Сhoosing the Best Twitch Extensions

Twitch extensions feature the third-party overlays and panels that aim to make your stream more interactive, funny and informative. If used properly, Twitch extensions may become a cherry on top of your channel enabling you to gain more revenue, share information and engage audience. To use a chosen extension, you should find a Twitch’s Extension manager and go through a three step process: installation, configuration and activation. The detailed instruction can be found here.

How Many Twitch Extensions to Use?

In total, you can use six extensions (different features, polls, leaderboards, schedules, etc.) on your channel launched simultaneously. A number of developers tend to release multiple extensions to work with one another. The only exception is that extensions are designed to display on the definite area of a web page which makes it impossible to put overlays on top of another one. As a result, you can run maximum three overlays on the video and three below the video player. How many extensions to use is up to you. Some extensions can enhance your streaming content - you can change them from time to time. But, some can be so useful that you never want them to turn off. Try to not overload your page with too many similar features and always ask your viewers for a feedback.

How to Earn Additional Money with the Bits of Extensions?

Along with interactivity and functionality, Twitch extensions can be a way of earning additional revenue. With the feature “Bits in Extensions”, viewers can pay Bits - virtual currency on Twitch - for unlocking new features of extensions. The Bits are used by developers, while a streamer that hosts the extension receives a portion of the revenue. Thus, by having several extensions on the channel page a streamer increases the potential revenue.

Our List of The Best Twitch Extensions

With hundreds of Twitch extensions you may find on the Internet, in our post we’ve gathered some of the best:

Viewer Engagement

  • Feels Meter by Muxy
Feels Meter acts as a voting mechanism. With the help of this extension, viewers can easily vote or answer “yes/no” questions by clicking on the buttons on the binary gauge. For example, you can ask questions like “do you like the game?” or “should I switch to another game now” and see the audience’s reaction.
  • Live Emotes by Porcupine
When an exciting moment happens on stream, a broadcaster can easily see what people feel about it. Live emotes are anonymous encouraging people to react with more will. Unlike other traditional emotes plugins, with Live Emotes viewers can opt-out easily if they don’t want to see emotes.
  • MasterOverwatch
It’s an extension that provides on-screen stats during the game. Similar extensions are designed also for Fortnite and PUBG fans.
  • Mobalytics.gg
It’s a personal performance analytics platform for all League of Legends fans. When viewers ask questions like “What items have you built?”, “What rank are you using?” and a streamer can’t answer at the moment, Mobalytics becomes handy. The extension shows your viewers the stats, helps measure your in-game performance for different skills (farming, consistency, teamplay), gives your personal GPI score and provides with practical tips on how to improve your weak sides.
  • Suggestion Box
If you want suggestions delivered to you in more formal way than a chat, Suggestion Box is what you need. With this extension, you let viewers write their opinions about your stream. Suggestion Box prevents you from spam and allows placing new comments in an approval queue.


  • Spotify Recently Played
With this extension, your audience can always know what music you’re listening. The panel shows your current song and two most recent tracks you’ve played with a link to Spotify. The extension lets you create public playlists of all tracks you play while streaming.
  • Pretzel Rocks: What's Playing
If you use the Pretzel Rocks music player, this extension is made for you. Pretzel provides direct integration with Twitch and shows what musical tracks're currently playing on your stream as well as the links where viewers can go to get the music.

Games in Extensions

  • Kappa Pet
It’s a pet emote that lives in your channel and can interact and react to the viewers’ actions. Kappa Pet acts like your childish toy “tamagotchi”, but this time the audience is the one who should care about the pet. When interacting with your Kappa Pet, viewers give it their love. The pet dies without love and doesn’t gain experience.  If you have a friendly community, your pet will eventually grow up, gain experience and unlock new emotes.
  • StreamLegends
With StreamLegends, you can do more than just chat with your viewers. The extension helps engage your audience by giving them a chance to participate in building the channel’s guild, fighting monsters and sharing the spoils. The streamer can watch how his/her town is growing as viewers work to build it together.
  • Bithead Arcade
It’s a mini-game arcade panel extension. Bithead Arcade lets your viewers play arcade classic games right on stream. The extension can be installed only if you are a partner or affiliate streamer that can obtain bits, otherwise it won’t work for you.

Loyalty and Recognition

  • Streamlabs Leaderboard
It’s a panel extension that helps collect your cheers and loyalty points and sort them by session, week, month or time. With Streamlabs Leaderboard, you can easily show off your top supporters.
  • Leaderboard by Muxy
It’s a panel Twitch extension that allows people to view cheers. The leaderboard automatically updates lists of the top 6 all-time, monthly, weekly and session cheerers. The names of chosen individual cheerers can be hidden, if needed.
  • Game Queue
The extension allows streamers to invite viewers to game with them. Each stream has its own queue that viewers can join. The extension makes it possible to customize a queue, make a prioritization of subscribers, so that a streamer can focus on the game.

Schedule and Countdowns

  • Streamlabs Stream Schedule & Countdown
It’s another panel extension that displays your schedule and a countdown to your next streaming session. If you're planning a break, you can just set a return date and the countdown to inform your viewers when you’re going to return.
  • Event Countdown
This easy-to-use event scheduler has a simple and nice design. The extension displays a countdown until your next event, using your chosen thumbnail and game box art.
  • StanzaCal
A StanzaCal is layout where potential subscribers can see upcoming events from an organization's schedule. The extension lets streamers to create their own streaming schedules as well as follow the schedules of their favorite streaming teams. Viewers who add the event to their calendars will be given updates and reminders about coming events and streaming times.


Whether you are a fan of extensions or an absolutely new user, you can always check the fullest list of Twitch extensions in the Extension Manager. It’s very easy to browse and search for your perfect extension in different categories. Twitch extensions are not the necessary thing everyone should have, but some of them may dramatically liven up your chat and make your channel look prettier and more user-friendly.