Becoming a Twitch Partner: Dispelling the Myths

People say that it is almost impossible to become Twitch partner for the middle streamer with average amount of viewers (approximately 300 concurrent viewers). We decided to conduct our own study to clear up what does it mean to be a Twitch partner and what difficulties a streamer may face applying for Twitch partnership.

What Do You Need to Become a Twitch Partner?

To become a partner on Twitch, your streaming channel should correspond to several requirements. First thing you should check before applying for partnership is the amount of viewers: Twitch requires minimum 500 concurrent viewers. Concurrent viewership is important, but, it is not the main thing. Your streams should be regular – minimum 3 times a week, while your content has to comply with the Twitch Terms of Services.
Summing up the main Twicth requirements:
  • 500 concurrent viewers
  • 3 streams per week
  • Non-abusive content
Twitch requirements seem to be rather guidelines: having more than 500 simultaneous viewers doesn’t guarantee acceptance to the Partnership Program, as you may stream rarely or have inappropriate content. All applications are considered manually, and the exceptions can be made for potentially good streamers. One valuable detail that can raise your chance of being accepted to Twitch Partnership is having pre-recorded playgames on other platforms, including YouTube. The general requirements for pre-recorded content from other sources are as follows: 15 000+ views per video, more than 100 000 subscribers and non-abusive content (according to Twitch Terms of Service). In this case, even if you are absolutely novice on Twitch, you can try to apply for partnership in the very beginning of your “Twitch career”. Moreover, as Twitch itself states on the application page, even if “you're not currently creating video content elsewhere, but think people would still tune in to watch you, feel free to apply.” Indicating the reasons making you a good partner, describing what you are going to broadcast, sometimes may be enough.  N.B. Remember, that once you have got Twitch Partnership, you are not allowed to live stream games elsewhere, except Twitch. However, you will still be able to post pre-recorded games and other non-game related content on other websites and platforms.

What Benefits Does a Twitch Partner Have?

When you become a Twitch partner, you will gain access to the wide range of new features:
  • Ad Revenue
With Twitch partnership, you have a possibility to get a share of the ad revenue generated from your streams. You can determine the frequency and length of advertisements on your channel (between 30 and 180 seconds). Partner receives revenue according to CPM (Cost per Thousand) model - for every 1000 impressions of advertisement.
  • Channel Subscription as a Benefit for You and Your Subscribers
As a Twitch partner, you can get more profit from channel subscriptions. If you use this feature, your viewers will be able to buy a monthly subscription (which is $4.99) to your streaming channel in exchange for some features and privileges:
  1. Custom emotions
  2. Custom Chat Badges
  3. Access to subscribers-only chat
  4. Access to video quality
  5. Unrestricted Access to Broadcast Archives
  6. Exclusion from slow mode
  • Broadcast Delays
The usual broadcasting delay on Twitch is around 10-20 seconds. If you are a Twitch partner, your delay is lower. For competitive games, you will be able to increase your broadcast delay up to 15 minutes to ensure a fair play.
  • Video Transcoding
Twitch partnership provides you with an automatic transcoding for all the broadcasts, while non-partnered streams can receive transcodes depending on the available capacity. Due to video transcoding feature, more viewers will be able to watch your stream without interferences and buffering. Transcodes allow viewers to adjust the quality they watch a broadcast for their best experience.
  • TeeSpring Campaigns
TeeSpring is an eCommerce platform to help you sell official Twitch T-shirts. With a Twitch partnership, you will be able to design your own shirt. Printing, shipping and customer service is supported by TeeSpring. Each T-shirt is sold in the Twitch store, and you will receive your revenue through your Twitch Partner payments.
  • Having a Streaming Team
Having a streaming team is a perfect way to direct viewers to streamers you recommend. You can also create a landing page for viewers making them easier to find streamers. Anyone can join a streaming team, if they receive an invitation, but only a Twitch partner has a right to create the team.
  • 60 Days before Your VODs Are Removed 
According to Twitch rules, full past broadcasts are saved at servers during 14 days for regular streamers. If you are a Twitch Turbo subscriber or a partner, you will have 60 days until your VODS are deleted.
  • Priority Support Queue
You will have a prior access to Partner support queue in case you need help regarding payments, features, partnership program, etc.

