Meeting StreamElements - The All-In-One Platform for Streamers

There are a lot of platforms in the Internet that offer multiple tools for streamers, however, most of them have something missing. As a result, many streamers end up by choosing 5 different services for every single need. StreamElements has set a course for consolidation of all necessary streaming tools in one platform. For now, StreamElements has overlay editor with superthemes, alerts, loyalty points, chat moderation bots, stream store, song requests and chat statistics - everything you may need to stream gathered in one place. Below, we’ll present some of the most interesting (in our humble opinion) and distinct features of the platform.

Customizable Design Themes for Your Streams

StreamElements provide you with multiple overlays to make your stream more fascinating and topnotch. The guys from StreamElements are always working on new and relevant overlay ideas, for instance, they have made funny Halloween Spooky theme and Special Halloween PumpkinCup widget on this Halloween. An Overlay Manager is very clear and easy to use. There, you can choose a theme and add widgets you need from the menu. It is also possible to choose different resolution parameters for your overlay - 1080p, 720p and custom, depending on your Internet connection and your equipment capabilities. Moreover, a night mode can be applied for any chosen overlay. It looks amazing, while making your eyes suffer less. What is more important is that StreamElements stores all data on the cloud: this helps relieve the work of CPU and allows you open your overlay from different devices. Watch the video to help you create your first overlay with StreamElements.

Hype Cup - an Advanced Donation Jar

Unlike many other donation cups of similar services, a Hype Cup is more than a simple donation jar. It is an event visualizer which shows all your cheers, tips, subscribers, follows and hosts in an entertaining way. When the event happens, it launches an alert and drops a corresponding token to your cup. You can set a Hype Cup and choose its design in the Overlay Editor. What we like most about StreamElements’ Hype Cup are:
  • It has no limits on the number of alerts you want to set.
  • You can create as many different cups as you like to celebrate your events. StreamElements’ team is working on designing new forms of cups, and you can share your own ideas in Twitter by writing a tweet with #HypeCup.
  • The appearance and physical movement of tokens: in the Editor you can set the form, size and weight of your tokens to define the way they will interact with other objects. Moreover, it is possible to set the level of token gravity: make the tokens jump or do a jupiter-like movement.
  • There are also Sprite Sheet images to add animation to your tokens’ movement.
  • The ability to turn on/off the event message as a part of the alerts.  
  • If you are not sure what Hype Cup to set, there are some default tokens with alerts to start with.
Below is the selection of Hype Cups available at the moment. Just go to an Overlay Editor and try to play with appearance, wireframes and duration settings: the process of creating your own HypeCup is really fun. Learn more about StreamElements HypeCup and its variations here.

The KappaGen Widget - Generating Explosions of Emotes

This plugin allows you to take emotes from chat on your stream. It also creates the so-called “emotesexplosions” - explosion of emotes when some epic moments happen in the game. You  are not misled, if it seems that you’ve already heard something about KappaGen. Until recently, KappaGen was an independent plugin. In order to turn on the KappaGen Widget, go to the Dashboard -> Create New Overlay -> Widgets -> KappaGen. After doing this, it will give you a specific URL to use in your CRL browser. With StreamElements, KappaGen has become more customizable than ever. Once you set up the KappaGen widget, it is time to make it work for you. Take the time to customize KappaGen in accordance to your needs:
  • Choose events that should trigger emoteexplosions.
  • Make emotes as big or small as you love (from 12-255px).
  • Choose emotes from  BTTV, FFZ, GameWisp and Twitch emotes’ lists.
  • Select the way emotes should move on a screen (bounce, blur, bubble, etc.) and its duration.
  • Make your settings more secure, for instance, you can set that only subscribers can use KappaGen during your stream.
Why to use KappaGen? Because, it is fun. The widget increases spectacularity and interaction in your chat. Watch the video to see KappaGen in action:

Stream Reports - Numbers Never Lie

In pursuit of fame, streamers always try new methods and tactics. Stream report is an advanced tool to help you understand whether what you are doing is successful and attracts people. With stream reports, you will have all statistic data in one place after each streaming session. StreamElements’ reports provide you with the following data:
  • Total revenue from the current stream (from tips, cheers or subscriptions)
  • The amount of unique chatters and newly arrived followers and subscribers gained after the stream
  • The amount of followers, subscribers and chatters in comparison to the previous stream
  • Viewers’ count depicted on the time graph, so that you know when was the peak of viewership


StreamElements has been at the streaming market a short while, but they’ve already gained a worthy reputation. They keep on developing new features and always improving existing ones. The platform is free of charge and 100% cloud-based, so you don’t have to worry about data loss. It is a good choice for all streamers searching for all-in-one service to facilitate their streaming process and hype their chat. Moreover, StreamElements has an easy import from other similar services, such as Revlo (which has been shut down not long ago) or StreamLabs.