The Fullest List of Chatbots to Take Your Stream to the Next Level

Chatbot is one of the most necessary tools that all big streamers need. Simply put, chatbots are special programs that help streamers moderate chatrooms, communicate with new viewers and add extra functionality and interactivity to the streamer’s channel. Adding a chatbot to a channel is the easiest way to engage more people and optimize your channel brand. Although all chatbots are alike, they have some distinct features. Below, we’ll give you the list of the best chatbots that are worth checking out:

#1. Nightbot

PROS: It’s very easy to use and download even for people who are not tech-savvy. At the same time, it has unlimited possibilities for customization (25 custom commands). This moderation bot has a web dashboard which makes it more convenient. Nightbot is always active in the community and provides an excellent support. It can be run remotely. CONS: Extra features cost money. There are no loyalty points/auction option, follow/sub/donate notifier. It is not open source. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Nightbot has a Song Request feature that lets people request songs hosted on YouTube or SoundCloud to be played in the background during a stream. CONCLUSION: It is a great chatbot for beginners.

#2. Moobot

PROS: As noted by many streamers, Moobot is even more easy to use than Nightbot. In general, these two chatbots are similar with a few design and feature changes. Moobot has simplified the setup process for streamers that are not proficient in technologies. It has a clear interface and makes it easy to find any specific setting for different features. Moobot offers a variety of free features, including moderation, spam filter, welcomer, custom messages, notifications, giveaways, polls, chat games, currency system, and a song request feature. It is not the case that Moobot has more mod features than Nightbot or Ankhbot, but it is definitely easier to use and faster with timeouts. CONS: Moobot doesn’t support custom api. There is no possibility to write and read txt files, no loyalty and auction features. To see new users joining you chat, you should pay. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Something that stands Moobot apart from the numerous chatbots is its poll utility. The feature lets streamers to create polls for viewers to vote as well as display the results in an easy-to-understand pie chart that can be shared. CONCLUSION: Moobot is a perfect chat for general modding and restricting users.

#3. Ankhbot (Streamlabs Chatbot)

PROS: Previously pronounced as an “anchor bot” and bought by Streamlabs, this chatbot is developed for Twitch, Youtube and Mixer to provide moderation and entertainment features. The main features include: quotes, ruffles, currency, song requests, mini games. This chatbot provides Discord and Streamlabs integration which is a great benefit for streamers. CONS: Available only for Windows. Manual “on join event list” setup. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Streamlabs chatbot can be used along with other Streamlabs features. All together they will help to bring your stream to the new level. CONCLUSION: Streamlabs chatbot is not as easy as Moobot, but it’s worth spending some time tinkering with it. Indeed, chat commands are pretty simple and the amount of features impresses.

#4. Phantombot 

PROS: It’s a “free forever” open source Twitch bot that provides moderation and multiple entertainment options for streaming channels. It’s downloadable for Windows and Mac and integrates with most third-party apps, including Streamlabs and Gamewisp. Once Phantombot is set up, it gives you a lot of freedom making it easy to add custom and audio commands, use different features with no extra costs. CONS: It’s more complicated to set up compared to previous chatbots: instead of a dashboard you will find a black box that many people only saw in hacker movies. Usability is the main problem of Phantombot. If you need to adjust language files, this will require changing JavaScript files. There is no autoupdate. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The chatbot can be running 24/7 on VPS with consuming virtually no energy. CONCLUSION: This is not a chatbot for everyone. Use it if you are an experienced user who know how to benefit from open source projects.

#5. StreamElements Chatbot

PROS: Although StreamElements chatbot has fewer features than above-mentioned chatbots, it does provide support for multiple chat-based games and streaming channels. The chatbot can also send tweets from chosen Twitter accounts directly to the chat. Once you set up the chatbot, you will  get 30 default commands. You can also create your own custom commands with variables to keep your chat active and entertained. Game modules, such as Bingo, Duel and roulette use your stream currency and help increase chat interaction. CONS: StreamsElements chatbot is not as easy to use and feature-rich as Nightbot or Moobot. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The loyalty system: when you connect Twitch with StreamElements, the service automatically creates a leaderboard which your viewers can compete to have a higher rank. Viewers obtain points by watching, following or hosting you - this helps create additional interactivity and engagement. CONCLUSION: It’s a good analoge of Streamlabs chatbot with several differences: StreamElements chatbot has less features and it’s a web-based program that doesn’t require anything running on your end.

