Girl Streamers VS Double Standards

In our previous post, we mentioned the difficulties all women face trying to achieve success on Twitch. Biased attitude, direct abuse and sexual objectification are among the most burning issues. We still don’t have a solution, however, the following post may shed some light on the problem and give you a cue on how to behave yourself online.

The Case of Sky Williams: The Controversy Over Girl Streamers That Show Their Skin

As with most Internet scandals, this one started with an opinion. In 2015, a popular Twitch streamer Sky Williams introduced a video “Dear Female Streamers”. In the video, the streamer was bringing up a women’s issue on Twitch, specifically, the problem of girl streamers who reveal cloth or act provocatively while streaming. Sky Williams stated that such streamers created unrealistic expectations for all women streamers on Twitch. He expressed his thought and faced the wave of criticism provoking a fierce discussion. Less talk, watch the video: In defense of Sky Williams, one could say that a gaming world has always been a man’s world. Consoles, gaming market, video games are overwhelmingly man’s territory. Williams' provocative addressing to all female streamers is seen as last-gasp attempt to defend the interests of nerds and “real” gamers who don’t want to see the outsiders coming into their space. There were a lot of streamers who supported Williams and thought that girl streamers shouldn’t use their body to attract attention. 

 Miss_Rage commented on the issue as follows: "There are a lot of people who really play their girl card really, really hard. They're doing squats for subscribers, or they're dancing when they get a subscriber. I would distance myself from these people. Because I think it's not the right way to do it."

Since Williams released his video, he has changed the opinion and posted a follow-up video, however, this doesn’t mean that the controversy over female streamers and double standards is over. Williams’ video has given rise to further long YouTube and Twitch debates about an “appropriate” women’s behavior. As a response to Williams’ video, several popular girl streamers organized a discussion about the role of women on the platform. The overall point of the debates was that scantily-clad women are not the main problem on Twitch. Yes, acting provocatively can draw in some viewers, however, if there is nothing more interesting and entertaining about this stream, people will leave it soon. We don’t follow the drama of Sky Williams’ video, but understand that for some female streamers, acting provocatively and dressing sexual cloth is the fastest way to draw attention and money. And that is their choice, that shouldn’t lump all female streamers under a general umbrella.

A famous American girl streamer KittyPlaysGames voices the same opinion: “That is a huge market for a lot of streamers on Twitch. As long as streamers are following Twitch's conduct rules, it does not bother me how they run their stream or hope to gain their audience.”

The issue is that girl streamers are still taking the blame when it comes to manipulating audiences, regardless of what they wear. Whether a girl is wearing a turtleneck or T-shirt with a low neck, there will be people in chat to ask her take her top off and call her abusive names when she refuses. And this is not the fault of a streamer. Twitch rules of conduct are pretty clear: it is not allowed wearing sexual cloth such as lingerie, panties, etc. and streams things that are not defined by Twitch rules. Every user may report any streamer in case she/he finds the behavior inappropriate. So, there is no reason to make a fuss when we talk about women streamers in low-neck dresses. Probably, all realistic male viewers understand that donating 5$ to a provocatively dressed streamer won’t promise them a date. As for the rest, flirting is fun, and provided that it is not prohibited by Twitch, what can be the harm? 

Girl Streamers and Double Standards: Where Is the Line?

In the world where personal freedom is the highest value, it is very difficult to understand where the line of permissiveness lies and the boundaries of another person begin. Indeed, each flock is worthy of its guru, and every guru is worthy of his flock. Remember this rule when someone wants to convict or cure you on stream. You can like it or not, and you can always choose what kind of streamer to watch. There is no right or wrong way to be a female streamer, until one follows the guidelines of conduct. We believe that genuinely popular girl streamers (as anyone else, regardless of a gender) get views thanks to personality, skills or humor, and not because they show their cleavage. What do you think? Should Twitch implement more strict rules concerning dress code? Or there always be people to argue about something and it’s impossible to please them all?