Your First Stream: How to Overcome Fears and Make It Happen?

Professional streamers may make it look like they stink with wealth just by streaming their favorite video games. But, what you don’t see is everything that goes on behind the scenes. Streaming for the first time is always stressing and emotional. We hope our guide will help you overcome the anxiety and take a first step towards desired streaming career.

Rational Fears: How to Protect Your Privacy Online

Sharing personal information online may have serious consequences. You should be ready for potential information leaks, if you choose to become a public person. However, there are some important steps to give yourself peace of mind and protect your private info:
  • Separate your personal email address and other accounts from the working one.
  • Don’t use your real name. Invent an alias for your social media, email and Twitch or YouTube channels.
  • Avoid registering your stream associated email address with any other website.
  • Don’t reveal your home address and phone number. For your own security, keep the city you are living in a secret from your subscribers and viewers or tell them a different city or state. In case you want or have to provide mailing address, use a post office box instead.
  • Don’t trust random links in your stream: you never know who sends them to you.
  • Using Skype or similar apps during your streams is always unsecure. It allows cheaters to find your IP and other related info.
  • Be aware that some computer games can display your IP address as well. Avoid playing them on stream or use graphics to hide your personal info.
  • If you are a fan of multiplayer gaming, be sure to connect to official game servers. Using a VPN to show a different IP is also a good idea.
If you want to know more on how to protect yourself from scams and hacking, check our previous post "Live Streaming: Is It Secure or Not?".

Evaluate Your Irrational Fears

If your concern lays primarily in emotional sphere, try to write down all minor fears you have about your future stream. Think about a simple scenario of your first stream that you have in mind; ask yourself “and what happens then”, “what I’ll be talking about next”, etc. Make a plan for your talk, distinguish several topics. If you worry about your self-image on camera, record a couple of videos to rehearse your speech, mimics and find a good position. Many beginning streamers have inflated expectations. To avoid pipe dreams, you should start streaming for the right reason – not for the money and fame, but for your own pleasure. Yes, there are full-time streamers who managed to make money from streaming, but most of them have many years of dedication, hard work and investments behind their success. The key is streaming for yourself, enjoying your new experience and set small goals first. Here are some bullet points to help you organize your first stream:
  • Have an approximate plan of your talk
  • Rehearse your speech
  • Comment your actions
  • Say “hello” to everybody who enters your stream
  • Don’t be too ambitious from the beginning, set realistic goals

Overcome Your Fear of Mistakes

You can and will make mistakes. Treat your setbacks as necessary steps on your way to success. Learn from them, don’t dwell on defeat, and remember that sometimes mistake is just a different way of doing things. There is more than one way to accomplish a task. If you are no longer up to your task, don’t be haughty, ask for help and support. Your streaming experience doesn’t have to be in a hard mode. It should be more about relax and having fun. If you are trying to do everything by yourself, you will be burnt out sooner or later. If you are streaming for the first time, it is difficult to predict the outcome. The ability to entertain audience and stream comfortable is not something inherent, you should develop these skills. Try to worry less about your viewers and what they want. Your personality and your feelings should be top-of-mind. To achieve success, you should do things in a way that is more suitable to you, whatever it may be. If you don’t like web cam, so don’t use it.  If you are tired of streaming and don’t feel that this is right for you, don’t be afraid to cancel it. Here is a short checklist to make before starting your first stream. Hopefully, it will help you avoid possible mistakes and confusions:
  • Learn all technical issues
If you choose Twitch, so there is technical advice on setting up your stream. Check your equipment to be sure that everything works properly before the broadcast.
  • Get used to your voice and video self-image
Rehearse your stream alone or invite some close friends to listen your first few streams. Most viewers stop and check a new channel for a minute. This is all the time you have to make them stay and watch your stream.
  • Choose secondary games
The only way to see new streamers on Twitch is by browsing favorite games and broadcasters in each corresponding game category. If you play FIFA or Call of Duty, viewers have to scroll hundreds of streamers to find your channel, unless you use an effective marketing strategy. So, choose games that have a total viewership of the hundreds or low thousands.
  • Define Your Priority
It makes a difference, if you choose to play single or multiple games on your stream. Once you decide, what type of streamer you are, it will be easier to develop your channel. Streaming a variety of games is more fun, but your channel will grow slower than if you stick with one game and fan base. Choose the option that best works for you.

Just Do It!

Sometimes, it is the best just to stop thinking. The easiest way to overcome fear of a first broadcast is diving right in. Start your stream for 2 hours, for 30 minutes or for 10 minutes – it is up to you. Anyway, you can’t base your knowledge on something you have no idea about. Even if your first stream is not what you expected, you will already have some experience and more chances to make your future broadcasts better. Take a first step and fulfill your potential!