When Appearance Matters: Trying To Look Best During Your Stream

Looking good while streaming requires a little forethought, mainly because your camera is going to be limited in what it captures. Despite what your instinct might tell you, don’t plan to dress the same way you would for an everyday life. Look through our tips to follow, they are pretty simple.

Get Familiar with Twitch Rules Concerning Dress Code

Twitch removed its strict dress code rule in 2016. Until then, full nudity, obviously exposed genitals, underwear/bikinis and male torsos were under taboo on Twitch. Moreover, if broadcasters appeared in an area where it's hot enough that people may not be wearing shirts or if they're wearing swimsuits, the webcam picture must have been cropped to a person's face. To better or worse, today, Twitch’s dress code statement is limited to a simply “Nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior and/or attire are prohibited.” It seems that Twitch allows streamers to decide who and what they want to be. If the things like cleavage bother the viewers, it is easy to ignore the stream and go somewhere else. Probably, this is the best part about Twitch: it gives people a chance to interact with others in a way they feel comfortable with.

All Dressed Up and Ready for a Broadcast

So, you have scheduled to appear on stream and really want you to look your best. This is especially important if you are a beginning streamer. You can improve results by following our simple tips:

What to Wear on Camera?

Before you choose your favorite outfit, bear in mind that the camera “perceives” colors and contrasts very different from the human eyes. To look good while streaming it is important to dress for camera rather than what you would normally prefer. The key advice is wearing something simple, plain and low-key. If you want the audience to focus on your gameplay and your face, don’t have them distracted by your clothes.

Avoid wearing:

  • plain black or white: the camera will boost the contrast
  • red patterns (such as: plaids, stripes, small checks): they can create a weird optical effect
  • glittery materials (anything that is shiny and reflects light)
  • cloth of any loud color (bright red, yellow, pink).
Instead, choose colors of medium range: medium blue, maroon, dark grey, purple, etc. Usually, they look very good at camera. Also, take into account the color of your hair. In case you are blonde or grey, the light colors are okey. If your hair is dark, stick to the medium range of dark colors.

To improve your appearance:

  • Wear jewel tones near your face, such as ruby red, emerald green: they suit any skin type and will prevent washing you out in case of too much light.
  • Choose simple fabrics for your cloth: thick cotton, matte fabrics can help create a smooth body image.
  • If you still love patterns, try using them sparingly, as an accent to your image. For instance, you can wear a plaid tie against solid shirt or neckcloth under a solid blazer.
  • Choose your background color wisely. Colors that appear against a white background seem brighter, while colors against dark background lose their intensity.
Our tips are good, but, first of all, make sure that your clothes are comfortable. Don’t pick a sweater you hate because you think it looks great. If you are uncomfortable for any reason, it will show on your face and body language.

Lights, Camera, Action!

People love streaming because communication is more effective when you can see the other person’s face. The downside of going live is that you will probably need to get out of your pijama and think about your appearance. Below are some basic tips you can take or leave depending on your own needs:
  • Put your camera at the same level with your eyes or a little higher. Most streamers situate their webcams too low. Nobody will look their best in a camera angle that is coming from beneath their chin. If it is problematic to get your webcam in the needed angel, a couple of books placed under your laptop will help.
  • Use light wisely. The light (natural or artificial) should come from in front of you or from the side, but never from behind. Try different lights to avoid glare and create a smooth self-image.
  • Search for a perfect zoom level and camera angel. Experiment with zoom levels and your camera location to figure out what looks best. If your webcam is at the top of your laptop, try to move your screen back and forth to see which angle suits you.
  • Think about background. Indeed, what is your background doesn’t matter, so long as it is not distracting. Make your viewers focus on you, not the laundry on your bed. If using laptop, you will have more flexibility to choose an appropriate background for your broadcast.
  • Create a permanent streaming space. Once you have experimented with all the light and camera angles, create a space to always use for your streams. It should be quick and easy to get a needed lightening, camera level, etc., so that you can go into a streaming session with very little preparation.

The Most Outstandingly Looking Streamers on Twitch

Though there are a lot of unusual streams on Twitch, we have pointed out some of them with the most memorable appearances:

Streamers with Beards

Bearded men are more attractive. This has been proved by science, and the amount of bearded streamers on Twitch is really impressive. Here are some of the most popular: Followers: 24,437 Joe and Matt were officially Twitch partnered in 2016 and of August 2017 they have gone full time as content creators. Before starting their streaming career, Matt was a firefighter and Joe was a sales professional. The Beardedguysgaming’s channel is vibrant and good-looking: the guys created a nice overlay and work on boosting their public image. They played mainly World of Worldcraft. Followers: 22,622 This is also a two-men stream. We think Overboredgaming’s popularity mostly stems from Dagwood, the king of bearded gamers. The guys provide funny commentary and vivid gameplay. They play everything from indie to retro and are known for charity marathons. Followers: 14,124 This stream is owned by Spencer Wennermark. He is 28 disabled USMC Veteran with severe PTSD syndrome. He has been playing video games since he was 3 years old. His first online game was called Starsiege Tribes. Spencer loves gaming more than everything in his life, and even quit the job to devote himself to a full-time streaming. Now, Spencer streams every single day and is putting everything he has in the development of his channel.

Streamers That Show Skin

Although Twitch doesn’t encourage naked bodies, there are still a lot of streamers that show too much skin during their broadacsts: Followers: 6.065 This “famous big dancing guy” refuses to stream with shirt on. He plays mostly Runescape and provide chilled streams with fun comments and, sometimes, dancing. Followers: 34,307 When playing video games on Twitch, Liza tends to dress in her previous cosplays. All her looks are in fact revealing and meant to be sultry, however, she was not banned. The only offense that had been made was a few suggestive photos that Twitch requested to be taken down, in which Liz Katz complied.

Streamers with Unusual Appearance

Followers: 155,642 This streamer may be recognized by her wildly colorful hair and crazy voices. She is not only one of the hottest Twitch girls, but also a professional Counter Strike player. Followers: 213, 262 Nadia is one of the cutest Twitch girls you should probably be following. She is here “to play games and steal yo girl.” Nadia is a weekday streamer and lifetime gamer who adores Hearthstone and sexy cosplay. You will never get bored with this girl. Moreover, her cosplay shows are amazing. Followers: 453, 296 The name of this female streamer can be hard to remember, but when it comes about the most sexy Twitch girl with tattoos, she is the first who comes to mind. She is a fan of Grand Theft Auto, a blogger with a vivid sense of humour. Just be careful, as she can easily steal your car.


For most of us, appearing on camera can be scary and nervous. But, a little wardrobe planning, appropriate lighting and camera angel will help you feel more confident. In pursuit for a good look, don’t overlook sound, for both you and viewers to whom you are speaking. Eliminating as many distractions as possible and being aware of the main dress code rules on camera will turn your live streaming session into enjoyable experience. If you are open for experiments, download our Vicaption masks and try any character you want.