#6. Deepbot

PROS: Deepbot is an advanced and very easy to use chatbot. It provides all necessary features, including moderation, chat games, song requests, custom botname, raffles and giveaways, votes, poles, automated updates, GameWisp integration, customizable donation pages. Some streamers pick up Deepbot for its very specific OBS remote functionality. CONS: It’s not free: integration with GameWisp or Discord as well as unlocking of VIP features and notifications requires $5 of monthly payment. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Not many chatbots supports integration with Discord - a chat app popular among game streamers, and Deepbot has it. CONCLUSION: It’s a perfect choice for those who are searching for a single chatbot to moderate your Twitch and Discord chats from the one location.

#7. Wizebot

PROS: Created in 2013, Wizerbot is one of the less known Twitch chatbots that offers a good chat moderation (word censorship, spam protection, custom options) and a range of additional features including song requests, donations, subscriber and follower analytics. Besides Twitch, the service provides integration with YouTube, Twitter and LastFM. CONS: The service is free, but some features in preview are available only for premium accounts. Another downside is that Wizerbot documentation can be too advanced for new-comer streamers. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Wizarbot provides integration with a popular survival game “7 Days to Die” that is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation4. Once the user sets up integration, special events within the game start to launch. For instance, every time a new viewer subscribes to the channel, a zombie appears on the screen or some item drops from the sky. It’s a nice feature that adds more interaction and fun for both the streamer and viewers. CONCLUSION: Choose this chatbot, if you need some of the mentioned integrations.

#8. Botisimo

PROS: This chatbot is available for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Discord. It’s a chatbot service that doesn’t require any downloads, as all features and data are saved in the cloud. With Botisimo, streamers can enhance their chat rooms with unlimited custom commands and timers, spam filtering, polls, chat logging, chat mirroring, currency system with shop, automated tweets, and automated welcomed messages. With a standard membership, you will have access only to Limit 1 Twitch and Mixer connection. CONS: To obtain an extended list of features you should sign up for PRO or Master membership. Unlimited Twitch, Mixer and Discord integrations are possible only for paid members. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: The possibility to connect many streaming services with one single chatbot. CONCLUSION: It is one of the best chatbots for Mixer. If you stream simultaneously on, Botisimo is a great choice to suit your needs.  

#9. Xanbot

PROS: Xanbot is developed by Aaron ‘Xangold’ Clay who is a member of Twitch Staff.  Xanbot is very powerful moderating and spam filtering free chatbot that has custom commands and auto replies letting the bot to react to messages that aren't written in the form of “!command”. Xanbot also provides raffles, polls and other useful commands to help you display information on LoL runes, weather, etc. CONS: This chatbot doesn’t have a dashboard and is completely controlled by chat commands. Display only song requests. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: It provides a sophisticated spam removal feature. CONCLUSION: As this chatbot lacks usability, it’s a good choice for advanced users.

#10. Couchbot

PROS: CouchBot is created for those who love multistreaming on different platforms while producing content for YouTube or This is a very customizable bot that will let you announce when you go live on 4 different streaming platforms. Some of the main features include: complete customization over appearance of your announcement messages, toggle on/off @everyone mentions, toggle on/off thumbnail visibility, welcome newcomers to your channel and tell them goodbye with customizable greetings/goodbye messages, track your Twitch Channel Feed via Discord. CONS: It’s a paid service. WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: Integration with Discord, Mixer, Mobcrush, Smashcast (formerly Hitbox), Twitch and YouTube Gaming. CONCLUSION: If you enjoy multistreaming and are looking for a chatbot to announce livestreams automatically for different platforms, Couchbot can be a good option for you.


So, now when we have covered the biggest chatbots, what bot should you choose? Does it need to be one or a combination of several? All mentioned chatbots are under constant development, improving their functionality and the list of features. If you have a need to add a chatbot to your stream, you can try them out. If you are a beginning streamer and have never used chatbots, we suggest starting with Nightbot or Moobot. There is no a perfect chatbot, but there can be a perfect chatbot for your situation. The choice completely depends on what you want the bot to do for you and how much you are ready to pay for this service.