Easy Ways to Make Twitch Highlights

When you come to the streamer’s channel for the first time, watching highlights is the easiest way to get an idea of what the stream is about and whether you like it or not. Today, we are going to learn how to make quality highlights on Twitch with minimal tools and efforts.

#1. Think of Highlights To Be a Solid Investment

Don’t treat highlights like simple records of your streams. Instead, remember that  highlights on Twitch are a part of your marketing strategy. There is always a chance that somebody will eventually pass by your channel and watch a video highlight of some of your streams when you are offline or sleeping in your cozy bed. The viewer can fall in love with your channel’s idea, your manner of speaking, charisma, and decide to follow you. Making quality and good-looking highlights is like investing money in a bank and leaving it there. Twitch highlights can also be uploaded to YouTube, thus reaching more people who might be interested in your stream.

#2. Don’t Forget to Archive Your Broadcasts

The first important thing you should start with is activating Twitch settings to automatically record and save all your last broadcasts. This requires a zero work and creates a raw content for your future highlights. Moreover, these broadcasts are valuable for those of your fans who missed the last broadcast. By always recording your streams, it will be easier to compile the best funny or memorable moments of your stream. You never know which stream will be more or less successful and full of jokes, moments, epic fails, etc. N.B. Remember that once you have enabled archiving, Twitch automatically saves your broadcasts: for non-turbo users the video is saved for 14 days; for Twitch partners and Turbo users the recorded broadcasts are saved for 60 days.

#3. Creating A Twitch Highlight

There is a very detailed Twitch guide on  how to create a highlight and activate automatic recording. In order to find your last broadcasts, go to your Twitch Profile page and select a needed video from the list. After that, look right under the video player and you will see a small gear icon “highlight” which allows you to create a clip from a chosen stream. Use yellow slides to choose clips’ fragments and then click “Create Highlight”. Here is a nice tutorial on how to make highlights of your Twitch Streams by MaskedVillianGaming:

#4. Find a Way to Note Down Timestamps for Your Highlight

It is good, if you have somebody to note down the timestamps - a viewer, a moderator, or somebody else you can trust. You can also use chat clients, such as Chatty or Ankhbot, to mark the timestamp. Moreover, in OBS Classic, you will find an option for Replay Buffer which allows you to save the definite amount of seconds in virtual memory (you decide for how long). When you press a hotkey, a chosen video fragment is saved to your hard drive. This method is very useful, as it is much more easy to slap together a couple of 30 seconds clips than going back and cut up hours of content.

#5. Exporting Your Twitch Highlights to YouTube

Once you export a chosen broadcast from Twitch to YouTube, you can edit your video in YouTube video editor. It usually takes sometime before the video is uploaded to YouTube. When the export is over, you will receive an email notification. It is better to set the video to “Private” and then manually activate it when you are sure that it should be seen by your viewers. Before doing this, make sure that you have connected both Twitch and YouTube accounts and your content doesn’t include music in the background (because of copyright reason, such videos can be deleted).

#6. Creating Twitch Highlights with the Help of OBS and other Software

For more sophisticated streamers, who want to create video highlights of the high quality (and who have a lot of spare time), a special video editing and streaming software can be used. If you prefer utilizing OBS, you can record your streams via this program and use them to create a highlight. To do that in OBS, you should go to “Setting”, “Broadcast Settings” and choose an option “Automatically save stream to file”. Then, set a preferred file path to locate your video and import it to a video editing program, such as Adobe Premier or other program of your choice. As an example, take a look at OverBoredGaming highlights on YouTube: N.B. Unlike VODs, your highlights stay on Twitch forever. That is why many streamers put all VODs into the highlight section in full.

A Perfect Highlight: How Should It Look Like?

  • Brevity. From 30 seconds to 2 minutes is an optimal length for a video clip. Anything that is longer than 2 minutes can be boring, especially for the viewers who watch you for the first time. Treat your Twitch highlights like commercials - an alternative way to hook new followers.
  • Creativity. If you want to capture a specific moment, combine it with another related content which it too long, then go for it, despite "the 30 sec-2 minutes’ standard". If you think that your last fight that took you 10 minutes will be interesting to your fans, so create a 10-minutes video highlight. The rules are there to be broken sometimes.
  • Contextuality. How many times do you watch highlights of other streamers that don’t make any sense, because the streamers have cut off an essential part of the video? It is a frequent practice. When creating a Twitch highlight, think about final viewer who hasn't necessarily watch your stream. Don’t lop off important parts of your game in pursuit of good bits. For example, if you respond to Dota2 WTF moment, it would be relevant to include the moment preceded to WTF.
  • Maximal Sсope.  Try to get the word out there and put your highlight not only on Twitch. Connect your Twitch and YouTube and share some of your highlights in other social networks. You can automatically publish all your Twitch highlights on YouTube, but this way your subscribers will receive a flood of your videos. So, we advise to uploade best of your highlights on YouTube sparingly, once a day or on a weekly basis.


Highlight is an easy and accessible way to grow your following. They are saved forever, however, records of your broadcasts are deleted after 2 weeks (in case you are not a partnered or turbo streamer). This means that you have literally 2 weeks to memorize your stream and highlight the best funny or epic moments. So, don’t put it off too long! We recommend using both Twitch and YouTube. There won’t be any harm in having similar or different content on both sites, but the more quality highlights you can create, the better.