Best Ways To Promote Your Stream

“You cannot just expect a promotion to come from the sky”, Jesse White Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms that attracts a large amount of viewers. With the popularity of game streaming, it becomes more difficult to pull yourself out of the online rabbit hole and get exposure. So, even if you have unprecedented gaming skills or harisma, without promotion it’s likely that your stream will never be noticed. When talking about stream promotion, social media is the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are a lot of other ways to promote your streaming channel. Below we’ll mention some of the most effective:

Promote Your Stream With the Help of Video Content

YouTube Game Reviews

YouTube reviews are one of the most common ways to promote your stream. An ideal game review shouldn’t be a first impression. It should provide people that haven’t played the game with enough information to decide whether they want to play it or not. Usually, users look for info about the following things: graphics, story, gameplay, navigation, and user interface. When writing reviews, try to think from the viewer perspective. It’s good if in the end your review includes an overall summary or recommendation describing whether the game worth its money or it’s better to wait until the price drops. Here are some of the best game reviews of the popular Twitch streamers to look at: TotalBiscuit (lengthy first impressions gameplay with honest and informative commentary), videogamedunkey (game reviews flavored with a sense of humour), ProJared (retro reviews, videos on the newest releases, comedic playthroughs, and spotlights on overlooked indie games), Lazy Game Reviews (reviews of the most “big” games as well the vintage ones, tech stuff) Grim Beard Diaries (a spoiler-free adventure game reviews), Gggmanlives  (FPS game reviews), NerdCubed (objective and very detailed game reviews by Dan – the show star of NerdCubed team).

Doing Vlogs

You can create YouTube vlog showing parts of your gameplay, highlights, game commentary or just your daily life. The topic you choose for a vlog is absolutely up to you, depending on the level of confidence you want to create around your personality. Among the topics to cover in your vlog are:
  • Unboxing equipment
  • Creating a film about your ordinary streaming day
  • Asking someone to interview you or just answering to the camera the most common questions from your fans
  • Do a countdown video about “the best of” shows, for instance, “Best RPG’s of 2018” or “My favorite 10 games ever”
  • Showcase a controversial topic or, what is better, try to gather a group of gamers and organize real debates
  • Doing Let’s Plays videos or screenshots with text depicting your gameplay, usually go with commentary
  • Creating highlights a compilation of the best and interesting moments of the game. It’s good when you have something that tie your highlights together visual effects, narrating style, funny moments or sarcastic humor anything to make them stand out
Watch an inspiring video depicting a one day of a disabled Twitch streamer and YouTuber GoodTimesWithScar: When promoting your stream, don’t forget to remind viewers about your Twitch stream at the end of each video telling them when they can catch it, what to expect, and why they should visit your channel. Publish some information about your stream in the “About” section of your YouTube page, in your profiles and bios on social media. It also possible to create Twitch Clips and distribute them via Instagram, Facebook Stories, Twitter or Snapchat.

Promote Your Stream With the Help of Audio Content


A podcast isn’t something new in the world of marketing, however, in the recent years, this type of content has seen a huge surge in popularity. With our on-the-go lifestyle, podcasting gives you a chance to tell your story anywhere at any time. Moreover, podcasts are less expensive and time-consuming than writing or video content. In order to produce a podcast episode, all you need is to record yourself speaking with the help of microphone and a simple program for podcasts’ recording. Podcasts may cover any topic or game you enjoy now. The only downside is that podcasts need promotion. To some extent, they are like books. A lot of people start a book, but only few continue to read it. Here are some tips to help you make an ideal podcast:
  • Find an interesting, not boring content
  • Take care of a good sound, keep a moderate length
  • Make the title track catchy and as short as possible (maximum 5 seconds)
  • Avoid long pauses in the conversations
  • Engage your friends to take part in a podcast discussion
Watch a simple video guide on how to create a podcast for free: A good idea is to find other related podcasters and ask them to interview you. Such kind of cross-promotion won’t hurt. Look for more precious tips on how to start your own gaming podcast in our previous post.

Creating Supplemental Audio Content

You can create some audio cues for your fans to download and use as Twitch Alerts. It can be some music, voice or noises. For example, a popular Twitch streamer ZombieUnicorn has tried yourself in a voice acting. Offering audio stories in the form of audiobook or creating audio versions of live events or the most memorable streams can also be good idea. When creating any type of audio content for stream promotion, remember to include a relevant call-to-action. It should be short and memorable.

Promote Your Stream With the Help of Written Content

If you have good written skills, why not to try yourself in writing promotional posts. Here are some possible written ideas to promote your stream:
  • Create a blog or your personal website where you can tell stories
  • You can share your experience, review favourite games, tell about your streaming equipment - anything that readers want to read
  • If you don’t want to start a blog, you can share written content on social networks, Twitch subreddit, Discord, etc.
  • If you know interesting people related to the gaming world, try to interview them and share their stories
  • Write guides to the game you play
  • Share tips on streaming, choosing set up anything you feel expertise in
With the written content, you should not forget about its promotion. Internet is a crowded place, so you have to make some effort to help people find your content. Along with social media promotion, you can also use guest posting, comment marketing, SEO, email marketing, displayed ads, etc.

Promote Your Stream With the Help of Social Media

Social media can whip up the activity of your fans, encourage them to discuss, share content and continue conversation after your stream. There are some key posts you can distribute via social media to promote your stream. First of all, it’s an announcement or countdown to your next stream. Promote your stream in advance, remind about it right before starting the broadcast. After the stream, you can share a part of your stream via social networks, give thanks to all viewers, ask for feedbacks - anything to keep conversation going. You can also comment or retweet the most notable posts your audience shared during your stream. Make your posts catchy and visually compelling. Remember to create a worthy and intuitive hashtag for your stream, enabling new users to find your channel easier. In spite of rude commenting and trolling that take place on social media, try to stay a nice person, help other streamers, spend some time engaging with their content, treat them like real-life friends. Here are the main social media networks popular among streamers:
  • Instagram: post pictures of your set up, gameplay, your personal photos; use relevant hashtags, remember tag companies and sponsors; read our useful tips with best practices from the popular streamers in our "Twitch stream promotion via Instagram" post.
  • Twitter: share your schedule (better to pin it at the top of your profile), notify about an upcoming stream, share thoughts and game commentary; for more tips read our post “Twitter for Streamers: Must-Know Techniques for Every Twitcher”.
  • Facebook: create a Facebook group or a separate account to promote your stream; join popular Twitch and your game-related groups, such as this one; participate in discussions, share valuable content
  • Discord: set up a Discord account and chat with your community; join other Discord groups of similar topic and be a part of this community as well. Remember, that Discord is more about making connections and communicating, rather than a place for aggressive self-promotion.


People watch game streams because they want to improve their skills or decide whether they should buy a game or not. You can help them achieve both goals by sharing useful tips, your gaming expertise and commentary during streams. However, with all the useful content you provide, without promotion, you may spend years to make people find your stream. Self-promotion is necessary to create the visibility and buzz around your channel. And it shouldn't be necessarily expensive to be effective. Along with paid options, such as Twitch Strike or displayed ads, there are a lot of ways (mentioned above) to promote your stream and become noticed in a crowded market.