Cheering on Twitch: Let Your Viewers Be a Part of Your Stream

In 2016, Twitch introduced a new feature for streamers – Cheering. Initially, the service was created to protect streamers from chargebacks and frauds that often happen with PayPal donations. As it was aptly stated by Twitch CEO Emmet Shear, if the channel subscription can be compared with purchasing of season tickets for your favorite sport, cheering on Twitch is more like having a crowd wave organized by fans. Indeed, Twitch Cheering feature lets the viewers appreciate their favorite broadcasters with the help of special chat messages that include bright, animated emotes. The intricacy, appearance and size of cheers depend on the amount of Bits (Twitch virtual currency) spent on them.

How Does Twitch Cheering Work?

When you type in a chat “cheer” followed by number of Bits you want to use (cheer100, cheer1000), the corresponding emote will appear. The more bits you spend the more attention-grabbing and cooler Emoticons show up. The broadcaster can set a threshold for the amount of Bits needed to send a Cheer message in the chat. For instance, if the streamer chooses 100 Bits, so the viewers won’t be able to send cheers of grey color – 1-99 Bits. As a rule, large popular streamers prefer setting higher minimums to filter out the audience.

To Whom Is Available?

Everybody on Twitch has potential access to cheering, but not everybody can receive cheers in chat. Only Partnered streamers can enable this option. If you have just become a Partner, you don’t have to opt into Cheering: it is already on. The Cheering feature is available worldwide, BUT Bits can be currently purchased only via Amazon (be ready to pay extra Amazon international transaction fees as well). Thus, for some users cheering may be a costly thing.

Why to Use?

For streamer, having Cheering option in the chat brings in more animation and fun in the discussion. Additionally, from each Bit used by the user, the streamer received one cent. For the viewers, cheering is a simple and effective way to be recognized in a crowd. Moreover, the most active fans can receive Cheer Chat Badges.

How Much Does It Cost?

It depends on how many cheers you want to use. The smallest pack of Bits available (100 Bits) can be bought for $1,40. The maximum number of Bits is 25000 – the equivalent of $308. It is also possible to earn Bits by watching 30-second ads and filling in short survey - usually from 5 to 100 Bits for an action.


One of the biggest downsides (according to Reddit forum’s opinions) is that cheering remains available for selected channels, while small streamers may actually benefit from cheering as well. Many users think that the system just helps riches to get richer. However, this is the problem of having to run any business. One should understand that creating the service with equal rules and opportunities for everyone is utopia. If anybody has access to Cheering, then Twitch would require a tax and payment info from every streamer. Considering the amount of small streamers with a few viewers and rare broadcasts, it would be cost-ineffective for Twitch to give this feature to everyone.

Making Cheering More Fun with Streamlabs Jar and Muxy Bits Cup

Muxy Bits Cup was launched in 2016. The Cup supports all Cheermotes from Twitch and changes its size according to the size of your Cup browser source with the text not being scaled down to save readability. Muxy Bits Cup can collect Bits from user messages and drop it into the cup. The most exciting thing about the Cup is that Bits comply with the laws of physics, so the larger Bits can knock smaller Bits out of the cup. Another nice thing is that it is possible to cutomize your own logo on a Muxy glass. Here is a detailed guide on how to make a custom frosted cheer cup image in Photoshop. The idea of Muxy Cup has given rise to imitations, and, in January 2017, a similar animated Tip Jar became available on Streamlabs, an independent service that provides multiple valuable tools for streamers. To make the application more funny for non-partnered streamers, Streamlabs Jar allows dropping different items (not just Tips), such as icons of new followers or non-Bit tips. A Jar has nice screen visual effects with bits flying everywhere. It is also possible to choose the type of Tip Jar, from a straight cup to a martini glass. A Tip Jar helps make the procedure of accepting Twitch cheers more fun and spectacular, rather than just regular pop-ups. And the more fun you make it, the more viewers will want to use this feature. The best way to locate the jar is putting it in the corner of the screen where there is no gameplay, the same as on the screenshot below. You can also put it over something static, like items in The League of Legends.


As a partnered streamer, you can use Twitch cheers to bring you and your viewers closer. Remember that cheering is an interactive chat feature, that is why, it is important to discuss with your audience about what they would like to do or see with Cheering on your channel. If talk about which cheering tool to use - Streamlabs Jar or Muxy Cup, we could say that the functionality of both apps are very similar. Base your choice on your personal preferences depending on what is important for you at the moment. If you want to place a logo on the cup, then Muxy Cup will better suit your need. If the champagne glass perfectly fits in your stream overlay, then go for it. Both tools are free to use, provide quality customization options and are open for your suggestions.