Best Twitch Alternative Streaming Platforms for Gamers

Without any doubt, Twitch is the biggest and well-known name in the live streaming industry. Twitch features a large and quality service available for PC, consoles and smartphones. However, with the recent changes in Twitch’s security and dress-code guidelines, many streamers doubt whether they want to stay on this platform. Another problem Twitch users face is the increasing number of downtimes during the broadcasts. If you are one of those who think about trying a new streaming platform, we’ve prepared the list of the best Twitch alternatives. Here we go:

#1. UStream

The strongest Twitch competitor is UStream – the service based in San-Francisco and owned by IMB. The platform is tailored for you if you want to broadcast games, talk shows or sports events. The service is commonly used by Facebook, LinkedIn, NASA, Salesforce, etc. Unlike other unlimited free streaming services, with UStream you have to pay a subscription fee. Moreover, there is a limit on streaming and viewer hours: if your streaming session runs longer than expected, you will likely have to pay an additional fee. While Twitch is leading in gaming category, UStream is more popular in “People and Society”, “Education”, “Law”, “Science” categories.


  • You can stream from PC (Windows, Mac), PS4 and smartphones (Android, IOS)
  • Supports stream of any kind
  • Social media integration
  • Apple TV/Roku support


  • Because of the big amount of users, the service experiences downtimes
  • The service costs money
  • If talk about market share, UStream is far behind losing to Twitch in all segments

#2. Mixer

Previously called Beam, one of the best Twitch alternative streaming platforms Mixer is owned by Microsoft company. Mixer’s creators present their platform as being even more interactive than Twitch. They encourage viewers not only watch the show, but actively participate in it by choosing weapons, acting as game characters, etc. Mixer is known for a small, but very friendly community. There you don’t have to scroll for ages to find someone stream your favorite game.


  • It’s available for Xbox One and Windows 10
  • FTL streaming – low-latency technology that allows broadcasters and viewers to interact in real time
  • The service is free, but if you want to get the best possible experience with no ads and early access to new features, you can subscribe for Mixer Pro package
  • Quick and caring support
  • Co-streaming feature as well as special sound effect buttons that have direct integration with the most popular games
  • Mixer Create – a mobile application that allows people to stream mobile video games and videos from smartphones or other devices


  • The community is small compared to Twitch: less amount of potential viewers
  • Limited to Xbox fans, there are also PC gamers, but not many
  • It’s more difficult to achieve real growth on this platform

#3. YouTube

Although for many people YouTube is just about watching videos, it also can be used for live streaming. In 2015, there was established a game-oriented YouTube Gaming offshoot of YouTube that contained live and on-demand videos. However, in March 2019, YouTube Gaming ceased to exist as a standalone application. But, it doesn't’ mean that you can’t stream games on YouTube anymore. From now, you can stream and archive game sessions on YouTube itself, within a new YouTube Gaming homepage. On YouTube, you can stream anything from mobile games to strategy guides, accompanied by interactive chat and commenting. When choosing the best Twitch alternative streaming platform, take into consideration the transcoding difference between Twitch and YouTube. With Twitch, the source quality the viewers receive on their devices is exactly the same as the footage you’ve sent them. This means that you can send a quality video, but if the viewer doesn’t have enough bandwidth and download speed, his/her picture will be of a low quality. With YouTube, all initial footage, regardless of its initial settings, is transcoded to average quality.


  • It’s easier to be noticed on YouTube than Twitch. Even if you are a small, but persistent streamer, your channel has chances to be suggested to other people on YouTube. You just have to make regular videos and live sessions
  • There are more chances to be  showcased on YouTube for beginning games’ creators. YouTube highlights them with the label “On The Rise” on the “Gaming” and “Trending” pages
  • Less censorship on YouTube: there are also strict rules of conduct, but in reality it’s harder to get banned on YouTube compared to Twitch


  • With YouTube, there are fewer possibilities to earn money by streaming. They are limited to Super Chat donation system, Membership and ads. Another problem is that YouTube takes nearly 30% of all streamers’ earnings. On the other hand, Twitch cares more for their streamers providing them with affiliate programs, ad revenue and advanced tipping and subscribing systems
  • Without any doubt, Twitch has formed a strong gaming community and culture around its brand. YouTube lacks this special gaming atmosphere. Twitch emotes and other specific extensions make Twitch special and are not available for other Twitch alternative streaming platforms.


The consolidation efforts of two big projects Hitbox and Azubu has been crowned with success: a new streaming platform called has arisen. This one of the best Twitch alternative streaming platform offers a wide set of features similar to Twitch: a quality streaming technology, different tools, chat options, etc. In general, Samshchast unites former users of Azubu and HitBox as well as banned streamers from Twitch.


  • It’s free of charge
  • The platform focuses on eSports streams
  • A good HTML5 and JavaScript integration
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS; low demand for PC resources
  • Not as much regulated as other platfroms and is easy to get started


  • Streamers on the platform don’t have any control over ads
  • The service is unpopular compared to its competitors, so it’s difficult to get a following
  • The service may sometimes act unstable when you’re not streaming games

#5. Mirrativ

The name of the platform says for itself – “mirror” + “narrative”. It’s a Japanese alternative streaming platform available solely for smartphones. With Mirrativ, you can easily broadcast your game on-the-go, chat and share everything via social networks. The application has something similar with Instagram and Periscope, but its focus is creating video narratives around every topic you share. Mirrativ lets you stream your face via camera along with the action on the screen.


  • The service is available on iOS11 or later as well as Android 5.0 or later
  • It’s free of charge
  • Mirrativ allows you to share anything that is on your screen, so that you can show off your gaming techniques and unique tricks with your phone or app features
  • The game archives can be downloaded


  • A lot of abusive content is produced by dishonest people, such as broadcasting copyrighted videos from Netflix or Spotify music
  • It’s not clear how streamers can make money with this app, unless by making direct ads during the stream


We’ve listed only some of the best Twitch alternative streaming platforms out there. The decision about which platform to choose should be based on your priorities, budget and final goals. One of the best equivalent of Twitch is Mixer: it provides similar features and is free of charge. The best alternative for mobile gamers will be Mirrative. Anyway, even if you are a huge fan of Twitch, it won’t hurt you trying out a new service. So, what is your favorite streaming platform? Have we missed some noteworthy platform? Share your thoughts in the comments!