Getting Noticed: Tips to Get Viewers on Twitch

Building a dedicated audience on Twitch is not an easy feat. There is a very consistent and highly competitive user base, and in order to succeed you should be very patient and ambitious. Getting viewers on Twitch is a long path to walk, and here are some tips to help you on the way.

Just Get More Exposure

The overwhelming competition on Twitch is the biggest issue all small broadcasters face. The Twitch community has increased to insane numbers. The introduction of new capabilities for next-gen consoles added a new wave of streamers struggling for attention. With so many different channels and ideas, getting noticed has become more difficult than ever before. Thus, you have to use all tools at your disposal, including social media. Once you have a social media account,  start sharing your channel’s URL every time you go live. Twitter and Facebook provide the simplest tools to automatically send messages to your followers. You may ask “what to do if I don’t have many followers on social network?” Then, seek help from your friends. Networking assumes a tough work and a smart course of actions. To get viewers on Twitch, search for people that share your interests and help promote their posts. Once other people start sharing the link to your Twitch channel, the likelihood that you’ll get more viewers goes up. It will take time to grow great social media accounts, but you can create great social media accounts within some minutes. Besides paid Facebook ads, you can do many free things to increase your following: post funny and valuable content, including videos, pictures and quotes. After a while, add your Twitch account and try to attract a Twitch based audience using Facebook advertising. Do the same things on Twitter, YouTube, Tumbler or Pinterest. The more accounts you’ll manage to grow, the more you speed up the process of getting viewers on Twitch. There are a lot of applications and services to help you automate your social media in some way. They can be pretty useful, if we talk about automated notifications when you are going live. But, if automated messages are the only way you communicate with your social media audience, this is the way to stagnation. Try to minimize automation and keep vivid interaction with your fans, telling them about your life, news and ideas.

Pick the Right Game

On Twitch, it is all about the game you’re playing. There are a few chances that viewers will be watching you, if it isn’t funny, professional or relevant to them without previously knowing you. So, to get viewers on Twitch, you should always pick the right game. If you are not as wise as solomon in gaming, don’t have a strong social media presence or a great YouTube channel, it is going to be hard to get viewers on Twitch playing popular games, such as League of Legends, Dota or Counter Strike. In such situations, we recommend choosing less famous games, newly-released games or games edited by indie developers that can be beneficial when you are trying to attract your very first viewers.
  • New Games. PROs. Being a novice to the game, you will give your audience more funny and sincere experience. Moreover, you can produce game-related content, for instance, YouTube highlights about the chosen game. People love getting more info about newly-released games. CONs. You need some money to invest in new releases and stream them on the same day when they appear.
  • Creative Games. PROs. When the game allows people to use their minds and creativity, it has more chances to be attractive. In such games you can go outside the storyline, surprise your viewers, making each gameplay absolutely different. That is why, Minecraft is so loved by many. CONs. We don’t see any.
  • Games On Sale. PROs. There are a lot of cool games on sale on Steam. They are not so popular than LoL, thus giving you a chance to get viewers quicklier. CONs. You should really net for a good discount to pick up a wanted game.
  • Niche Relevant Games. PROs. If you want to earn money streaming, choose the game that fits the advertising niche. For example, if you play Nintendo games, then you automatically will be asked to promote new Nintendo content on your videos or while streaming. CONs. You game preferences may not coincide with profitable niches.
  • Games with Different Plot for Each Player. PROS. The same as with creative games, different plots tend to keep up the interest and make the game unpredictable. For example, one thing is playing Call of Duty campaign and completely different Call of Duty online or Grand Theft Auto. The last ones are different for everyone. CONs. We don’t see any.
Before streaming, make research of how popular the chosen game is. Sometimes, you can see the game category with 3000 viewers. When entering it, you may discover that there is only several streamers out there  and these 3000 viewers are watching the same stream of one, the most known, streamer. If you love that game and can easily jump into playing, try to get viewers on Twitch from that category.

Liven Up Your Chat with Chatbots

If you’ve already streamed a lot and have vivid and very active chat community, you probably know how difficult is to keep up with a chat and be always involved. One of the greatest news about Twitch is the existence of multiple automated chat bot moderators. Most of them are absolutely free of charge. They not only police your chat and keep it from spam and inappropriate behaviour, but can help you run giveaways and other events to get viewers on Twitch. Below are some of the most popular and effective chatbots to start with:


Moobot is a Twitch moderator. With the help of this chatbot, you can clean up all unwanted spam and offensive messages as well as launch some mini games for your audience. There is a virtual roulette, funny game with !love command to test the compatibility with anything the viewer can imagine, etc. Moobot has a very easy dashboard and tutorial. This chatbot allows you to play music from its dashboard and accept song requests from users. Although the most interesting features are available after you pay for them, there is more than enough free capabilities to use. When somebody new enters to your channel’s chat, you can instruct him/her to request a song. Moobot will add this song to the requests’ queue, and now you have a viewer who will stay around at least until the moment he/she hears the requested song playing live.


Ankhbot has many of the same features as Moobot, but it also provides some distinct capabilities. Although Ankhbot has less user-friendly interface, this chatbot offers more control and customization over your chat activity. Before using this bot, check it out carefully to understand all ins and outs. The points’ system is what makes Ankhbot so interesting for us. This feature allows your viewers to collect and spend points and helps increase your viewership and watch duration. The points can be used to take part in different events, such as giveaways, multiplayer games, game marathons, etc. You can make up “rank” titles for those viewers who reach a certain amount of points. You can choose the frequency with which Ankhbot will reward viewers with points, for example, 1 point for every 5 minutes of watching the stream. It is also possible to reward your dedicated fans with extra points for active chatting. These simple actions will help get viewers on Twitch and encourage them not only be watching your gameplay, but participating in your chat.


This is one of the most common chatbot for Twitch and YouTube users. It is a good moderation tool without nothing extra. With the help of Nightbot, you can easily stop any sort of spam, make timed messages to social networks, accept song requests from fans and organize giveaways - honestly, this is more than enough for a beginning streamer. One of Nightbot's useful features is the ability to create the list of regulars - people who you trust, want to exempt from spam filters and authorize for more commands. All listed chatbots have more or less similar features. You can simultaneously use several of them depending on your needs.  We advise not to use more than 2 at the same time. The best way is writing your own chatbot and customize it anyway you like. Go for it, if you are good in programming.


Exposure is the key to get any online traffic. When you are trying to get more viewers to your Twitch account, the best way to do that is via social media, thematic forums and face-to-face networking. If you’ve just started your game stream, don’t expect too many. Focus on slowly growing rather than thinking about how to get viewers on Twitch. Try different things to find something that works for you. Follow our simple steps listed above and you’ll surely will get at least 20 or more viewers in no time.