Tips on How to Launch Talk Show on Twitch

Though the tradition of talk shows comes from the early 1950s, the modern tech explosion hasn’t made this genre old-fashioned. In fact, each of us who has  Internet connection is a potential talk show host. If you decide to try yourself in talk show on Twitch, let’s start from scratch. Here are our tips to help you launch your first talk show on Twitch:
  • Choose the format that suits you best
Don’t automatically copy talk shows that you like. Think over which format will work for you best. Passion and dedication to the chosen topic is the main ingredient of a good talk show. List the ideas you are fanatical about.  Before flinging yourself into talk shows’ worlds, create a topic plan with detailed talking points. If you are going to demonstrate some stuff (pictures, videos, fit overlays for podcast or talk show) during your broadcast, keep it prepared in OBS or XSplit.
  • Leave the time for small talk with your audience
Don’t try to cover all points, better leave some of them open to Q&A of your viewers. This will draw viewers’ attention and make your talk show more vivid and interactive. Optimal balance is 30/70 of talking part and Q&A correspondingly. Encourage new ideas from your audience, but maintain a consistent line of the talk. For instance, don’t talk about the game development in one part and then about artificial intellect in the next. People that come in the middle of your stream should have predictable expectations of what is going on the screen.
  • Have a streaming buddy
If you have a friend with the same interest, suggest him/her taking part in your talk show on Twitch. Having an assistant makes it easier to have a conversation going and deal with an active chat. Before the first broadcast, discuss with your streaming partner what you want this talk show to be and set up the format and your roles. Work in team and not against each other. Make sure that you and your streaming buddy are both in-frame with a little extra space to the sides.
  • Invite talk show guests
These days, when you can easily find and contact people via Twitter or other media, don’t miss a chance to get in touch with celebrities or other interesting people related to your topic. Notable guests can add value to your talk show as well as bring their own fans, thus increasing your audience. Remember to test connection and discuss main points before you go live.
  • Think about visual effects
Visual interaction is important for drawing your audience into the conversation. Use custom or individually-designed overlay and frames for your broadcast. Always have “talking heads” on the screen. Think also about scene transitions, if you alternate the image of your “talking heads” with other content. They should be smooth and barely visible. Too fancy transitions may look like animation and distract your viewers.
  • Invest in good audio
You can ignore the quality of video, but audio in talk shows is the most important part. Make sure that you sound clear and loud without distracting background noises. In the talk shows with more than one participant, audio is harder to deal with comparing to individual streaming. Multiple microphones, echoes create different problems. Audio equipment is very important, but don’t buy the most expensive one, especially if you can’t afford this purchase. What you see in professional talk shows is something you can strive for later. A plain usb microphone can be enough in the beginning. The core thing is testing your sound before actual broadcast. If your streaming partner lives close to you, invite him/her and stream from one place without using VoIP services. In order to deal with background noises and pop, you can buy a pop filter or a simple foam mic cap. These items are cheap and simple, but the difference they make with audio quality is big.
  • Blast your talk show across the Internet
Along with online sessions on Twitch, make videos of translations which you can distribute to another platforms. YouTube, Facebook, other social networks and thematic forums are good, but also don’t forget about other independent third-party websites. For example, by using TubeMogul or similar sites, you can publish your talk show immediately across all large video destinations. This way you will greatly expand your viewerbase. Remember to include a watermark on your video with mentioning your website URL (or your Twitch page), so that the audience come to your site, not just to video providers like YouTube.
  • Harbor no illusions
When launching a talk show on Twitch, don’t expect much from it. Aspiration is good, but don’t let it be your core. Instead, do a talk show for your fun. Achieving a dedicated audience takes time.

The Problem of “Talk Show” Category on Twitch

“Talk Show” category on Twitch is probably the most chaotic one. Little moderation has turned it into the concentration of non-gaming and non-talkative content. Many streams that you can find in the category belong to a pure scam. People that simply stream LoL, Rocket League, etc, why don’t they stream under the game titles? Probably, because they will be buried in the ocean of other streamers that broadcast the same game. For viewers who are fans of podcasts, talk shows, it becomes really frustrating to find a quality and relevant content among multiple false streams. Since the time Twitch changed the category title from “Gaming Talk Show” to simple “Talk Show”, the content has become even more spotty. While searching for good talk shows, we met several strange streams: a) a stream where 3 people were  sharing gossips about different people on Twitter, b) a person who was just sitting and reading reddit, c) a streamer who was simply playing DOTA without saying a word, d) a woman who was just sitting and smoking a pipe. From outside, this situation may seem harmless, however, a strangle of so many “garbage” streams in the “Talk Show” category takes attention from authentic talk shows and talented people. Indeed, what is the point of having a Talk Show section that is full of everything? Do you have your favorite talk show on Twitch? Share it with us in the comments!