Improving Your Life Streaming Experience with Streamlabs

It is hard to imagine the life of any serious game streamer without Streamlabs – one of the most popular third-party applications on Twitch and, since recently, YouTube. For now, Streamlabs is used by 78% of the top streamers on Twitch and YouTube. The service presents multiple tools for live streamers ranging from notification system to different chat widgets. Streamlabs does all dirty work for streamers allowing them to concentrate on the game and chat interaction. As stated on Streamlabs official website, “you focus on streaming, we’ll handle the rest.”

Most Popular Streamlabs Features

Streamlabs folks are attentive to community feedbacks and strive to improve the system regularly launching new features and updates. Streamlabs allows you to make your stream more attractive and professional-looking. Below we list the most popular widgets already available on Streamlabs:
  • Alerts Box Widget
On Septemer 1, 2016, Twitch Alerts have undergone rebranding to Streamlabs. For now, it is not much difference except logo and domain change, but this is only the beginning. With popup alerts widget you can easily thank your audience with attractive notifications popping up during your streaming session. It is possible to change the alerts’ layout, add sounds, images, make them easy and fun to read. Alerts can pop up to greet new followers, subscribers, give thanks for donations. The best part about Alerts Box, that “it supports a large variety of alerts in a single space, minimizing the amount of extra windows you need to open.”
  • Donation Goals Widget
Fundraising psychology says that people are more likely to donate if their money will make a difference and have a visible impact. According to the recent study, donors become more active when you are closer to a setting goal. They have a greater satisfaction if they help your campaign cross the finish line and achieve a desired goal. Streamlabs helps users leave donations for game streamers: it has received 80$ million in tips during 1 year for 1.5 million of Twitch streamers. With Streamlabs, you can create goals – from buying a new computer device or a newly-edited game to paying next month rent – anything you want to gather money for. The Donation Goals widget will let you install a donation goal meter on your stream for viewers to see. In your goal description you can enter a goal amount, a label and an end date. Thus, your fans will feel themselves involved in your life and become more eager to donate helping you fulfill the aim.
  • My Wishlist Items Widget
The feature is in the process of development. The first release works as a fixed donation, however, in the future the wishlist items are supposed to be actually purchased. For now, you can create the list of items, and when your fans “buy” chosen items for you, it will automatically force them to donate the cost equivalent of the item. When somebody “buys” an item, the Alert Box Widget will show up the image of the item and the message saying that somebody has bought you the gift. In the future, the alert image and message text are planned to be customizable.
  • Labels to Scenes Widget
Streamlabs can do all secondary work for you by providing an automatic update of your donors, followers, subscribers, etc. The most popular scene labels include: Most Recent Subscriber, Recent Followers, Session Subscriber Count, Recent Donations - you can choose any labels you want to see updates for. The widget is a Window app generating text files on your computer to include into popular streaming software such as OBS or XSplit.

Streamlabs Features under Development

  • Chat Box that will allow you to include your chat into the stream and make it look pretty
  • Event List to let you include your channel’s most recent events into your stream
  • Combination of YouTube and Twitch chat alerts for those who want to simultaneously broadcast on Twitch and YouTube
  • Addition of Hitbox and Beam alerts for streamers using Restream service for multiple locations
  • Merging Twitch and YouTube accounts’ donation settings
  • Custom HTML/CSS for alerts
  • TeeSpring integration for T-shirts: this will allow Twitch partnered steamers to see when and who bought a T-shirt from the campaign
  • Alert Themes that will let you have multiple themes of alerts (for example, having League of Legends alert theme or Christmas alert theme)
  • 3rd party integrations with such tools as Discord, Gamewisp built into all Streamlabs widgets: this innovation will allow streamers to add only one Streamlabs widget without the need to download multiple widgets to OBS

Frequently Asked Question about Streamlabs

Where’s the Catch or How Does Streamlabs Make Its Living?

If Streamlabs service is absolutely free for broadcasters, so how does Streamlabs profit? Is there any hidden fees? The answer is simple: money comes from viewers. Every viewer can go PRO to have access to a set of exclusive features named Name Effects. With PRO subscription, a user can customize effects showing up on the name in every follow, tip, sub and resub alert he/she related to. The advanced subscription is available for $2 per month ($24 annually). As it officially stated, subscription money helps to support the broadcasters and continue improving existing service. One must admit that $2 is a reasonable monthly charge, but all together these small payments constitute good profit.

How to Install Streamlabs’ Widgets?

Streamlabs is very easy to install. You don’t have to create a new account, just login with Twitch or YouTube from Streamlabs site. To be able to use all Streamlabs features you should download a live streaming software, such as OBS Studio (recommendable). Then, add your browser URL of a chosen widget page, test the alert, make a preview of your stream and go live. Watch more detailed instructions in the video below:

Are the Any Donations’ Limits?

You can donate any amount you’d like. But, be aware that sums over $100M can’t be made without third-party processors, such as PayPal, Skrill, etc.

Which Platforms Does Streamlabs Support?

At the moment, Streamlabs service is available for Twitch and YouTube users. But, Hitbox, Facebook and are going to appear in the list soon.

When A Streamer Receives a Tip, Does He/She Receive the Whole Amount?

Yeas, all 100% of tips go to streamer. The money is processed through PayPal directly to a receiver. In case you have some unclear issues with received tips, address your problem to PayPal.

Is It Possible to Use Streamlabs from Console?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to embed widgets to console at the moment. To use Streamlabs, you should play games from your computer with previously installed OBS or XSplit software.

Are There Any Alternatives to Streamlabs?

In spite of being a leading all-in-one platform, Streamlabs has strong competitors. We list here some of them. Maybe, you will find them useful.
This is a small young company from Austin, launched in 2015. Muxy provides streamers with advanced alert system. What streamers do like about Muxy is the ability to use custom HTML/JS/CSS. For those who want to get started quickly there is a simple alert editor. The service has integrated GameWisp and Patreon subscriptions into the alert system and is now negotiating with NigthDev about adding support for Streamtip donations. Muxy’s Analytics and Monetizing systems are in the process of development at the moment.
  • is a similar service that works for streamers located in Europe. The service allows you to create, cusotmize and move your alerts and widgets on a Wysiwyg interface, make direct preview of your stream. Among the popular widgets available with are: donations-subs-follows-host alerts + txt files, chat box, goals, tops & lasts, counters, live events, strawpolls, hypetrains, info sliders, countdowns, banners, etc. The platform is available for both Twitch and YouTube streamers.
This service is created only for Twitch users (at least, for now). It combines different features to customize your Twitch stream by setting up donations, alerts, graphics, labels, chat and polls. works just like any other Twitch alert services. It helps to monitor your account for followers, donations and hosts. The service is plain simple: use drag&drop editor to create the Twitch overlay, then copy-paste the URL into your broadcasting software and start streaming.


Streamlabs as well as the listed alternatives provide almost similar set of tools to make your streaming channel more pretty and your streaming experience more comfortable. They all allow you to display on screen events when someone follows, subscribes to, tips or hosts your stream. In essence, they are a perfect way to show “thank you” to your viewers that are supporting you. Although Streamlabs is acknowledged successor of Twitch Alerts, you may try other services to find the one that most closely matches your needs.