How to Find a Balance In Full-Time Streaming and Parenting: 5 Valuable Tips

Full-time streaming is not a job in the сonventional sense. It doesn’t suppose any compensation or maternity leave in case you temporarily can’t work or need some rest. None of legal benefits of the real employment can be applied to your self-employed status. It’s difficult to separate full-time streaming and personal life, so that many streamers decide to quit their job or neglect family relations and parenting. In 2018, the former Twitch streamer Yuber shared an emotional video confession where he told how full-time streaming affected his life. In pursuit of money and fame, the streamer lost everything that made him happy - his girlfriend, friends, and a normal life. Yuber’s video was actively discussed on Reddit encouraging other streamers to share their sad experience. Below, we'll mention some full-time streaming tips to help you find balance in your life without going to extremes.

#1. Take Care of Yourself First

Both full-time streaming and family requires time and commitment. While full-time streaming is something that needs a constant schedule, parenting is an absolutely unpredictable thing. As a full-time streamer you should keep your audience always interested and engaged, but as a parent or spouse you should respond to the multiple daily needs of your housemates. All these duties create a lot of pressure and make you forget about yourself – your mental and physical health. So, the first point is taking care of yourself. Not coincidentally, when you on the flight the flying instructor tells you to put your oxygen mask on first. Only if you save yourself, you will be able to help other people. So, try to incorporate “me” time moments into your daily routine when you do things that recharge you. Other way, you won’t be able to stay an effective spouse/parent/streamer finding yourself totally burnt-out in the end. SPA, physical exercises, fresh air, eating well – these are simple things that even the smartest people neglect sometimes.

#2. Make Up a Comfortable Schedule for Everything

Full-time streaming has no difference with the tribulations of most working parents. Regardless if it’s streaming or working 5-8 hours a day, you have to figure out the best method of juggling your job and personal life. Elaborating a realistic schedule can help a lot. Your working schedule should include not only several streaming sessions, but time for networking, making highlights, YouTube promotion, etc. Besides it, plan all minor house chores, time devoted to spouse and children, hobbies. Equally important is scheduling your downtime, especially if you’re not able to naturally slow down and take a break. Try to be efficient: organize cooking of the main meals on Sunday, house cleaning – on Saturday. To compensate the lack of family time, schedule special family activities when you regularly do something together without talking about work and checking emails. Don’t promise long streams, especially if you are a newbie parent. Your time is very precious, so focus on the quality, not the length. Avoid streaming when you’re extremely tired to avoid burnt-out. And the last thing: stream only if you enjoy it. Play games you want to play and have fun. Otherwise, it doesn’t worth your time and effort.

#3. Don’t Hesitate to Accept Help

Support of your family is an important part of being a successful full-time streamer. If your spouse doesn’t understand “gaming generation” and the whole streaming thing, it would be more difficult for you to gain success. If you have small kids, it’s almost impossible to stream with them hanging out around you. But, if you have people that are eager to take care of your kids for some time and let you stream in the cold light of day, then mission is possible. Try to be realistic about the time you have available for streaming.

#4. Avoid Multitasking

It seems that full-time streaming makes parenting easier because you can work from home and spend more time with kids. It’s true, but only if use your time wisely. Try to fully separate your working and “kids” time. When you spend time with children, multitasking becomes an unproductive thing. Set definite time for different types of activities: personal time for yourself, family, friends, streaming and some non-streaming time for checking emails, making calls, improving your Twitch channel. Make some minor working things when your kids are sleeping or entertain themselves. When streaming, limit all distractions so that you don’t waste precious time. Achieving balance in all spheres of your life is not something given for granted.

#5. Use Your Non-Streaming Days To Improve Your Channel

During your days off, try to take some time to improving your channel and come up with new ideas for your stream. You can watch your recent VOD’s while drinking a cup of morning coffee to observe yourself, find out what you like and what can be improved. You can also save the best streaming moments and create highlights for YouTube channel and social networks. Have a place where you can make some notes for the next stream, giveaway, add articles you want to read in the future, etc. Doing these baby steps will keep you get ahead and develop new skills. By the way, on non-streaming days you can host Twitch channels you like. By hosting other streams you can grow the audience and keep your channel active without constantly streaming yourself.


It’s possible to be a full-time streamer and a parent at the same time. In spite of all difficulties, you can achieve a balance by setting priorities, improving time management and delegation. But, as with any other hobby or job that require skills, it takes some time and practice to build it into a habit.