How To Create an Effective Twitch Marketing Campaign?

As a type of media, live streaming is not a unique concept. Television and radio have been doing live shows for years. The main point that makes streaming so distinct and interesting for us in terms of Twitch marketing is a high level of interaction and instant feedbacks. Twitch fans not only watch media, they are a part of creation as well. Using the same marketing tactics in TV, radio and live streaming may not be wrong, but it is a waste of the potential of the new medium. Below, we will tell you some tips to help you create a more effective Twitch marketing campaign for your stream:

Achieve the Goals Together with Your Audience

Though some traditional Twitch marketing tactics, such as banners, co-branding, etc., may be effective, don’t ignore the fact that Twitch is not about a passive, pre-recorded content. It is more about vivid interaction, fans’ engagement and feedback. That is why, there is nothing Twitch viewers love more than feeling of involvement. Help your audience reach a common goal together. Think about what kind of behavior you’d like to see in your audience (it can be the number of clicks, likes, retweets) and create a motivator, as follows:
  • Include a progress meter on the overlay of your stream that will show how close you and your fans are to a certain goal (for example, a donation goal meter)
  • Offer bonus points or a reward when a viewer base reaches a certain number or when some goal has been achieved.

Don’t Stint on Social Validation

Almost all people are inspired when a celebrity, a person they admire, suddenly tweets or likes them in social media. Twitch allows this constant feedback and social validation in real time. Don’t miss a chance to reply to your fans’ comments, show your approval, encourage them. Thank viewers when they subscribe, sign up for something, purchase your product or complete any other action in your interest. Thus, you will create a loyal audience engaged to perform these actions more and more in return of your positive attitude.

Invent Ritual Actions on Your Twitch Stream

As stream usually lasts for several hours, create some repetitive actions to maintain the interest of your audience. Not many viewers can devote the whole day watching your stream, but if they know your schedule and sequence of rituals, they can return to your stream at any moment they want. You can also associate your channel with some moments, like coupons in the chat when a streamer hits a new record or beats a game.

Give Your Viewers a Vote

People love control things. The same is related to your audience: give your fans the sense of control. This point is very similar to a common goal, but is more about furthering competition and gaining more word of mouth.
  • Allow viewers to vote on what happens to the streamer
  • Let them choose a song or next game to play
  • Reward fans’ behavior on external social media channels in order to bring the word of mouth beyond Twitch

Let Your Viewers to Be a Part of History

It may sound a little heroic, but let your fans to become a part of something larger than themselves. Create highlights and Twitch clips to capture the best fans’ reactions, anything remarkable that happened during your streams. Boost the feeling of involvement by posting this material on social media encouraging other people to join the experience.


Twitch continues to develop as a platform, inventing new means of interaction and fans’ engagement. What we have outlined above are some starting points that can be adapted by all streamers or types of content. The main key thought is becoming aware of how viewers use Twitch and interact with your channel instead of simply feeding them with prerecorded non-engaging content.