What to Write and When to Apply?

You can apply for Twitch Partnership whenever you feel ready.  If Twitch denies your application, you can send a back message asking what can be improved to your stream. Once you have done what Twitch suggested, try to apply one more time. Wait at least for 100 or more viewers before applying. Twitch partnership department asks streamers not to apply every single week, as it doesn’t make any sense. Stats are not changing so quickly, and Twitch is looking for changes occurring over a longer period of time. The application form for Twitch partnership contains a details box, where you should literally sell yourself. If you are a newcomer on Twitch, but have previous experience of following on social networks or YouTube, you should indicate this info here. This is basically like sending a job application. Imagine, that employer wants you to have 2 years of experience and the ability to do X and Y. Can you get the job without 2 years of experience, but with knowledge how to do X and Y? Of course, “Yes.” If you manage to convince your employer, you have a potential to receive this job. The same is with Twitch partnership application. Thus, there is no sense lying about your extraordinary success. Twitch admins are not stupid to not check the stats you provide. To increase your chances, you should be confident about your reasons and motives. Include accurate details, avoid water bewitched info. Sending something like this: “I managed to develop a prospective streaming channel with 3k of dedicated followers and 300+ viewers per stream. Although I don’t meet your stats requirements, I believe that my channel will benefit from Twitch partnership and will help make my channel better” will be appropriate. You should write all your reasons clearly in order to convince Twitch support service. Watch the video “Twitch Partnership Advice from 4 Partnered Streamers:”

The Most Common Questions about Twitch Partnership in the Internet

  • Why female streamers get partnership easier?
It may seem so, because female streamers attract the audience easier, however, the requirements for partnership are equal for representatives of both genders. Just being a girl doesn’t automatically mean Twitch partnership with 5 viewers per stream.
  • My Channel has better stats than Channel X. Why Is Channel X a partner and I am not?
As we told already, impressive stats is not the main motive of being accepted to Twitch partnership. Twitch carefully considers each applicant on a case-by-case basis. Maybe, you are using bots or are suspected of breaking Terms and Conditions at some point. Anyway, don’t get upset, continue working and improving your channel, and good luck will come by soon.
  • I am a better and more experienced streamer than someone else who is partnered with Twitch, why is it so?
Well, this is rather subjective statement. In any business, comparing yourself with other streamers may be counterproductive. Of course, adopting successful practices would be an asset. However, it is better to concentrate on your own channel asking yourself what can be done better. Read our previous post about 5 helpful tips to successful live streaming and start building your own audience.
  • I saw streamers with 50-100 viewers per broadcast, why are they entitled as partners?
The truth is that streaming channel can lose their popularity over the time. The explanation is simple. When that streamer applied for partnership, he/she probably met Twitch requirements, but now he/she is losing the popularity. It takes some time for Twitch to reconsider the partnership because of the reduced number of viewers.
  • There is too much competition on Twitch, it is impossible to get Twitch partnership without knowing somebody affluent, isn’t it?
For sure, Twitch is very saturated by new perspective streamers every day, but things are the same in other spheres of online business. Severe competition shouldn’t be an excuse for you. Continue working on your channel and try to find something that distinguishes your channel from others. It may be tough, time-consuming, but not impossible task to gain Twitch partnership.

Take Away

Applying for Twitch partnership is not an easy task. However, in spite of all contradictions, there are many chances to become a partner on Twitch. Remember, that meeting all listed requirements doesn’t mean that your application will be accepted. And, vice versa, if you don’t satisfy some of the criteria, it doesn’t mean that you should quit trying. Developing a different content, stream regularity and the positive set of mind will help you gain Twitch partnership and all accompanied benefits.