How to Find a Good Streaming Community

The search for like-minded people is something that everyone on Twitch can relate to. Most of us find interesting streams by occasion - via a Reddit thread or a tweet from a favorite streamer or, maybe, from a hosted stream on a channel page. Discovering people that share your interests and ideas is a part that makes Twitch experience fun and rewarding. It is a great way to find streamers to play with and improve your own stream based on their expertise. Sometimes, streaming can be lonesome, especially if you are a novice in this field. You might have created perfect layouts and pictures for marketing of your channel, but still have some questions that can’t be actually answered by tutorials and YouTube videos. You need some human to ask and collaborate with - a streaming buddy. Below are some of the most popular places to find a good streaming community that is on the same page with you.

#1. Twitch Communities

To find people with similar interests, it is not necessary to go somewhere outside Twitch. Twitch communities could be what you are searching for. You can choose maximum 3 communities to stream to, so that your stream will show up on these community pages. You can also check other streamers from a community of your interest. Belonging to one of Twitch communities encourages you to discover, share and connect with new people, content and followers. To find a proper community on Twitch:
  • Go to the main community page: a Communities directory is located alongside the Games directory
  • Use a direct search just by writing some keyword in the Twitch search bar
  • Create your own community and gather people into it

#2. Discord

Discord is a perfect tool that allows you to engage your community and find more like-minded streamers to enjoy and communicate with. Discord is a kind of combination of Teamspeak and Skype where one can create free servers that contain voice and text channels. It is a really all-in-one app used by almost all streamers. To find a good streaming community, start with simply joining on Discord streamers that you like on Twitch. It is not only more enjoyable, but also more natural way to set relationships. Some of the most popular Discord groups for streamers are Gamewisp and TwitchKittens.

#3. Twitch Reddit

If you haven’t already started to use Reddit thread for Twitch streamers, you should do it now. It is the first go-to place when you have questions for specific problems, want to talk about the latest things happening or share some of your ideas. There are also multiple monthly events held on Reddit where you can submit art, ask feedback for your channel, find buddies to play with, etc. For beginning streamers, we suggest creating an intro for TwitchDB (Twitch database) to get the status of a verified broadcaster close to your name. In this case, every comment that you make on Reddit will be an advertisement of your streaming channel. /r/Twitch also has a Discord channel where you can find help for more technical questions.

4. Streamers

It is currently one of the biggest and most active Twitch communities on Facebook. Here you can ask anything from tech to general questions, post links when going live, share your streaming moments. It is a good place where you can meet people with real names of all levels: beginning streamers, veterans and partners. So, the discussions and information given there is trustworthy and quality. The group moderators (Pseudo_Poise, in particular) are doing a good work on clearing all inappropriate content and controlling trolls’ activity.

#5. Face-to-face Meetings

TwitchCon is probably the biggest event that gathers all Twitch community in one place. Participating in TwitchCon is a chance to grow your audience, find new partners, meet up people whom you only knew by their Twitch usernames, fuel your creativity or just become closer to the world of streaming. Even if you are a non-partnered streamer, it is absolutely worth going to TwitchCon. There is no such thing as “too big” or “too small” streamer for TwitchCon. There are a lot of games and competitions that are fun, moreover you will get to know more streamers and viewers alike. TwitchCon provides some regular and already loved events, such as: TwitchCon Talent Show, The Dark Harbor Party, Cosplay Contest, Cretaive Corner. No matter how big your channel is, meet people, network and self-promote. A simple smile, greeting and exchanging contact info can be rewarding. Don’t forget to bring your business cards and notebook with a pen. This is a fan convention devoted to science fiction, comics, anime, gaming and collectables. The only drawback is that it is held solely in Australian cities. But, if you are resided in Australia or searching for your vacation destination, then don’t miss a chance to visit this annual event. Moreover, the event is often hold in the late November when it is almost summer in Australia. On the convention, you will meet guests from film and television, comic artists, book authors, game exhibitors as well as a number of cosplayers demonstrating their characters’ outfits. In 2017, there were the Anime Theatre, a Garrison 7 showcase, “The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One” film exhibition and other Supa-screenings. One of the biggest events was the meeting with game video superstar Nolan North who voices many game characters (one of the most popular is the voice of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series). Nolah shared his experience in animation and different aspects of the gameplay (for instance how to animate a every single muzzle fire for all the various guns). Check all upcoming Supanova events on their Facebook page. The closest dates: April 20-22 (Melbourne), April 27-29 (Gold Coast) PAX conventions are very popular and are held from the early 2004 when the guys at Penny Arcade decided to create a show exclusively devoted to gaming and game culture. Today, PAX provides a space for gamers of all disciplines including different game-related events: freeplay, tournaments, enforces, expo, concerts, panels, etc. If you are going to attend PAX for the first time, we want to give you some tips. PAX is a huge event: trying to see everything in one day will make you miss a lot of really interesting things. So, before going to the convention, choose preferable events you want to attend, download the guidebook app with map of an expo hall and schedule of all events. For big names, such as Blizzard, Riot and other AAA game companies, that are about to launch a new game, we suggest to show up at least an hour ahead of time. Keep in mind that in order to try out popular games, you will have to wait an hour or more for 10-15 minutes of a gameplay. Don’t wait in line for games that you know you can get in a month, better check something more unique. Focus on the expo floor, checking out board and video games, meeting and chilling with people of the same interests - these are the things that make the memories and contribute to your development as a streamer. The closest dates: PAX South, January 12-14 (San Antonio, TX), PAX East, April 5-8 (Boston, MA).


Streaming communities are amazing places to develop lasting relationships with other like-minded individuals, such as creating your own community group where you can support each other or bouncing new ideas to make your viewers more engaged and eager. The possibilities are endless. We hope that our post will help you out in the streaming world and make it more easy for you to find people that share your believes. If you know some awesome places to find people alike that we forgot to mention, please, share them in comments.