How to Deal with Creativity Blocks

At dawn of your streaming career, you were on fire. New ideas were coming up and you felt that you are constantly changing and growing. But, one day it all stopped. You found yourself frustrated, exhausted and desperately searching for inspiration. Don’t worry too much. Experiencing adversity and creative blocks from time to time is an inevitable part of any creative process. This happens to all of us. The only right way to deal with creativity blocks is figuring out what is stunting your creativity and doesn’t let you move on.

Look through Some Tricks to Bring Your Creative Mojo Back:

Relax and Shift Your Attention

In order to overcome the lack of creativity, you just need to relax for a bit. First of all, get enough sleep which is the best aphrodisiac for your creativity. Remember that new ideas appear in the ways when you are not staring directly at them all the time. Ask yourself when was the last time you had break, and we are not talking about family weekends you come back from even more exhausted. We are talking about being totally switched off, relaxed and quiet. Time away from work and usual ambience acts as a mind cleanser. Taking a minute to pick up your head up and go for a slow walk without your cell phone revitalizes. It is helpful to go somewhere new, whether it is a nearby park or other country, while challenging your thoughts and ideas with new places and cultures If you are that kind of person who can’t just lie down on a sofa, you can shift your attention to other tasks that don’t require much inspiration, such as answering mails, doing taxes, writing letters, etc. Usually, after a couple of days of catching up administrative needs, you will want to do anything but not those things. To reset your mind, try doodling or other type of relaxation techniques. Physical activities, such as running, swimming or biking, help regain creativity by letting your brain  work in the background mode.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” (Picasso)

Picasso’s aphorism shouldn’t be conceived in its literal sense. People, who saw only 2-3 cubist posters in their life and then thought that all cubist art looks like Picasso and started copying his works, are not professionals. They are just tweaking other artists’ works. A genuine artist will learn, absorb all the art other artists have done and do to stimulate their creativity and find own ideas and interpretations. In a figural sense, they “steal the art”, transform it into something distinct, fresh, something that belongs to them. Sometimes, taking inspiration from other creative personalities, streamers, “inspiration boards” on Pinterest can become a breath of fresh air. Streaming platforms, like Twitch, Meerkat or Periscope, make it easier to find content inspiration, whether it is impressive visuals or meaningful discussions with inspiring people. With live streaming, you can not only watch, but be involved, share your experience, interact with broadcasters. On Twitch, you can find active stream teams with their communities, such as Game Artists (specialize in art for video games), The Ink Squad (tattoo artist stream team), Kaleidoscope (traditional art), etc. In case you have trouble finding anything worth watching, look at some of the most creative Twitch streamers in our previous post “Launching Twitch Creative Channel: Ideas to Become Unique on Twitch”

Inspiration Should Find Your Working

Creative process in somehow similar to driving a car – the more you think about how to do it, the worse it becomes. Trusting your intuition without pressure makes a creative process easy and natural. Developing your routine can be a key to overcome resistance. When people experience creative blocks, the hardest part is to take step back and admit that “this is not working”. But, sometimes the most effective way of solving the problem is to grit your teeth and experience the creative crisis. Just show up every day, work and wait for your creativity to re-emerge. If you are streaming your creative process for a considerable amount of people, don’t be surprised to see your creativity be in the tank. Creativity often happens in private space. When you live stream, comment your actions and answer chat, your self-consciousness is on and this kills any potential to be creative. Make a part of your creative process private or perform separate streams without active chat where you can concentrate on the process. For instance, Suchikuchi, a leather master creative streamer, have special Lurk and Work streams when she turns off all notifications, sits back and lurks while working.

Brainstorming for New Ideas

One of the simplest and fun techniques is making up a List of 100, which means writing a list of 100 items, ideas, words related to … anything, not just work or streaming. It can be the list of 100 cities you want to visit, 100 crazy things you want to do until die – anything that first comes to your mind. This task helps encourage you to think around a chosen topic and, at the same time, transform your usual way of thinking. Then, it is time for brainstorming session related to your topic. Try to concentrate and list everything you can think in relation to it. Include all things that come to your mind, even the most silly or crazy ones. Once you write down all the options, you can look at each decision one by one.

Take Away

Creative blocks often happen because of stagnation. That is why, it is vital to push your boundaries and focus on something new and scary from time to time. The key to overcome a creative block is keep focused, but in new ways. Creativity is a fickle muse. It is not always around the corner: sometimes it shows up frequently, sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t let your creative block disrupt the peace of your mind. Continue working, struggling and getting out of your comfort zone, until you don’t be afraid of new things and changes. Creativity comes to the patient ones.