Advices on Variety Streaming

For the last 30 years gaming has become one the most popular ways to spend your free time. The appearance of gaming streams was just the matter of time. While the translation of usual game like football includes only commenting the ways others play it, videogame stream is based on the fact that streamer will comment himself. Most newcomers suffer because they simply don’t know exactly what they should do in order to increase the amount of viewers. Here is the list of advice depending on which type of game you are going to stream.

Non-game advice

First of all, you need to select a platform you will stream on. Most people decide to stream on Twitch or Youtube but you can choose any other service for streaming. You need to be sure that your PC is powerful enough for streaming. Yes, not all PCs are suitable for it. If your PC hasn’t got enough power, you can upgrade it any time, of course. Then you need to select streaming program. Yes, most people use OBS, but the variety of streaming apps is much broader than you can imagine. You should also train diction a lot because when you’ll talk during the stream you want everybody to understand you correctly. Besides, it will be good for you to have a webcam just to show yourself to people on stream. After all the preparations you need to make a test stream, for example, just for your friends, because you need to test the quality of image, the amount of lags and some more things that may seem unobvious for the first time. And only then you should pick the game you are going to stream. So, let’s move on.


Due to its influence on e-sports, MOBA games are now one of the most genres in the world. That explains why League of Legends and Dota2 are in the “most popular” section every day. That gives us the rivalry between the streamers in order to get even more views. So, what should you do in order to stand out of the faceless crowd?
  • Remember to talk. That seems to be obvious but still, some people forget about it. Yes, MOBA-games require a lot of concentration but you should remember that it is boring just to watch something like usual MOBA-game. Come to the closest internet-café, stand behind the most silent guy, and watch him play. How fast will you get bored? I think you understand me. If you’re not very talkative though, you can turn on the music on stream in order to make silent moments more pleasant to watch.
  • Be a teacher. Obviously, nobody will watch a low-skilled player’s stream. You need to understand the fact that some people watch MOBA-streams only to learn more about the game. So, while playing, explain why have you bought such items, why have you picked that hero and so on. If you’ll teach somebody, they will probably return to your stream for more.

Battle Royale

Two words to describe the genre – suddenly popular. Starting with PUBG, which quickly became miraculously popular on Twitch, ending with Fortnite which did it even better. That’s why most newcomers want to stream these games to gain popularity. What should they do?
  1. Learn game mechanics. Each competitive game requires this, but battle royales require it in even bigger scale. You should know a lot about types of weapon, about game circle, and so on. In order to know more about Fortnite, you can read our detailed article for more advice: How to become a better Fortnite streamer?.
  2. Stand out. You do not need to copy Ninja’s stream. You can create something personal, unique. Something that will make your audience wait for your streams. For example, it can be your playstyle or your behavior. Of course, this is not exactly battle royale tip but due to genre’s popularity diversity is definitely what streamers need.


After the success of Outlast as a game for streaming horrors have become much more popular as a stream content. But even though the best tip is just ‘be yourself’, you need to remember some more things. Here is the shortlist.
  • Don’t act like you’re scared when you not. Yes, horrors are made to scare people but sometimes either authors fail with it or streamer is just not scared by the game. At this point most people begin to act like they are scared which is the biggest mistake. Sincere joy, anger and fright are very easy to distinguish from fake ones so sometimes it is better to be silent than trying to be dishonest.
  • Focus on game. Imagine yourself walking down the street at 11PM. What can make your life easier? Probably, it’s music or a cup of coffee. Maybe it’s a friendly conversation with somebody. But there is one thing you want less and it’s going in complete silence. That’s why you need to make the same effect while playing horror. You should exclude everything that can distract you: mobile phones, music, other people, etc. Otherwise it will ruin all the atmosphere.

Story-based games (RPGs, visual novels)

Maybe you want to relax while reading textboxes and exploring the open world with rich history? In that case you’ll definitely stream something like RPG or visual novel. The benefits are obvious. Much calmer gameplay, much more time to relax. But there are some things to note.
  • Be sure to read all the textboxes aloud. Yes, most people can read it by themselves but you should also care about mobile viewers or viewers with low-quality settings. They can’t read the text. You can even try making different voices for characters when reading their lines. It can make your stream more entertaining. And don’t forget that you also need to talk by yourself. Try to avoid non-stop talking though because it annoys a lot of people.
  • Explore everything (if possible). Yes, the plot can be exciting but nobody forces you to finish the game as soon as possible. You can search for extra quests from the side-NPCs in order to go through the unknown pieces of the world. That can adore viewers and make the stream much more exciting. Besides, most people want to watch the whole playthrough of every piece of the game.
  • Involve viewers into the stream. That may sound strange but you can allow your viewers to play by themselves. Let them choose which answer suits best, which quest will you take or which mission is more interesting. That will definitely make your stream unique and force more new people to join you as viewers.

Rhythm-based games

Despite having not much views, the amount of streamers in this area is very high. So, what do you need to do to have your audience?
  • Work on yourself. It’s boring to watch a person doing the same thing over and over again, and the difficulty level is the best example. Of course, you can play the same map a lot just in order to get a full combo but that will definitely bore your viewers. Instead of that, swap maps after a third-fourth try and try to play on harder maps.
  • Listen to viewers. You can integrate random people into the stream. Just ask your viewers to send you the maps they love to check them out or play multiplayer matches with them. It is not so easy to organize but it will definitely change your stream in a good way.

Tactical shooters

Despite being the part of e-sports, they are often left behind by their ‘colleagues’ like Dota2 or League of Legends. However, good CS:GO stream can still earn more than 50000 views. What do you need for it?
  • Learn to shoot. Each shooter contains its own shooting mechanic which means that you cannot shoot in Rainbow Siege the same way you shoot in CS:GO. Learning to shoot may take some time but it’s not that hard.
  • Don’t forget that it’s a tactical game. For example, you should not just rush one of the plants while playing CS:GO. Stop for a second, think about the strategy and then continue. Otherwise you can lose all your matches and with a huge losestreak comes an audience loss. Think twice before doing something in games like these.
  • Stay silent. In games like CS:GO silence is truly golden. Game is based on your ability to hear enemies so any sound will definitely destroy the atmosphere. And yes, you will need headphones to stream games like that to hear enemies better. Tactical shooters are one of the few games when staying silent while streaming may be a good idea. It will allow your viewers to feel they’re in the game by themselves.

Real-time strategies 

This genre is almost forgotten in Europe but, however, it is still alive. So, what do you need to do in order to have viewers in this type of games?
  • Talk about what you’re doing. Games like Starcraft 2 or Warcraft 3 are not so easy. Most people won’t understand what you are doing just by looking at the screen. Your commentaries will definitely make their life better.
  • Work on yourself. Real-time strategies are one of the hardest games to play so you should work on strategies far before the stream and then show the result of your work. You also need to work on your button-pressing speed, action-per-minute index and so on. Who said It’s not a sport?


There are a lot of games you might want to play during the stream to show yourself to a huge audience. Different games require different way of streaming but the idea is similar for each game. The harder you try, the more you get. So, if you want to become a great streamer, work hard on the content you produce and be unique but also be sure to consider the tips you’ve read in our article.