What Is It Like to Be a “Girl” Streamer on Twitch

To have a sexy look while streaming, or not to have it, that is the question for many “girl” streamers. This question is far more complicated than it may initially seem. On one hand, pretty cloth, makeup make women feel seductive and confident helping gain more viewers and dedicated fans. On another hand, every year, websites and forums come up with multiple lists of the “most hot”, “most naughty” or “most racy” female streamers on Twitch judging women for what they wear and how they behave online. It would seem that introducing more strict dress code could help lessen dissatisfaction of these “virgin” skeptics. However, the real problem lays in double standards: when a woman looks sexy on stream she is shamed, but if she doesn’t, she is labeled as “prude”. 


Bebeness: “Heaven forbid people use their assets to better their stream. So if someone has a knack for making innovative overlays, is really good at a game, or has a great sense-of-humor, they shouldn't use those talents? Because using what they're good at doesn't merit viewership? Of course. Everyone else can do whatever they want to improve their stream, but if you're pretty you don't deserve it.”

“Girl” Streamers Are Growing Faster, Is It True?

The following comments ''ahh I wish I had boobs so I could have views'' or ''you're so lucky to be a woman" are not a random thing on Reddit forum. Indeed, the majority of viewers and some male streamers are complaining about the fact that women are growing faster, make more money and get more viewers. Perhaps, this is truth (though there is no data that can prove or deny this fact). However, it is very degrading for any women to hear from people that their channels are successful only because of their gender affiliation. There is a lot of “girl” streamers that work as hard as “men” streamers, put the same effort in building good communication. The only explanation of why “girl” players can be more successful is that the majority of PC gamers are men who are obviously more likely to watch a terrible gaming girl than an extremely skilled guy.


Amouranth: “Welcome to being a female. I’m gonna be objectified even if I’m wearing a shirt up to my collarbone.”

Is Flirting the Only Way to Become a Successful “Girl” Streamer on Twitch?

If you look through the tips for female streamers on Reddit, almost all of them are focused on “put your camera on the breasts and flirt”. Is this really the only way to get followers on Twitch, if you are a “girl” streamer? Of course, not. Just take a look at these channels: SkinnedTeen, LolRenaynay, Sodakite - these girls are cute, but they don’t pull their breasts out to achieve success. SkinnedTeen doesn't even use a camera. To become a successful girl streamer, you should be entertaining or skilled, just like any broadcaster on Twitch. You will probably meet trolls who ask for more skin or other dirty things. The way you respond to them determines the culture of your chat. To create a peaceful atmosphere you can ban or time out the trolls, thus letting you viewers know that such a behavior is unacceptable on your stream. Below are some basic tips to help you grow as a “girl” streamer and feel more confident in a male-dominated Twitch  environment:

Ways to Become More Self-Sufficient and Independent “Girl” Streamer on Twitch

Be Authentic

The most common advice we’ve met on forums is trying to take for a model other female streamers and emulate their behavior. If you are a beginning streamer, inheriting someone else’s ideas is not a bad thing. But, a successful woman (and this relates not only to streaming) shouldn't follow a single path when it comes to style or presence. What every woman should do is achieving the level of comfort with herself and confidence in the value she brings to her work. Listen to yourself, choose cloth and way of behavior that is more close to you - this is the key, and no matter what other people will think about you. Present yourself how you want to be seen. The authentic image helps build trust with your viewers and like-minded people.

Don’t Ignore the Fact of Double Standards

Double standards exist in many spheres of our life, and you’d better admit this fact. There be always viewers on Twitch who may criticize and offend you only because you are a female. Letting these people irritate you isn’t effective, but neither is ignoring them. Networking in a male-dominated world can be tricky. Can you wear this or that T-shirt or say something without giving the wrong impression? Where is the line? We think, that as a “girl” streamer one should accept certain limitations and create a personal guideline of behavior to make your life on Twitch and other social networks easier. Thus, you can continue to stream in bikini-like dress, but you should be ready to more biased attitude of the audience. Also, make sure that you have a chatbot to help you moderate and filter audience, until you get a trusted person to do this work for you.

Find Allies and Carry the Flame

There are a lot of women’s supportive groups on Twitch. You can join existing ones or create your own community to leverage your beliefs. Your group can be made of women and men (or purely women) who show support of getting women’s voices heard and want to foster collaboration. Don’t be shy when searching for people to communicate with. Meeting other people who share your perspectives is valuable, but not as easy as it seems. If you are a successful “girl” streamer who has already gone through rain or shine, you can start helping other beginning female streamers to feel more confident on Twitch. This means to tactfully, but confidently speaking out when you encounter cases of bias, abuse or obvious discrimination. If you can gather a team of like-minded people to shine a spotlight on inequities, then anything is possible.


Both women and men are playing a big role in the creation of double standards. Gender inequality is present everywhere, not only in Internet space, Sometimes, men have the advantage, sometimes women will have it all. Some women give rise to be treated as sexual objects, some - choose to turn off the cam to not being compromised. Both these types of streamers exist on the same platform and have completely different business models and attitude. What they have in common is a culture of male viewers that want to be sexualized.  So, what is the way out? We think that the overall lesson one should learn is: when a woman goes online wearing sweatpants or sexy dress and feeling comfortable, it should be good enough for you. There is nothing wrong with a woman dressing seductively, unless it doesn’t breach the current dress code rules.