Launching Twitch Creative Channel: Ideas to Become Unique on Twitch

Twitch launched its Creative section - the first official move away from gameplay — in October 2015 with Bob Ross marathon “The Joy of Painting”. Since then, Twitch Creative has gathered thousands of broadcasters doing different activities such as cooking, crafting, music playing, photoshop, painting and everything in between. Today, every creative person with a webcam and a dream can find a like-minded community or even make a living with Twitch. The website has implanted tag system that makes it easy to find a broadcaster by his/her activity: #painting, #animation, #cosplay, #sewing and even #socialeating (inspired by the popular phenomenon of “mukbung” in South Korea, when streamers interact with the viewers while eating) Below, we’ll tell you about some amazing Twitch Creative streams and their talented hosts. Hope, you will find these streams interesting and, maybe, can adopt some ideas to become unique on Twitch.  And  just a word of warning before you read: these streams may make you want to pick up a brush, pencil or jump to the kitchen and cook something special.

#1. It Is All About Passion

Pure enthusiasm and desire to share the process and ideas are the main things you need in order to launch a successful Twitch Creative channel. It is good, if your passion is something that could benefit from the distribution of videos or tutorials. With so many creators on Twitch and other platforms, it is essential to stand out of the crowd giving people a valuable piece of content - on topic, entertaining, shareable and not boring.

Cosplay Self-Taught Enthusiast

KayPikeFashion is a very talented self-taught body art painter. She paints on herself, by herself. Her theme ideas are related to comics book bodypaint, video game bodypaints and general pop culture body art. Kay always explains what she’s doing while painting. A second camera focuses on her tools and paint pots so you can observe what she is using. This is especially helpful, if you want to try body art yourself. KayPikeFashion’s streams last 12-17 hours – this time is needed to transform her into character she’s chosen for the stream. Each character is distinct and has a unique creation story. One of the nice parts of Kay’s Twitch Creative streams is an intro sequence with a personalized song that keeps viewers entertained until she is ready to start art work. Kay is good at motivation, she always inspires viewers to do their best and never stop trying. On her YouTube channel, you can find some tutorials on body art and archived live streams. Watch Kay’s introduction video on YouTube:

Comics Addicted Illustrator

If printed comics are one of your passions, johnlestudio Twitch Creative channel is made for you. John is a self-taught artist, which, as you may notice, is common for Twitch Creative. He adores science fiction and can draw anything from commissions and comics to personal drawings and fun art. The atmosphere of nostalgia, well-done illustrations and detailed comments – that what you’ll find at John’s stream. His streams vary in duration, usually lasting from an 1,5 hour to 10+ hours. The details and technique he applies into illustrations are amazing. “Eventually when you find yourself and you find exactly what it is you want to bring out to this world, you’ll spend the time that it takes to bring that out,” John explains how he manages to focus so many hours drawing one picture.  Watch JohnLeStudio Flowering Animation Time Lapse to get an idea of his streams:

#2. Being Sincere and Charismatic

All successful Twitch Creative streams have one thing in common: they are host by charismatic personalities. In the long run, only you, your behavior, sense of humor, communicative skills define if viewers come back to see your stream again.


LifeWithLaughs (her real name is Shahmeen) channel has a little bit of everything: Shahmeen does cooking, polymer sculpting, felting, painting and gameplay (her favorite game is Overwatch). “May not be the best gamer in the world... But my streams are about having fun!! As a matter of fact I try to make everything I do in life positive! So let's have fun”, says Shahmeen in her channel bio. She learnt to paint from Bob Ross, and now she has at least one painting stream per week. As an amateur cook, Shahmeen makes everything from exotic desserts to traditional dishes of her homeland, Pakistan. Apart from interesting and useful info Shahmeen provides in her streams, the particular thing that makes her Twitch Creative channel special is positive vibes. She makes viewers smile. Watch the following video to get an idea of Shahmeen’s streams:

