Managing Your Text-to-speech Notifications on Twitch

The legends say that a Twitch user Lirik was the first who used a random beta program with text-to-speech years ago. Since that time, a lot of software has been produced for this purpose, such as TSnotifier and TwitchAlerts. Today, almost everyone can use text-to-speech just by clicking a button on Twitch Alerts. But, the burning question is how to use text-to-speech randomly, excluding racist and abusive comments. Below, we’ll give you some simple tips on how to manage your text-to-speech notifications:

How to Turn On Donation Text-to-speech Alerts?

If you are using Twitch Alerts, go to “Alert Box” - “Donation Alerts” - “Text to speech”.  To enable a text-to-speech alert, you can also use third-party donation services, such as Muxy, Streamlabs, StreamJar. They provide you with a number of customizable options. For instance, Streamlabs offers a great collection of 48 voices for text-to-speech in multiple languages. To choose one of the voices, go to Alert Box settings page, to the “donation tab”, select the voice and listen to a sample.

Is It Possible to Activate Text-to-speech in the Chat?

Yeas, it is possible, but with the help of custom-built software. Thus, every streamer on Twitch can theoretically activate a text-to-speech alert, when somebody in chat typing a certain combination (for example, !hello). More advanced level is allowing text-to-speech only for those who have enough Revlo or Ankhbot points to filter out trolls and inappropriate comments. Here is a good video tutorial by Navetz on how to activate chat text-to-speech for your stream:

Text-to-speech Pitfalls

  • Be aware that adding text-to-speech alerts to your stream attracts more trolls, especially since bits can be easily received by just watching an ad. Defining  bits' threshold, adding blocking words and expressions to your account will help filter out the audience. It’s up to you to take measures against abuse. If you know exactly that your chat community will troll the text-to-speech feature, then save your time and nerves and don’t use it OR continue reading this post (below, we’ll tell you have to stop text-to-speech for specific phrases).
  • It is possible to be banned on Twitch, when abusive, racist, sexist comments are read out loud during your stream. If you decide to add text-to-speech feature to your stream, think twice. You bear all responsibility for what will be spoken out loud to your audience. So, text-to-speech is a good idea, but having read out content that is obscene, harassing, threatening, etc. is not normal and can breach Twitch terms of service.
  • Text-to-speech disrupts the gameplay in the way that can’t be ignored by the viewer. When the viewer is watching a stream he/she can skip the donation pop-ups, but the talking lady voice can’t be simply ignored, So, if you are a popular streamer with frequent donations, maybe, using text-to-speech is not the best idea? Or you can try making only some of your streams (weekend or birthday streams) followed by text-to-speech? Indeed, many huge streamers choose not to acknowledge their donations, as this could be really annoying. A famous streamer nl_kripp with more than 1 million subscribers have this rule stated in the channel description: “Donating is completely optional and your viewership is all I ask for. I will either read your message on stream or reply back through e-mail. Your name or amount will not be advertised on stream. ”

How to Stop a Text-to-Speech Notification?

If you are wondering how to stop a mid-speech in case it is spam or inappropriate comment, here are some options. One of them is opening up the dashboard for your Twitch alerts and sending yourself a test donation - this will cut the other donation off. Another way - if you use CRL browser - clicking your “browser source”, “properties”, “ok”, and this will diactivate a text-to-speech notification. Both methods are time-consuming and annoying. Vicaption team offers you a unique and very simple-to-use software - Vicaption Voice that will enable you to stop text-to-speech donation whenever you need. Among its benefits are as follows:
  • OBS native plugin: you can activate a mute overlay for StreamLabs, StreamJar, TwitchAlerts, Muxy and other donation services into OBS
  • One Hotkey: you can choose any hotkey and don’t interrupt the gameplay
  • Free to download, open source: get access to the code here
Instead of takeaways, watch the video below: text-to-speech donations can be real fun, but sometimes they are gone too far.