live Q&As, Google Hangout limited to one person or several Twitch fans, access to a private gaming server – these are only some ways to show your fans that you care.
  • Virtual currency
You can invent your own currency to reward viewers of your stream. There are many Twitch loyalty points bots to help your fans spend currency on rewards, giveaways and content you create. Revlo is one of the most popular platforms aimed to make live streaming more fun and personal for each fan. Twitch fans can spend their currency for different experiences such as invitation to play the game with a streamer, song request, etc.
  • Live Gaming Hangout or Play
Invite your Twitch fans to join the game and play together in front of all viewers. You can organize community nights or choose a specific weekday for the gameplay. It is also possible to create an event where you can meet with your fans in real life, something similar to “tweetups.” This kind of events helps enhance your web presence by sharing images and videos from the party in different social networks.
  • Sharing Discounts
Offering coupons or discounts your community is also a good way to engage the audience. You can share the discount’s code or tracking number only with Twitch subscribers or social followers and ask them to share it with their friends, thus, creating a word-of-mouth effect.
  • Contests and giveaways
This is another entertaining way to reward Twitch fans and followers as well as to create buzz around your streaming channel and your personality. With any type of giveaway or contest, be sure that you have simple guidelines and be aware of the social networks promotion guidelines, for example, in case of Facebook all contests must be run through an app.

Twitch Rewards Ideas from Popular Streamers

Fangi3anger Fangi3anger, a very strong FIFA player, has launched her own currency named “amazeballs”. Her fans can redeem amazeballs for different rewards such as feeding her cat Squirrel. 2Pokket 2Pokket’s fans earn the so-called “pocket change” and convert it to one of Revlo rewards (song request promote. join my game, receive sub perks in discord, Snapchat giveaway, unmod a mod, follow on Twitch or Twitter). Brotatoe Brotatoe awards his viewers with “spuds” that can be redeemed in some nice gifts such as a free indie game or personalized postcard. CohhCarnage At CohhCarnage’s streaming channel viewers have a chance to win a “token” every 15 minutes they spend watching his stream. Points can be used to obtain access to some features and guilds, participate in giveaways, create a custom bot command, etc. GoldGlove GoldGlove is a king of viewers’ engagement. He provides exclusive access to his Discord channel only to his subscribers.

Once Is Never Enough

It is easy to make viewers subscribe for your channel, but how to make them stay with you and subscribe for a longer period? Many fans just want to show you support: they like watching your stream, notice that they have a means to thank you and simply click on “Subscribe” button. Often this is all you get. Twitch fans subscribe for a month and then they cancel. You can change this state of things by offering subscribers something they don’t want to miss. Making your subscription more useful and exclusive will take you more time and efforts, but it is worth doing. This path leads to more stable income providing people with unique experience they are ready to pay for. There are thousands of content creators on Twitch and, let’s be sincere, it is difficult to become prominent from the scratch. Rewarding your subscribers with something special not only increase the value of your subscription, but also can make you channel more unique. Create rewards around the sphere of your interests and talents. For example, if you love painting, draw a portrait to the most dedicated Twitch fan. Take something that makes you special. Different real life things such as playing or singing a song, anything that you like to do and can be fun for your audience to be a part of.


Streaming is all about audience, and the most important reason to generate rewards ideas is that your fans really deserve it. Viewers make the whole thing fun, exciting and worth doing. So, don’t be chintzy: reward your fans and make them feel a part of your stream and community. Give them a piece of valuable content they won’t be able to receive nowhere else.