Legendary Crafts for a Modern World

At first view, there is nothing special in Suchikuchi’s Twitch Creative streams, but there is something that makes them popular. Suchi has a great sense of humor and is very down-to-earth. Apart from her streaming and handmade career, she is a very busy single-mom. In the channel bio, Suchi says that her leatherworking career began when she got her dog Karma. She wanted her dog have a beautiful leather collar and decided to make it herself. During Suchi’s streams, you can learn how to make beautiful things of leather, listen to music (popular songs from 2000s, Disney movie soundtracks, etc.) and banter about different fandoms. Suchi enjoys creating leather accessories for geeks and gamers: she can make everything from Overwtatch card holders to a bookmark based on Stephen King’s Dark Tower. Whach her last video on Youtube:

#3. Giving the Viewers Right to Decide

Providing your viewers with the right to choose, vote and influence your decision make them feel an integral part of your streaming community.

A Sketch Request Night

KillerNEN (her real name is Nen Chang), one of the most popular and very talented painters who permanently hosts sketch request nights. Nen sets a certain theme and first six people who donate more than 20USD can make a request. The more you tip, the more time Nen tends to spend on your drawing. “So if you wanna see the best damn Morrigan from Dragon Age pinup in the history of ever, feel free to tip a higher amount than the baseline,” says Nen on her Twitch Creative page. Then, Nen does all requested paintings online, and if she has power and desire she takes some extra requests. Such streams often go during 9 hours and result in very beautiful works. For a great example of KillerNEN’s paintings, check out the following video depicting Princessa Zelda:

Song Request

Pianoimproman (his real name is Bernie) is 72-years improvising musician from New York. His play is fascinating. Bernie takes song requests through donations and simply moves from one tune to another shuffling between his piano or keyboard depending on the song. Bernie has a great sense of humor and provides funny and entertaining streams as well as genuine appreciation for his fans. At this link you can find different Pianoimproman’s streams by the song name. Take a look at this talented PianoImproman Star Wars feat JOHN CENA composition:

#4. Producing Content Related to Gaming

Though Twitch Creative section broadcasters has multiplied since 2015, gaming still remains the main focus on Twitch. That is why, any creative content related to games has additional potential to be viewed and shared.

Games’ Soundtracks

The8bitdrummer is one of the best drummers on Twitch. He’s got rhythm and charisma. Along with various rock, dubstep compositions and original tunes, he makes drumming to video game soundtracks. The8bitdrummer’s Twitch Creative stream has a very positive and community vibe, providing his fans with giveaways and song requests. To have an idea of The8bitdrummer’s streams, watch the following video:

3D Game Modelling

Anuxinamoon (the streamer real name is Stephanie) is an Australian artist who makes detailed 3D models and skins for Dota 2 heros. So, if you want to know more about how your favorite game skin is made, this channel is for you. The process of painting is fascinating: Stephanie describes in details every level of sculpting and texturing. And the results of her works are impressive: she has made different works (a Legion Commander set celebrating the Year of Horіe, sets for the archer Windrunner). Stepanie spent about 6 years to achieve success and become respected by her peers , as she says in her channel bio. She learnt drawing and the basics of 3D and animation at school, while the rest of info she received via tutorials and thematic forums. Watch Anuxinamoon’s Quick Tutorial on the Model Viewer for DOTA2 Reborn:


Mostly known for streaming live gameplay sessions and tournaments, Twitch is open for creative personalities as well. Whether you are good at signing or crafting or just know how to entertain and make people laugh, Twitch Creative is a perfect platform to share your passions and ideas. As a conclusion, here are some general tips to help you launch a successful Twitch Creative channel:
  • Choose your passion
  • Engage the audience (provide giveaways, extra content, be attentive in chat)
  • Have a schedule and regular broadcasts
  • Don’t forget about social media to increase exposure
  • Use Twitch Creative tags in your title