Full-Time Streamer’s Day Off: Does It Exist?

Streaming all day may sound as a cushy job. However, making living from live streams is not only about game and glee. The physical and emotional pressure on successful streamers is enormous, no matter which streaming platform they choose. Many streamers suffer from depression, insomnia and anxiety, caused by the constant fear that fans will forget about them as soon as they go offline.
“I have been streaming full-time as a job for 3-5 years. 12-16 hours a day, seven days a week, all year. Only that way I managed to keep the growth.” Similar story is echoed by many streamers who tend to overwork, sacrifice their relationships with friends and family in pursuit of their dream.
Indeed, launching a streaming career as a full-time job is like launching a cable network, but on Twitch your staff consists from the only person – you. To survive in this highly competitive streaming environment, you should search for a balance and elaborate a healthy streaming schedule. The latest technologies provide you with the platforms to fulfill your dreams, but it is only up to you how to use and control your online presence. Below, we’ll give you some tips on how to find non-streaming time to enjoy life and overcome twinges of conscience.

Make Your Days off a Part of Your Schedule

If it’s difficult for you to take a break and relax, try to incorporate your “official” day off in a schedule. Having fun of doing nothing is an important part of your job. Such days, when you let yourself doing something apart from streaming, fill you with energy and help refresh your mind. Decide on one or two days and say, for example, “on Sundays and Tuesday I don’t stream”. Don’t be enticed by streaming during your break days even if you want to, because these days should be for rest or, maybe, other important outside-the-house issues (like working out at the gym, go shopping, etc.) If you have a job apart from streaming or are studying, it may be tougher to stick to the plan. In this case, it is better to schedule fewer amounts of regular streams, for example, 3-4 streams at set times per week. Stick to them and then everything extra will seem like a bonus for your viewers. Making up a special “day off plan” is a good idea for those pathologic workaholics who can’t just lie around the whole day and need to do something useful. Thus, you can devote your days off to issues that you always leave for the end:
  • work on your videos
  • search for new ideas and inspirations
  • think over new features for the channel
  • find out new topics for chat
  • improve your channel page

You Don’t Need Any Excuses to Take a Rest, You Deserve It!

The most common advice for beginning streamers sounds like this: “every hour that you’re not streaming is a loss of progress; every day off can set you back.” And it is true, to a certain degree. Growing an audience is about habit and consistency, but streaming 365 days without missing a day isn’t normal, unless you are a robot. Your fans should have a loyalty to you, understanding that you’re human who needs some time to recuperate. Sacrificing your personal time, sleep and social life on the regular basis will make you depressed and nervous. Fatigue will hurt you in the short or long terms. Have 1-2 days or nights off for yourself (hobbies, rest, study, games), your social time (family, friends). It is important to find ways for energy as you are a part of your channel and content. It’s hard, but achievable.

Here are some ideas of how you can remind your audience about your stream during days off:

  • Create content in advance
If wisely planned, you can create some content in advance and have it shared in social media or streaming platform while you are having rest.
  • Delegate some of your tasks
Find people you can trust to help you manage some streaming-related issues and post greetings from your behalf in your rest day through social networking, email, etc.
  • Be active in social media
To create a presence effect, find some time during the day off to check what is going on in your networks and say “hey” to your subscribers. You can also send people to other friendly streams or great websites while you are off.


There is no a standard rule telling you when and how to stream. We are all different people: what works for somebody, might be too much or not enough for you. Being stick to a schedule is really helpful, but sometimes life gets in the way. So, don’t forget to take care of your important things in life first, always listen to your mind and body. You’ll understand when you need to rest or take a break for a night. The more you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the process, the better results you achieve.