Ideas to Keep Your Stream Interesting When You're Bored

Streaming full-time is a tough job. Even if it’s what you really enjoy, there are some things in streaming that can make you feel use up: multitasking, the necessity to be keep up to date, research trends, equipment, creating connections, etc. In case you don’t have a strict streaming schedule and a balance in your life, you are at risk for finding yourself devastated and absolutely bored with what you do. Once you get bored with playing games, try to not sink into depression. Take it as a new challenge, a chance to make a pause and change something. Here are some streaming ideas to help retain your stream interesting and entertaining when you’re bored.

Encourage Friends to Take Part in Your Stream

When you feel bored, try to overcome the isolation. Get your friends or streaming buddies involved in your stream. You can make talk shows, chat or just play together. Another way is inviting people to host their streams at your channel. This can help to liven up your content or fill the gap if you decide to temporarily cut down your own content. In case you don’t want your friends to be shown up online in any way associated with your channel, you can ask them for a backstage support. They can help you with editing, photos, social media. It may seem small, but having a few hours of a friend sitting near you and a real-life communication may be very motivating.

Take a Break

As with any other job, having a rest and сhanging perspective is vital. If you’re bored with constantly playing games, try to do something else related to your job: create highlights, choose the best photos or videos for social networks, etc. You can also take your mind off any streaming ideas and just do physical exercises, play board games, go to the grocery or for a cup of coffee anything that will help to keep your mind fresh. If you have a strict schedule and worry about your fans, just let them know that you are going to be off streaming some hours or days. The main thing is that you will come back reloaded with a fresh look and new streaming ideas.

Try to Play New Games

It’s possible that you have overgrown your game and should search for something more challenging. As the first step, try streaming other games along with your habitual game. Having 1-2 days a week to play different games may expand your game range and audience. But, be ready for possible downsides. You should understand that in case you change the game at a flesh some of your dedicated fans may switch to another channel. If people know you as an RPG player, they can be disappointed to see you playing other games. A good idea is to inform your regular audience about your intentions and come up with a detailed schedule of what games you play within a week. If you want to stream multiple games on the regular basis, think twice. It can be more entertaining for you, but multigaming channels are more difficult to promote. A niche schedule works better if you play a not story driven game. Watch RobinGaming video advice on how to choose new games to play when you’re bored:

Stream When You Are in the Mood

Of course, it is easy to say than done, if streaming is your main job and the source of income. But, there are streamers that broadcast games because they are bored. They hope that something exciting will happen if they stream a game. But, nothing happens. Or there can be another situation, when a streamer is tired, burnt-out and feel obligated to stream on a schedule. Such streams usually lack chat interaction, focus and entertainment and are the waste of time for both streamers and viewers. So, what’s the use of pushing yourself to stream without feeling satisfaction? If you one of those streamers, reconsider your schedule, making your sessions fewer, but less boring. Search for a balanced and comfortable conditions for your stream.

Enliven Your Chat

If you actively interact with your chat, even the most boring game will become interesting. Initiate discussion with your viewers: it can be anything related to game or your day, real life, etc. Get people involved into discussion by asking them questions. With the help of chatbots, you can also implement a point system to engage your audience. For instance, you can reward people for staying in your stream during 5 minutes, taking part in the discussion, allowing them to make song requests. With a point feature, you can enable viewers to gift points or work together to skip a song they don’t like. Making giveaways can also be a good idea to make your stream more entertaining. Read our previous post on how to create a successful giveaway campaign on Twitch. All these steps are needed to make your viewers come back and talk more within community and, ultimately, make you feel less bored. Watch HeyShadyLady’s tutorial with her tips on how to entertain the chat and talk even if you’re bored:

Understand What Is the Reason of Your Boredom

Even in the life of experienced streamers with a big established communities, there are some days when they feel bored. If the feeling of boredom doesn’t leave you, try to identify why you are bored: Do you talk enough? Are you “into” the chat? Are you unsatisfied with your play? Do you suffer from trolls? With the right self-evaluation and practice, you will overcome the problem. If you feel bored, try to set goals. Invent some silly or crazy things to do in a game and have fun of doing it. Continue broadcasting and searching for new ways to entertain your audience and encourage yourself.


With all these streaming ideas in mind, the most important thing is keep pushing forward through the most boring times and failures. Keep experimenting with new ways to grow, be self-aware, fix problems and ask for feedbacks. Remember, that once you give up, your streaming career may be over.