How can a streamer create an original style?

If you want to become a streamer, then you need to think over your own style, which will bring you popularity. How to do it? Read about that in our article.
  • Identify your target audience
First, you need to determine whether you're going to broadcast for yourself and your friends or to do it professionally for the big audience. In the first case, everything is simple, you can have fun and enjoy life. In the second case, you will sometimes have to do what you do not want to do.
  • Think carefully of the plan for the stream development
Sometimes you will be forced to adjust yourself to the need to stream games, choose the most profitable time, work on yourself and show unusual, even foolish behavior. Sometimes you will even have to play games that you absolutely do not like, but they have more viewers, and, hence, bring more money than the ones you love to play. Or the game is just convenient for streaming, you can put a lot of different information on the screen, which does not overlap the game elements. And even if you are unbearably bored, your viewer should not notice this. Otherwise, you will simply lose the audience. So think carefully, if you want to engage in streaming seriously. And if you still wish to - write out a plan for the development of your stream.
  • Think of your twist
The main thing for a streamer is the ability to be interesting to the viewer. So you need to understand how exactly you can catch your audience attention. If you play at a professional level, then you can bet on it. Cyber-sportsmen often have the most views, since viewers in cyber sports sections usually look for a mentor who can learn the skill of the game. Therefore, such players will collect a record audience. And of course, your chances of earning popularity increase a hundredfold if you have a glib tongue. If you are a woman, then you can compete with a cybersport even if you do not play very well. Just do not forget to put on sexy clothes and flirt. If you are not a super player and not a woman, but you have charisma and wit, you can try your luck in streaming too. Streamer showmen who deftly retain the attention of the audience are often more successful than brilliant players. The main thing is to choose a style for yourself, and decide what exactly you will attract with. Do not dissipate, trying to be good at everything. Just create a recognizable twist.
  • Work with your audience
The more often you talk, the more successful your stream will be. Remember this golden rule. Well, and joke. Often beginner streamers concentrate on the gameplay, completely forgetting that at the moment, they are primarily leading shows, and not trying to show people who went online that they, streamers, play the coolest. But interaction with the audience is not limited to witty remarks. Try to make your stream interactive. Organize contests. Bet and lose. Come up with rewards for reaching a particular number of subscribers or a specific amount of donations. You can even create communities of your subscribers. In general, the more you involve your community, the better are chances your popularity will skyrocket.
  • Choose the game and the time of the broadcast
You can stream different gameplay, show new items on the market and so on, but most likely for this, you will need a name Youtube channel. The chance that with such content you will succeed without Youtube is insignificant. Besides, for broadcasts on similar games much better-prepared speech, cosplay, and other things are needed. Where a more profitable option will be to start streaming one of the games, which is regularly in the top of Twitch. Also, you need to choose the right time for streaming, if you want to get to the top, and getting to the top will hugely increase your stream views.
  • Always adhere to the chosen style
Find your style and stick to it. While creating a manner, in addition to the specific behavior, you will be helped by same-style clothes or cosplay. Moreover, you can tell your viewers exciting stories from life. And in any case, do not be conceited, be open-minded and friendly. Finally, you should never change the style or perks of the stream. Otherwise, you won't attract a regular audience.