Alternative IRC/Chat Software to Manage Your Twitch chat

Whilst Twitch provides users an IRC chat tool built directly into their Twitch stream page and streamer dashboard, it’s often quite buggy, slow and a little cramped. For many, it simply doesn’t provide a good user experience. Below are three different IRC/Chat tools that you can use to read Twitch chats.


Chatty is most probably the most used desktop chat tool for Twitch streamers that are looking for an alternative to the chat box that Twitch offers. The first important thing to note, is that Chatty doesn’t try and throw a flashy design UI in your face. It’s designed from the ground up to be plain, simple and lightweight. If you’re looking for a beautiful design with fancy graphics, it may not be suitable for you. It has been built for people that want a desktop application to manage Twitch chat, without losing any of the features that Twitch offers directly. The beauty of this is that you can see a clean and simple view of your current Twitch chat. Chatty is coded in Java so you will need to have Java 8 or later installed on your device for it to function correctly. The program is still being supported and updated regularly for any bug fixes and to ensure it’s compatible with any new features Twitch implements. Chatty is available for both Windows and Mac devices. Official Homepage: Official Twitter:


Tc (meaning Twitch Chat) is what I would consider one-step up from Chatty. Again, Tc is a desktop software that put all its energy on being simple and lightweight so it can focus on what you’re actually trying to use it for. To manage and read your Twitch chat! It doesn’t try and add-on lots of un-needed features and add-ons that you never use. Whilst chatty had a more basic ‘old Windows 98’ look, Tc has a slightly more appealing design. Still easy to the eye but nothing ground-breaking and modern. For many it’s a good mix of design and usability. The only issue with Tc currently, is that it was initially designed to monitor one chat channel only. This means if you like to chat in other Twitch chats, the tabbing system to switch between channels isn’t perfect as it’s a relatively new feature they added. Things can get a little bit messy if you connect to 6+ chats at one time. The developer of Tc has actually made the project open-source, meaning people can add their own functionality to the chat software if wanted. This also has the added benefit of meaning bug fixes tend to be released very fast as a wide range of coders and developers are constantly looking at the source code. Their homepage displays a wide range of updates made recently. Tc is available for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. Official Homepage:

Restream Chat

Restream Chat is a side-product of a tool that was developed, to allow people to stream to multiple video streaming websites, all at the same time. Youtube, Twitch, Mixer etc. Restream Chat is compatible with more than 22 different platforms, with Twitch being one of them. Due to the nature of the program, it can be perfect if you do actually stream to multiple platforms at the same time, as it combines all the chats into one. This means if you connect it to your Mixer chat along with your Twitch chat, it will combine and show both of the chats into one nice flowing chat. This saves you needing to have multiple different chat logs to read from, which can get a little frustrating and annoying. Restream currently only allows you to read and monitor your own chat channel, so it’s not possible to connect to other streams that you may like to watch. One of the biggest pros for many that this tool has over other chat tools, is that it has a sleek and modern looking feel. For many, design is more important than functionality and having lightweight software. Being able to read chat in a modern layout, can actually be very useful. Restream is available for Windows devices only. However, they do offer a webchat if you wish to use the service in your browser instead. Official Homepage: Official Twitter: